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  1. I'm sure someone a year or two ago found it was another game they had installed on their pc was causing the anti cheat to block the game loading.
  2. Heid31stwc

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Hi. Can you keep third person muzzle flash, but reduce first person aiming. For years now I just squeeze, spray and pray. No way of tracking a target with semi or autos. Probably another reason to use mouse macro short burst firing.
  3. Heid31stwc

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Smoke from shoulder aiming has always been a big issue with most guns, and it amazes me how some people don't suffer from it, but I feel like smoking a big fast cigar to celebrate the fact that someone from Reto actually responded to a post in the forum .
  4. Its pointless promoting to a general unless you have a huge amount of warfunds that you can't spend or you have a large amount of gold. The single one benefit of promoting to general is the ability to have more command points and more Assault Teams then any other rank. I have 12 soldiers in US, 5 I could promote to general but I wont, as currently this game does not generate enough warfunds to give me a surplus. Even if it did, I would prefer to buy another level 12 soldier and start grinding him up to gain more command points. You tend to find that its quicker to grind up your solder then it is to gain AT experience and promote them, so no fear of running out of command points.
  5. Heid31stwc

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    I don't mind losing as long as The wars are fun and challenging AT's didn't get raped and you lose warfunds each war for a crummy 5% rank progression gain.
  6. Heid31stwc

    What is the Forums turning into ?

    When the Reddit forum became their preferred choice. Only forum police monitor this site now. r/HeroesandGenerals •Posted by u/marinesciencedude 1 day ago Reto.Hades starts 'challenges' on the Official Discord Server Event https://discord.com/channels/351987983223750656/828971979000381460/830050469845270588
  7. Heid31stwc


    Well , Just imagine the same clowns that go around beeping horns or ringing cycle bells now, will go around flashing headlights on and off and trying to light you up in a bush that you are using for cover or try and blind you before you take a shot, you won't be saying "Looks Cool"!
  8. Kingtigers are RETO protected, so always outside of game logic. They even made it hard to place H3 on them with an invisible extension of tank that runs u over if you get close.
  9. Heid31stwc

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    Unfortunately, the only way to play games without cheating, exploits or trolling is to play 1 player games. That's just the way it is. Every time RETO try to address something, people find ways to exploit it and everyone complains. No wonder they giving up on the game.
  10. Heid31stwc

    M1 carbine, it's guff

    Don't buy scope for M1. You can see the enemy but no chance of bullets actually travelling the distance to hit them, even after modding.
  11. When barrel is breached, you have to dramatically change the angle of fire, as the velocity is reduced and shells drop short, at least for American armour
  12. Try playing with all maps ticked- See if that at least puts u in the right faction. Then maybe they can figure it out
  13. Heid31stwc


    I actually think this is a great proposal which is why its a shame not to of shared it on the main forum. This forum is linked to game login page. If its dead, link the Reddit one instead.
  14. Heid31stwc


    Why is this survey on another site and not on the official forum ? Is this forum now dead to Reto? r/HeroesandGenerals •Posted by u/marinesciencedude 1 day ago Reto.Hades wants your opinion on AA trucks using light vehicle supplies Suggestion https://discord.com/channels/351987983223750656/532928129690501130/819584546290925618
  15. I know another player who mentioned its because he had Mountain town unticked in selection. I bet if u select it then you will be in war again. Downside is if u hate the Mountain map then you may end up playing it.