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  1. Heid31stwc

    Will macro be banned?

    And how do you think Reto will catch an external macro script for a mouse? They paid big bucks to Battle Eye so they didn't have to spend hours investigating.
  2. Heid31stwc


    The IS2 is not OP, its one the tanks that's about right. If you cant kill it , then you are not dealing with it correctly. King Tiger 2 is OP, Pershing is the worst of the 3 tanks. No idea if they sorted it out, more chance of killing tanks as Rambo then using Pershing so need convincing. Pz4 now seems to be harder to kill after update.
  3. Heid31stwc

    the tank update makes US even worst

    No mention of what impact Iron Fist Gold has for tankers on new tank update. I still think this is a bugged badge and that's been nerfed to hell
  4. Heid31stwc

    Belgium faction (Updated Frequently)

    Yeah. Maybe you could re- enact losing the most impregnable fort RETO could build in under 5 mins
  5. Heid31stwc

    Prototype server is open now

    Maybe they finally sort out the Pershing.
  6. Heid31stwc

    what is this

    Its for upgrading ats
  7. Heid31stwc

    AA guns

    Please no until RETO takes them out of the MS list, its a waste of resource Some AA guns are well placed but some are dreadful. The AT rifle is the biggest threat to planes, not AA guns.
  8. Heid31stwc

    The end times are here!

    Be nice to see RETO actually playing the game
  9. Its just one of those things that can happen for many reasons, game server related or ISP.For the many hours I have played, it only happens occasionally. Last night was a game issue server issue. If it happens a lot, then its worth putting in a system ticket, pointless posting here.
  10. I'm sure someone a year or two ago found it was another game they had installed on their pc was causing the anti cheat to block the game loading.
  11. Heid31stwc

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Hi. Can you keep third person muzzle flash, but reduce first person aiming. For years now I just squeeze, spray and pray. No way of tracking a target with semi or autos. Probably another reason to use mouse macro short burst firing.
  12. Heid31stwc

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Smoke from shoulder aiming has always been a big issue with most guns, and it amazes me how some people don't suffer from it, but I feel like smoking a big fast cigar to celebrate the fact that someone from Reto actually responded to a post in the forum .
  13. Its pointless promoting to a general unless you have a huge amount of warfunds that you can't spend or you have a large amount of gold. The single one benefit of promoting to general is the ability to have more command points and more Assault Teams then any other rank. I have 12 soldiers in US, 5 I could promote to general but I wont, as currently this game does not generate enough warfunds to give me a surplus. Even if it did, I would prefer to buy another level 12 soldier and start grinding him up to gain more command points. You tend to find that its quicker to grind up your solder then it is to gain AT experience and promote them, so no fear of running out of command points.
  14. Heid31stwc

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    I don't mind losing as long as The wars are fun and challenging AT's didn't get raped and you lose warfunds each war for a crummy 5% rank progression gain.
  15. Heid31stwc

    What is the Forums turning into ?

    When the Reddit forum became their preferred choice. Only forum police monitor this site now. r/HeroesandGenerals •Posted by u/marinesciencedude 1 day ago Reto.Hades starts 'challenges' on the Official Discord Server Event https://discord.com/channels/351987983223750656/828971979000381460/830050469845270588