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  1. I think you jumping to conclusions to early. No one can honestly answer a poll within first hour or two of release.
  2. Heid31stwc

    How to deal with recoil

    Its been mentioned that the firing macros split up the gun fire into 1-2 seconds burst, so your gun has less recoil , but it looks like its a big burst. In my opinion ,certain MG's should be hip fire or bipod only. I would love to see someone put a MMG or HMG into their shoulder to snipe without breaking a collar bone.
  3. So its obvious. By the time you find out what this game is all about, you have either spent hours and hours grinding, or spent gold. Now you are wiser, the business model of a "free game" is that you wont want to grind again so you will spend gold. $$$$
  4. Looking at the Development page kindly shared with us, there is only one RTS change and that's capitals cities. It may be that RETO no longer has retained the staff with knowledge of the RTS map. Some simple fixes and changes would be nice Less than 100 troops not only does not meet fun batttle , but timer should be 5 mins and not the current 10. Will stop the 1 AT block Reinforcements 'do not enter a contested town. Last night I had 8 stuck in a town with an obvious diversion and had to resort to manual points. Just add a rule that they stop, I would rather go and move them.
  5. Heid31stwc

    Cheater in H&G

    Bolt action rifle with scope
  6. Heid31stwc

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    Well the Russians are hoping the new game is called Heroes Alt Generals 2
  7. Heid31stwc

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    5 Mins battles won are just as "non fun" as for they are for the losers, believe me. Same old maps churned out over and over again so its well rehearsed. At least u don't get spawn camped in 5 min battles.
  8. Heid31stwc

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Just means you've been carried many times, that's a pointless statement lol. Means I drive the APC to last capture point just in time, as maps are just routine and boring. Variety is needed.
  9. Heid31stwc

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    I agree with maps. Guns and mods only go so far in a game. I've won many battles in under 2 mins without firing a gun.
  10. Heid31stwc

    "Hold breath" option

    If snipers could only spawn from home CP (same as tanks) , then this would limit the amount, of players to those who actually want to play sniper properly, and not players who think its an easy way to get kills and either don't contribute to game play or totally wipe out a recon AT by constantly running out to tanks or mg fire. Alternatively, RETO needs to find a role for snipers apart from being bush tree monkeys.(call in off map artillery)
  11. Heid31stwc

    Can we have this back?

    Its obvious why. New players are conned into thinking that by grinding ( or buying $$$$) the next bullet type etc, it will make the gun better . We all learnt the hard way.
  12. Heid31stwc

    No use of para block

    1 single para AT parablock should always be treated as non fun batlle and disengage after 10 mins if below the number threshold, even if the town is under contest. If contested they should either join in the force pool or retreat. Like to understand the RETO logic that 36 men go block 1000's of troops and tanks . Its a "temporary" block to cause disruption.
  13. Heid31stwc

    Release unreleased maps

    Even just mix up elements of existing maps to create new ones if this is quicker. Any player who has played a map a 1000 times knows where to camp, ambush or place a MS which is where the new players are at a disadvantage and why player numbers are not growing.
  14. Heid31stwc

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    I would rather deal with a decent clan that wins the game in 5 mins then the seal clubbing lowlife clans who will spawn camp you for the entire match.
  15. Heid31stwc

    What should I buy? Johnson LMG or M2 Carbine?

    Johnson has been nerfed so much you are lucky to hit a tank at 10m, let alone infantry. Go for m2.