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  1. Mediteach

    Killed enemy through ceiling

    Just got that Kill. I don't know if this is a common or known thing but I rather post it here as well. Sound is a bit off because of AMDs replay tool. https://discord.com/channels/351987983223750656/533205957698781184/841722609788125264 or /M 409482197335487486
  2. Mediteach

    2D or 3D Scopes

    Yea, hope with the Engine pipeline that we get 3D scopes. Would be nice
  3. Mediteach

    2D or 3D Scopes

    Are the inner scopes 3D rendered or just a 2D thing ? And when 2D why not 3D ? Would be nice if someone can answer me
  4. Mediteach

    Buy problems at M1G

    I wont to bought the Match, M72 and the hard spring but when i bought it ... The things are doesn't bought. Than i restart my game and the money are don't right i had approximately 30000 Credits and 315 Gold there are at tis moment are don't here there are 17737 Credits and 1 Gold. After the restart i don't have the levels for buying the upgrades . Can you help me and can give you my Gold back ? LG Mediteach