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  1. Reto's Middle Finger Towards SU

    Not necessary. It does impact but it's not determining factor. IMO the social aspect (beliefs, prejudice, friends, etc ) is the main thing. That's why population will be +- same. GE #1, US #2, SU #3. Even if you make all GE stuff be like PPD, and SU all stuff lazerguns it will be about the same population as now + shirtstorm on forums, obviously.
  2. Some points are right. but picture is not full. Players (vets & claners mostly, i mean who actually make a difference in war) started leaving SU/game inb4 WF bonus took away. Particularly this "no more welfare" thingy is just a cherry on the cake. Which made average SU noneclan vets and whales do the same this time. So now you see few masochists vets and the rest are noobs who started to play game recently. Strike should have a purpose. Some kind of demands or ultimatums. But there are none. So basically there is no strike at all. Vets who left does not give a damn about any kind of even potential changes. And the average players just don't write on forums anything. Any Reto reaction would not work atm, i can grantee that. Need some time to settle things. There is no easy fix for this issue. WF bonus was cancer from day 1 because it was trying to fix the effect but not the cause. p.s.You gotta get better mic, mate
  3. If somebody wants quick start he'll just select all the options of MM. Its a bad excuse. Reto made picking battles a painful job. Back in the day when there was a list of battles it was much easier. But i heard what RB said last stream - list of battles is not gonna be back. Also how do i know what battle will start earlier? There is no explanation how MM chose what battle starts when.
  4. Кладовая идей

    На англ. ветке было такое предложение. Возможно реализуют.
  5. Вопросы по игре

  6. Кладовая идей

    Акцента не было. Обсуждали только концепт.
  7. Ты пингуй когда в бою уже. Перезагрузка роутера не помогла?
  8. Сборки оружия

    Grind2Win G2W
  9. Кладовая идей

    Рето обсуждали это на последнем стриме. РБ идея дейли квестов понравилась, но сказал, надо чтоб это не отвлекало игроков от основных задач. Иначе вместо игры по точкам, будет беготня и катание на велике, потому что задание.
  10. Новости и слухи

    Вряд ли кто смотрел стрим, но из интересного РБ в открытую сказал, что склейки фракции не будет никогда. Такие дела.
  11. Свободная тема

    Говорил до этого и скажу еще раз. Клон КОД2 с лоу графоуни не нужон. Проще в КОД2 поиграть.
  12. What do you think 2018 will bring?

    Yeah. Check the link ^
  13. What do you think 2018 will bring?

    Spoiler: SU never merges with US (c) R.B.
  14. What do you think 2018 will bring?

    Someone should watch last devstream.
  15. То есть тебя не смущает, что он стримил "переделку карт" из старых в текущие, где лично раскладывал дохлых лошадей и домики? Просто РБ и на дуде игрец. Надо отдать должное бородачу.