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  1. AT rifles...

    It seems like you want a bolt bolt action and a semi auto at-rifle for every faction However, the PzB M.SS.41 / PzB-41(t) was still a bolt action at-rifle.
  2. Executions during a H&G match?

    You mean something like this?
  3. how can i remove weapon smoke?

    Be sure that your bullets hit a brighter surface
  4. The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Me when playing soviets : P.S. Subtitles are recommended
  5. This thing looks like a WWII Mp5 A bit larger though.
  6. The way to solve the PTRD problem

    It may be an unthought or unpopular opinion: What if the PTRD - when penetrating a tank - deals damage to the tanker and not the tank itself? A solid bullet can't do much damage to a tanks interior, but what about the crew? Getting hit by such a bullet is devastating for the tank crew, possibly disabling the tank due to too many men dead. Ofc this change has to go hand in hand with a modular damage system.
  7. the best tank??????

    What about the Baneblade?
  8. Deutsche Panzer und Tarnanstriche

    Willkommen im Forum, scheinst neu hier zu sein. Zu deinen Fragen: 1) Ob der Jagdpanther direkt geplant ist bzw. implementiert wird, kann man nicht genau sagen. Die Devs wollen auf jeden Fall weitere Panzer(-klassen) ins Spiel einfügen und werden den Jagdpanther wahrscheinlich in Betracht gezogen haben. Wann und ob er überhaupt kommt, weiß man nicht. 2) Der Tarnanstrich für den Panther gibt es schon (wurde in einem Devstream gezeigt), nur noch nicht im Spiel. Es gibt noch ein paar Panzer skins, die noch nicht rauskamen. Wann die Camos kommen, weiß man nicht, es wird aber der nächste Patch vermutet, siehe hier die US-Panzer-Camos: 3) Tarnanstriche werden (wahrscheinlich) in der Zukunft noch kommen.
  9. 10 ways to make Tanking better!

    Don't worry, I'm only mucking about. I'm more of a tanker than at-hunter. (That doesn't change the fact that you can kill a tank with a knife)
  10. LMG shoulder fire

    Low weight weapon, big calibre, full auto. Ofc it was harder to control.........
  11. 10 ways to make Tanking better!

    That's some really nice suggestions! Can't wait to destroy stronger tanks
  12. Countries?

    Then what about hungary? They had decent tanks (better than the italians for sure ) and some really good weapon designs.
  13. IS-2 soviet tank needs MAJOR BUFF!!!!

    Could you please stay ontopic? If you want to show how good the Luchs is against other tanks, then post it in the threads dedicated to the Luchs.
  14. IS-2 soviet tank needs MAJOR BUFF!!!!

    How dare you to question these sources?! A blogspot is a very, very reliable source!
  15. A message to all SS Fan Boys

    Isn't this the normal case?