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  1. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Also bei mir hat sich ein neues Battle-Eye Fenster geöffnet, wo dann die Fehlermeldung 10010 stand. Nur komisch, dass ich kurz vorher ein Match gespielt habe Vllt habe ich auch gegen die Regeln verstoßen, weil Soviets kein Gefecht gewinnen dürfen *Ironie off*
  2. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Muss nicht einmal Hacks sein. Mich lässt Battle-Eye gar nicht mehr in ein Match rein. Angeblich hätte ich keine Dx10-fähige Grafikkarte, dabei nutze ich doch dx11
  3. this game is getting a mess more and more

    Calibre size isn't all that matters: 7.92x94mm : 30mm penetration at 100m 14,5x114mm: 40mm penetration at 100m
  4. Infantry 2.0?

    I feel with you
  5. Battlefield V possible threat to H&G?

    I'm wondering what looks worse: Cod WW2 or Bf5?
  6. Battlefield V possible threat to H&G?

    Have you seen it? I have right now.......what can i say...............
  7. AXES

  8. Solve the T-28 problem, please !

    You know, there is something in the world that is called double standards. One faction can get equipment that wasn't used in europe, others don't
  9. Solve the T-28 problem, please !

    Don't you know the Reto rules? It must be used in the war to get implemented. (However it might be that they broke their own rules several times)
  10. Solve the T-28 problem, please !

    Produced, yes. But not used in the war. Sadly......
  11. dual pistols please ... just for mini pistols

    Please no! This will go too far. I can see what will come next: (for those who don't know, both pistols are full-automatic)
  12. Solve the T-28 problem, please !

    I know that the kv-85 is just a t34-85 for heavy class, but does the jumbo really not have 2000 hp?! Poor US tankers.....
  13. Solve the T-28 problem, please !

    Thinking Reto-like it won't get replaced. So the only option would be to buff it. It would be possible (and historical accurate) to buff its frontal armor to 80mm making it as strong as the pz4 front. Wouldnt help much but this would be the closest thing to happen to this pos. Too bad i wasted money on this, even when it was reduced in price..............
  14. xxx

    Ich glaube ihm geht es darum, sogenannte Alts zu stoppen. Damit sind Spieler gemeint, die im (nächsten) Krieg auf die Gegnerseite wechseln und Matches sabotieren, also trollen, teamkillen, tickets verschwenden usw.
  15. Unofficial screenshots

    Found an old screenshot where it used to look like this inside a t-20 when it first got implemented. The Screenshot is not editet besides the black boxes (paint ftw xD)