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  1. Character Setup for new armor/deploy system

    I'm glad you have the same thoughts as me. I know there were thoughts of modifying the depot but that seemed further down the line. Consolidation would be good, I see very little reason to require more than one. There are what, only 4 planes, with and without HE gives 8 varieties pretty much. Could a pilot own two of the same plane? Would be good to know what Reto are thinking on these?
  2. Main Question: Based on what we already know, what is the best way to equip my tankers/pilots, and how many soldiers of each class are most likely needed? Disclaimer: I have not tried the prototype server, as I heard is wasn't "working as intended". Lets take tankers for example - Currently in order to be able to deploy every type of tank available, you would most likely need to grind up around 3 tankers, each with a different selection of tanks. Will the new system mean that I will now only need one tanker with all tanks unlocked? Will that one tanker with all tanks purchased and unlocked be given a greater deploy points penalty for switching tanks compared to having two tankers with a different selection of pre-equipped tanks? Pilots: Will I most likely still need two, one with HE on all planes and one without? Is this going to be a similar setup with infantry? Will people end up with a lot of redundant equipment? @Reto.Circinus @Reto.Robotron3000Would appreciate Reto's feedback on this issue. /Kick
  3. FORUM:- What happened to Staff Post Tracker?

    So it just suddenly broke? Sounds like a massive case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" :-D
  4. Is the forum bugged, I can no longer see the option to see the staff post tracker? Do RETO not want us to see their posts? /Kick
  5. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    I was actually playing around with F.lux applying some very extreme settings, super light, super dark, bright pink etc, but when the actual game is launched the colours go back to normal, so I think the game overrides whatever F.lux settings you have.
  6. defending nerf

    I have to agree with you here, and the best way to address that is to move the ABCDE(4) points back closer to the objectives. So if you capture E4 on town you get to spawn the O1 side of the river, because right now its too easy for the defenders to recap E4. @Reto.Circinus I remember a while back in some stream (correct me if I'm wrong) Reto said there was approx 65-70% chance of winning a defense battle. That figure I assume covered all defense battles, I bet the chances of winning a single line defense must be up around 80% region. I assume the idea of this change is to try and lower this percentage? I assume you have taken statistical information into account here? If so it would also be nice to share some :-) Would this change also mean that sending AT's down an adjacent unopened line into a battle that is already underway would be then a greater risk? For example you send a single guard unit down a line, it opens in game, and is quickly closed almost as soon as its open, then this gives the defenders an line to flank on? /Kick
  7. defending nerf

    I assume this change isn't about the defenders, in this case A and E are both useless for the defenders. So I can only guess this is do to with when the attackers gain access to O2, they are then denied the possibility to go and cap out the A line correct?
  8. defending nerf

    @Reto.CircinusI think this needs more clarification.... Scenario Town map, B and C line defense. Defenders close C line, leaving only B line Does this mean C line can then be no longer spawned on? If so the following scenarios will occur: C1 will be left uncapped by the defenders to allow the defenders to flank the B line. Some newbie defender will then go and cap C1 much to the disapproval of his teammates. I then need to spawn on O1 rather than C4 in order to protect the C bridge from possible APCs.
  9. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    I've not had any issues with f.lux so pretty sure this is fine.
  10. Randoms versus Clans

    So Billy and Timmy will now face a whole team of clanners?
  11. Randoms versus Clans

    So Billy who wants to play with his little brother Timmy is now a clan?
  12. Badges for AA gun

    But guys, I'm talking about planes here.... Are they considered "soft vehicles", armor values <0.2? How does flak jacket effect this, does it make your plane have a higher armor value, or more health, or the damage of each shot reduced?
  13. Badges for AA gun

    @Reto.Circinus This answer seems unclear, any chance you could clear this one up?
  14. Badges for AA gun

    Guys and Girls, I have a dedicated AA/support guy, do any of the badges work against planes, for example Infantry First or Iron Fist? Thanks in advance