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  1. @Reto.Hades I don't think you get the point here. Many many people switch weapons/items with the scroll wheel, so then suddenly you have a snowball popping up, it gets really frustrating dying whilst standing there like a lemon with a snowball. So the options to turn them on/off would be great, or even exclude them from the weapon switching. /Kick
  2. Kickassinator

    Any Game Similar to H&G in Combining FPS with RTS?

    Not quite an FPS, more top down shooter, but FoxHole has a nice "war".
  3. Kickassinator

    Convert into general?

    Two other advantages to be aware of: 1. One of the biggest advantages of a General is that they can buy and deploy any type of assault team. So if you only had infantry soldiers in your list, with a general you could buy 8 para units etc, or 4 paras and 4 light tanks etc. 2. Many people at the beginning tend to buy "all" the weapons for their first soldier before realising its better to have specific characters with specific roles/guns. So converting your first soldier is a good way to distribute the guns around to other soldiers
  4. Kickassinator

    1000th war

    I'm a bit disappointed no one at Reto acknowledged this. I'd love to know how many wars each faction won? When was the first war? Longest war? Shortest war? Most expensive war? Some other fun stats? @Reto.Hades
  5. Kickassinator


    My few tips. 1. If the plane is heading straight at you, aim slightly above the cockpit. 2. If the plane is far away, but still in range, just try a few burst shots, only go full auto when you are guaranteed a hit. 3. Sometimes its better to wait for them to pass then start shooting. 4. If multiple aircraft, I get better results, just by trying to hit many as possible, simple because planes crash, often when they land and you get points for that. 5. Often use a character with a wrench.
  6. Kickassinator

    Time to have the talk.

    PTRS-41 I completely support you on this. The PTRS-41 is ridiculous against planes, it makes the SU AA redundant, two hits and you are done, which puts it on par with a tank shell! AA Reload Another problem with the AA truck: You use your 1000/800 rounds or whatever, then what should you do? Sit and wait in the forest for 5 mins for it to reload and do what exactly? Spawn Time As inf you can spawn about 3 planes in a row without having to wait. But an AA? Oh no you need to sit and wait another minute and then drive all the way from spawn.
  7. For H&G what is the advantage of that over streaming through Steam which is free?
  8. Kickassinator

    Prototype test: weapon sway

    A few questions: Does this mean the weapon will follow a set pattern for the duration the trigger is pulled. Once the trigger is released and pulled again a new set pattern will be active? Will semi-autos have a set pattern? Is the end goal to have unique shot patterns for each gun? If shot patterns are going to be the same, wont this make things easier for the macro users? Thanks
  9. Kickassinator

    There is balance and then there is balance

    @robii404-HUN true story
  10. Kickassinator

    More Players in Battle!

    ROTFL! 🤣 At least Reto would only need 1 real server, not some virtual resources in some dodgy server farm!
  11. Kickassinator

    More Players in Battle!

    The number of players should be proportional to the number of lines open on the map. If the large maps can handle 18v18 on a single line attack, they should in theory be able to handle 18x18x5 in terms of actual space on the map, (of course ignoring all theoretical networking/cpu performance bottlenecks) Just imaging an assault with 160 guys, haha it would be total chaos, it would be awesome!
  12. Kickassinator

    There is balance and then there is balance

    @geschlittert I think that's also a very valid point. I think the game struggles to re-populate matches after people have left or resources are depleted. I've been in battles where its suddenly 14-19 and I have friends queuing on the battle for at least 10 mins, both queuing solo and individually and the game won't let them in. Only when the game was about to end did they suddenly get in with 10 seconds left on the clock. @Reto.Hades Perhaps another issue to add to the list or worth investigating.
  13. Kickassinator

    There is balance and then there is balance

    @Reto.hades thank you as well for the explanation, can this issue be addressed I think it far out prioritizes weapon and vehicle balance priorities. To have an equal number of soldiers in battles for most of the time has surely got to be a core requirement for players to feel satisfied. I understand you can't prevent people from leaving but at least it can be filled again. Such a change might see the number of battles won by GE slightly reduced over the course of a war. Dare I say it, but even 2 AI players would be better than being down at least two players.
  14. Kickassinator

    There is balance and then there is balance

    I think @bartalamey1 makes a very good point, that this system is a bad circle. If GE wins more, more players will want to play GE and therefore they will always have more players.
  15. Kickassinator

    There is balance and then there is balance

    The "majority" you mean the 20 GE compares compared to the unhappy 17/18 US/SU players.