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  1. Kickassinator

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    One possible solution to this would be to keep the neutralisation time fast, but slow down the capture timer. So that overall it will be the same length as before. This solution has two benefits. 1. It alerts the randoms early enough to go back the point. 2. It focuses the fighting back into the capture zone.
  2. Kickassinator

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    To be honest, I'm not quite sure their logic here. If they want us to defend more, this isn't the way to do it, because the "randoms" won't think "oh I should defend this point now", why they barely react when the point is actually being captured, so I don't think they will even have chance to defend.
  3. Kickassinator

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    Yeh, its a bit weird, who on earth came up with this idea. I think it happened in the same meeting as the "lets turn off the AR" without telling anyone.
  4. Kickassinator

    Bring Back Mobile Command POLL

    They could always charge for it.
  5. Kickassinator

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    In principle it sounds like a good idea, however people don't react when the point is slowly being capped, yet alone 4 times faster. This in combination with the instant apc spawn will mean that matches with organised groups and clans will be over in minutes. This will also force people to stay at both objectives in case one guy slips in. We'll see but I can't believe this will improve the game in anyway.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but seems RETO have been messing around with the capture timers. Now it's super quick to neutralise the cap points now, which will game make games finish too quick and force people to camp on objectives. /Kick
  7. Kickassinator

    Repair costs Entirely too much

    @ZippTyeHow are they any different than before?
  8. Kickassinator

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    Sound Feedback. (Apologies, didn't know where else to put this) Dull Sounds A general first impression of the sound was that everything now sounds much more muffled and dulled, but with far more ambient background sounds and not in a good way. Background Bombing That "background war/bombing" noise was too much. Water Again it seemed too noisy. Phantom Vehicles I'm sure I was hearing what seemed to be phantom APCs, either they were not there or they were so far away but I was still hearing them, either way something isn't right here. Guns Whether their sounds were lost with the ambient, but they were no longer crisp sounding. All-in-all I know war is noisy and I sound like an old man, but it was like I couldn't hear myself think with so many droning noises all at the same time, on top of each other. I really hope these changes don't get put in the update.
  9. Kickassinator

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    At first I was confused why the jeep was greyed out after playing round 5mins and dying and I thought "surely it can't take that long for me to be supplied with a new jeep". Of course this was because our team had used up all jeeps, sounds simple I know, but might be confusing to a new comer.
  10. Issue: After a battle pops and is currently being played you will see countless Generals piling their ATs into the battle, taking the resources from say 300-400 hundred up to 2k plus, without facing the risks of sending in first. (I'm talking about normal infantry being sent here not special classes) The disabled AR: I understand that the disabled auto resolve is also contributing to this game play as Generals don't want their ATs stuck for hours on end, but this behaviour has been going on way before. Proposal: ATs that are in the battle when it pops should get a greater proportion of the War Funds gained to compensate for the risks taken, compared to ATs sent in during the battle. I believe this proposal should also favour the smaller Generals. Disclaimer: I'm not completely innocent when it comes to this practice, which is why I would like to see it changed. /Kick
  11. Kickassinator

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    @Reto.Robotron3000 Great you finally are doing this, but come on, do it properly, a little warning would have been nice.... Now I'm stuck on a faction with one character and 1 AT and this war will obviously last ages (which would have been great) if I was on my regular faction. Secondly how will turning AR off in the middle of a war give you good results, surely you want to see how it plays out from the beginning? /Kick
  12. Kickassinator

    Fix the hitboxes of metal fences

    I think he means the fences surrounding the church in town. I have to agree with OP, the hit boxes on these fences don't seem quite right. The chances of a collision with a bullet are far too high.
  13. Kickassinator

    20 mB updates

    It was probably those new helmets... just guessing
  14. Kickassinator

    How to curb WF inflation.

    I think this is a decent proposal. By default the game should be designed so that you slowly loose warfunds, thus forcing players to play the fps side. Therefore the bigger your army the more fps you should play. Although #4 is a nice idea, but I believe it will make the queues worse. Why because people won't have anything to loose by deploying everything they have. It also doesn't solve the inflation as they would make WF on their first deploy and not deploy again.