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  1. Defend and earn more experience

    One last clarification. If my team has started to capture (but have not yet neutralized O1) is this still classed as defending C4?
  2. Defend and earn more experience

    @Reto.GreenBow Could you clarify something. If my squad is on say B line, and I see the adjacent C line starting to fall, I jump on my bike and head to the point to help defend, will I get the defense bonus's by killing enemies in and around the point being captured?
  3. Please change the Blood spatter effect

    Really don't know why its there to begin with. Now I don't know much about getting shot, probably the reason I'm able to sit and type this :-D, but if you do get shot surely you don't get blood in your eyes, unless its the face, in which case you would be dead as that would be classed as a headshot? Maybe if you stood on a mine and your foot is blown off, then maybe you get get blood in your face, or maybe hit by a grenade and you loose an arm, then you get blood in your face, but a body shot when you are wearing clothes doesn't seem likely. Maybe if you were stood next to someone getting shot, then that would be a totally valid scenario.
  4. Defend and earn more experience

    Hope you tested it before releasing it?
  5. Upside-down paraplanes

    Disclaimer: I know nothing about parachutes, paraplanes, parachuting or any such war time airbourne divisions. It's been bugging me for ages now, but surely a para-plane does not fly upside down to change direction? Maybe that is why paratroopers wear helmets? :-D @Reto.Christiano /Kick
  6. Let's face it, sending a recon AT into a battle never increases the chance of it winning.
  7. ARE YOU making WF's from the RTS?

    Also I forgot to add, it depends how you play the RTS, if I just send my ats into battles I play with the clan, then for sure I'll most likely profit. But if I send an apc unit to a random skirmish that needs it for the greater good of the gain and war effort, then I'm not so sure.
  8. ARE YOU making WF's from the RTS?

    I'm guessing I'm slightly loosing WF on the RTS part, which is then compensated by the FPS and thus brake even. I think the question is, should you gain warfunds on the RTS? My personal opinion is that you should not make WF purely on RTS, and thus encourage you to play FPS part as its a game of 2 parts, not 2 games in 1.
  9. Status on crashes

    I too am curious, I have a high end PC and get consistent crashes. You literally can't run a 6 man squad without someone needing to restart the game after every battle.
  10. Feedback on the New Village Encounter Map.

    Also if anyone has figured how the capturing numbers work please let me know.
  11. Dat chair!

    Almost looks like he is wearing some kind of tin foil hat!
  12. Reto, I'm tired of paraplane spawnkilling

    Like said maybe when they are on their objective run.
  13. Reto, I'm tired of paraplane spawnkilling

    Just make the paraplanes invisible for a few seconds just like everything else that gets spawned on the ground.
  14. Dat chair!

    So there is next to no furniture in any of the buildings, but it was deemed important to put one right here. So I thought we should all just sit and appreciate this chair for a minute.
  15. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    Glad you guys like the idea. Reto VS Top Players. Hmm I'm pretty sure RETO would get trashed, but saying that, that is all part of the entertainment and I think the community would love to see that. I think watching others, especially the devs having a laugh would highlight that this can be a really fun game. Prizes People love prizes. I'm thinking for entertainment value they could even hand out a little gold maybe for more silly things during the match... Shovel killing @Reto.RedBjarne Running over a RETO member A scoreboard like Top Gear of the team who captured the objectives quickest Most kills during the match Most head shots The list is endless /Kick