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  1. Kickassinator

    Who is still deploying?

    As US with around 90 inf ATs of mixed types I'll deploy in Paris and send 1 AT to every burning city on the map. With this many ATs I can pretty much cover the front line. I never have to worry about going to bed. Higher percentage to get my troops played. I have a higher chance to get into any battle starting. I make WFs, not a huge amounts but a consistent amount. Its quite fun to move troops up after a battle. Easier to get a feel for which way the front line is going.
  2. Kickassinator

    Switch sides in WAR

    @Reto.Hades I hate to say it, but if a game requires you to create multiple accounts to fully enjoy the game as one wishes, then there is a fundamental flaw in the game's design in my opinion, do you not agree? Having said that, I do enjoy picking a faction for the duration of the war. However looking back over the last 3-4 years, I think this design has only further segregated the community, it has hindered clans from playing together, it has made clans faction biased, and isolated players who have swapped faction from joining their buddies in war for a quick match. 😞 /Kick
  3. Kickassinator

    Asset burn off will begin.

    I feel the same, I got hardly any credits but 5 millions WFs, what an earth can I do with them if I'm not actively playing the RTS any more? Would be nice if there was a currency converter - Warfunds to Credits. I'm sure Reto would prefer some of the big whales had a few less WFs, in exchange for some useless camos 😉
  4. Kickassinator

    Heroes and Left wing destroyed

    Totally agree, I feel I spend most time as a pilot flying in one direction... I know three left turns is a right turn, but wing damage needs tweaking.
  5. Kickassinator

    How can I land an airplane on the ground?

    "Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid." Homer
  6. Kickassinator

    How can I land an airplane on the ground?

    So helpful.
  7. It might even last longer than the current 6min battles we have today.
  8. Kickassinator

    How can I land an airplane on the ground?

    I've been flying a lot lately and it seems there is a lot of bounce when you first touch the ground, and on the second touch I explode. Any tips guys?
  9. Kickassinator

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    One possible solution to this would be to keep the neutralisation time fast, but slow down the capture timer. So that overall it will be the same length as before. This solution has two benefits. 1. It alerts the randoms early enough to go back the point. 2. It focuses the fighting back into the capture zone.
  10. Kickassinator

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    To be honest, I'm not quite sure their logic here. If they want us to defend more, this isn't the way to do it, because the "randoms" won't think "oh I should defend this point now", why they barely react when the point is actually being captured, so I don't think they will even have chance to defend.
  11. Kickassinator

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    Yeh, its a bit weird, who on earth came up with this idea. I think it happened in the same meeting as the "lets turn off the AR" without telling anyone.
  12. Kickassinator

    Bring Back Mobile Command POLL

    They could always charge for it.
  13. Kickassinator

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    In principle it sounds like a good idea, however people don't react when the point is slowly being capped, yet alone 4 times faster. This in combination with the instant apc spawn will mean that matches with organised groups and clans will be over in minutes. This will also force people to stay at both objectives in case one guy slips in. We'll see but I can't believe this will improve the game in anyway.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but seems RETO have been messing around with the capture timers. Now it's super quick to neutralise the cap points now, which will game make games finish too quick and force people to camp on objectives. /Kick