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  1. Phoenixflieger

    Nerf Yak 9 please

    That's even worse ... sorry but the problem is not the Yak9. Problem is that Reto implemented another Bf109 BELOW the E4 which already was from 1939. The Yak and the P-40 are 1942/43 models. So why implementing a D1 version instead of a BF109 G3 or G4 from the proper time period?! The E4 should still be the starting German medium fighter and a BF 109 G3/4 appropriate for the Yak9b and the Warhawk as a second tier fighter. Rather quick fix: replace the E4 with the proper G3 or G4 version which is used in 1942/43, simply upgrade the E4 to a G3/4 (in appearance and performance). And if there really really is a need to implement more tier 3 fighters find planes that on comparable level (which is at least a FW190 for Germany, or in your example better a TA152).
  2. Phoenixflieger

    Stg 44 op

    Well, it is more a split between staged battles (vs semi-automatic rifles) and war battles (vs the other "assault rifles" and lmg). In the first it can compete well, in the later it is ridiculously outclasssed by whatever Reto digged up to equip US and SU. And on top the mods are useless (incl. ammo) making the gun not better in comparison. But the poll as such is classy entertainment (not saying trolling)
  3. Phoenixflieger

    Get More Gold for Less Cash

    What puzzles me is that the 30 day membership is 2.400 gold but there is no matching gold offer. I mean either add 200 gold to the 2.200 item or reduce the gold cost of the membership. Sure you can play for 50 days to earn the missing 200 gold instead, but is that really the idea? That is so off. Reto, do you have a full-time sales / marketing person?
  4. Phoenixflieger

    RTS changes?

    I remember from my early times with H&G a few years back, that players were able to block (or delay) autoresolve from happening by putting a single player into the queue of specific battles. Many things have changed since then and I didn't played this game for over a year. So is it still possible to delay/block autoresolve like that?
  5. Phoenixflieger

    AR, Ping gone forever, just do.....

    To 1: While I can understand where you are coming from, I don't think this is going to happen. Yes, RTS was more balanced without SU, but now it is too late. Many players at that time said, RETO please first introduce SU faction in staged before adding them to RTS. But I find it convenient for further (sub) factions to limit them to staged battles. To 2: Sounds reasonable. Most underpopulated faction has its own server... But while we at it: Remove land US lease equipment from SU faction! No really, find SU stuff to replace them. It makes no sense in war battles that SU would have received US landlease equipment in RETO's alternative WW2 setting... (we are not talking historical here).
  6. Phoenixflieger

    AR, Ping gone forever, just do.....

    I agree mostly on your assesment here, but I am not a 100% with you about US though. E.g. I prefer the Garand ver the other semi-rifles. Even if it has only 8 rounds it is stable and the sights are the best (German G43 iron sights are a pain in the butt (for me)), making it a great weapon right from the start. Whenever I pick up a PPSch41 or play my Russian Soldier for once I really like this weapon which is perfect for any casual or new or less skilled player. It is a beast. - And yes, these player groups matter (more than hardcore players). In every game there is. Because they populate the game and bring in the $ for the Devs (as a group). The constant whining of the Soviet player faction about their crap equipment is just weak. Because it is far from reality.
  7. Can you get rid of that "we against them / factions fan boy" attitude? The point is the 20mm AA is severely badly designed, no matter what faction it is from (or what faction uses it on the map). On top of that there are the shortcomings of AA play in general (listed above, just for you again: ALL factions) for which a % damage might be a solution. So basically AA do a percentage damage (not a fixed damage value) to planes plus some extra % bonus for plane's sensible hitboxes. Vs other targets / pilots AA do their usual damage. Nevertheless there would be some more tweaking for the AAs required.
  8. If you move, it is harder for you to hit something as well. So what's the point? The Russian (and to lesser degree the US) AA is a valuable tactical ressource on some maps in some situations. Aha. I sense a grain of sarcasm in your post Nevertheless I think it can be agreed on that the AAs in this game don't fell quit right. In general their role as anti aircraft guns fighting off fighter plane attacks isn't satisfying. Recon planes are usually easy prey (exception the 20mm quad), but they are prey for almost any weapons other than spades. (and if yould throw them, you could kill planes as well with them) In detail the characteristics of the 20mm quad is off. And the AA trucks are kind of messed as well on top of the general AA issues: uses ISV slot, can be destroyed by a strafing run (again the SD KFZ 7/1 is a 7.000Kg vehicle and heavier than many light tanks...), etc.)
  9. The Russian AA is very good vs Inf even at medium to long ranges. Yes, at some point someone might snipe you, but what is the difference to not being in an AA? This game is full of campers (esp. US side). Returning to the topic of being the most capable AA being the least effective, the 20mm quad is no match for any medium / heavy fighter in a heads-on. The only realistic targets are transport planes and very slow and turning recon planes. And even here the gun is no good. Now planes are very expensive to maintain indeed esp. those fighter planes, but where is the reasoning to have AA guns at all, if they shouldn't touch plane threats? And don't get me started on the AA truck. 20mm quad AA, 7t of vehicle mass and a single strafing (not bombing) run destroys it. And on top of it, it uses the same ISV slot than spawn trucks & APCs. And still not a serious threat to Infantry...
  10. So basically a percentage damage to planes plus some extra % bonus for plane's hitboxes and fixed damage number vs other targets / pilots. Is an easy and neat way to fix the AA vs different plane classes issue. (Nothing a Dev team wouldn't come up within 15 minutes by themselves if brainstorming about this, but maybe Reto really needs some advisors with out-of-the-Reto-box thinking)
  11. While this is indeed a challenge to game design (btw there are 4 aircraft classes), why is there no logic and balance between these 3 guns (technical data as a guideline, but not more)? You cannot have one AA being the slowest firing, slowest turning gun, biggest caliber gun having the least effect vs planes and infantry.
  12. Because the core competence of the AA is at stake: fighting off planes. How is it even thinkable that planes heads-on a 20mm quad AA? And some very basic design rules: you cannot have the slowest firing, slowest turning gun, biggest caliber gun have the least effect vs planes. And on the other hand a regular soldier can carry around stupid 1HK guns?
  13. Sorry, it may sound convenient that Reto wants to re-educate players. But to fill up other factions one usually sells starter packages (aka getting new players!) for that faction until your goal is met. Or runs other marketing tools. To bully around your biggest player faction is close to stupidity. Re-education is a fruitless approach and a dangerous mind-set. I can hardly imagine that anyone sane is crossing that bridge. Not even Reto. Although I am not convinced by myself honestly ...
  14. It has to be said I am not a supporter of 0HK (or 1HK) weapons at all. It worsens game experience and is usually a bad design element. Sure, mines, tank shells, bombs etc. must deal that much damage. BUT! But seeing that RETO supplies standard Inf rifle as insta-kills (depending on heavy set badge) and a definite insta-kill PTRD no matter heavy set badge I find it completly absurd that a quadruple 20mm round AA is also useless against Infantry. Even when hitting them (like on town map, hitting enemies on church roof) it doesn't kill them no matter the heavy set badge. PLUS it can hardly damage any fighter / heavy fighter (recon planes and transporter are ok - at best) which should be its core competence. On top of things that thing even turns very slow! Impossible to follow a slug race ...
  15. Yeah, I know those. Nerf Guns from Hasbro, got some myself. Super funny, but do more damage to people than these AA in-game...