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  1. EnkeliKuoleman

    Snipers in offensive battles.

    I come from a battle of 11 snipers and 3 pilots ... god was horrible. Challenge should limit specialists by levels but now. And you're right, it's not the fault of the new ones, we all were, if not RETO. Before when I entered for the first time I remember that there was a tutorial which they deleted. It should come back for new players and that they understand what the mechanics are like.
  2. EnkeliKuoleman

    Gun names!

  3. EnkeliKuoleman

    thoughts on Rambo Recon?

    My configuration in the bullet may be bad, what is the recommendable in K98 and in Mosing to kill with one shot?
  4. EnkeliKuoleman

    thoughts on Rambo Recon?

    I think it does matter a lot, I have tried with both weapons buying all their improvements in and each test the USA rifle kills with a single shot with armor if it hits the torso and parts such as the thigh or arm, while the Mosin and the K98 do not They need two shots if they have armor.Yesterday I bought the mosin and I improved it to the maximum and with a friend we did tests and the result was the same. You need two shots to kill with armor, instead with the US rifle, only one shot is necessary.
  5. EnkeliKuoleman

    Snipers in offensive battles.

    Well I have to say it's annoying still that not quite, there are excellent snipers in the game and I'm not complaining about snipers in assault battles if they do their job well, but it bothers me quite a bit to have in a 16 assault battle Players to 6 or 8 snipers of which 5 or more are novices and in the whole battle they do not get more than 5 kills but instead have double the deaths, taking resources away from the faction.There should be a limit on the use of snipers in war and they must have a certain level to be used otherwise I will keep running over them every time I see them.
  6. EnkeliKuoleman

    Are you getting bored of dying too quickly?

    I still enjoy watching them die.
  7. EnkeliKuoleman

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Hahahahahahahaha for the love of God, NO !!
  8. EnkeliKuoleman

    Is recon viable in War?

    In defense battles, yes, but only if you're good, in assault it's a total waste and I smash them.
  9. EnkeliKuoleman

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    If RETO wants to earn more money, it should introduce new weapons, more camouflages, I have been waiting for a camouflage for the MG 13 for years and would gladly pay for it.New maps to attract more people and old players who left.Even if they use all the weapons of the faction they can enter weapons of allied factions like GB.
  10. EnkeliKuoleman

    thoughts on Rambo Recon?

    If you are from the USA you are in luck your rifle kills with a single shot, while the other two do not.
  11. EnkeliKuoleman

    Are you getting bored of dying too quickly?

    I don't know about you, but I have spent 25 minute games without dying once having the highest score. I love to kill the US soldiers
  12. EnkeliKuoleman

    Grenades range nerf

    As a veteran of the Middle East, the only thing I can tell you is that the grenades are already nerfed. A real grenade has a range of about 15 meters.
  13. EnkeliKuoleman

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    I would prefer that there was no such thing. Already in case the identity of each faction is being lost thanks to the captured weapons, now modifying them makes no sense to belong to one faction or another to have its benefits.What's next, capture vehicles?
  14. EnkeliKuoleman

    Feedback from a veteran returning

    We have been around for years and as another colleague said, we need new maps. It is incredible that we still do not have maps of Western Europe except for a small village.
  15. EnkeliKuoleman


    I guess nothing is going to be done to fix that ...