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  1. DoomedInDoom

    Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    Hotfix 150912 – [20.09.2018] Backend pricing structure adjustment. Could we have a little more details, please?
  2. DoomedInDoom

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    Yeah, motorcycles appear to be very slow in the forest... near bicycle speed, and useless in the mud, where you become shovel fodder. At least the mud part is realistic for those old Harleys. ... the mere mention of that still raises my blood pressure. I do think the update will be good for tankers (even as one who doesn't tank, I don't have an issue with that), and that should prove an interesting challenge for when I decide to hunt them.
  3. DoomedInDoom

    How to have a better aim?

    A bit old, but, may be helpful.
  4. DoomedInDoom

    The Great Escape

    lol, nice play by play commentary.
  5. DoomedInDoom

    client crash after up too long - memory leak?

    Yes, with me as well. Sometimes, when I click on a battle, ribbon overview, or weapon overview, the background of the window will turn very light, almost white. Other times, when click from one hero to another, the soldier's image will disappear, showing only the faction's emblem and badges. Then it crashes, within a click or two . I've even seen it crash while I was working an excel sheet on my other monitor. Interestingly; I recently built a rig with older (97 chipset series) components, some new, some used, with a fresh install of W10 Pro, Yesterday, I installed H&G to see how it would perform. I played one FPS game, then went to the RTS. Worked the map for several hours, not a single crash. (...?) I do not use Google Chrome, so, nothing there, at least for me.
  6. DoomedInDoom

    AT experience assignment criteria

    Old issue... Try sending a support ticket...
  7. DoomedInDoom

    Player requested UI improvements in Update 1.11.1

    Regarding Assault Team naming and the way they appear when selecting: When selecting my Pathfinder AT named "#doratookmyinfantry", this is what is showing now; They "Y#DORA" is what I used in the second naming option to keep my stuff in order. This is how it used to show; This is how it should look in the new system; I mentioned this also in "Assault Team Optimizations - Update 1.11.1 is here!", here;
  8. DoomedInDoom

    Assault Team Optimizations - Update 1.11.1 is here!

    I agree with all the GBD says there. Also, I would like to have the option to disable the tool-tip that appears when I hover over my ATs. It doesn't show me anything that I am not already aware of, and, it really gets in the way when I try to move ATs in a hurry. I imagine it will be a nuisance when working from the smaller display of my laptop. Yeup. Spent good WFs to name them. Now where's the fun if Dora can't read the name when I harass with my para? Otherwise, lots of good new features in this update, I just may have to re-up my Vet Membership.
  9. DoomedInDoom

    AR logic is not logic !

    20 for MCs, 30 for Jeeps, 40 for APCs. Otherwise, I think you're right on with the mechanics. Also consider WF values of Recon, Tanks, Para, and Air Force ATs in big battles. I don't know how close a battle has to be for RNG to come into play, but, I've seen some fairly heavily lopsided battles go the wrong way.
  10. DoomedInDoom

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Go ahead... There should be no Underdog Bonus anyway. Hell, I even up-voted that.
  11. DoomedInDoom

    plz US/SU clans, come back, we miss you..

    The new anticheat and the UD bonus removal didn't even coincide with each other...
  12. DoomedInDoom

    US Army AT Boycott?

    This isn't about the loss of the underdog WF bonus, at least, not for me. As far as I'm concerned, it was fair and long overdue... As a random, without clan support, I can still pull a small profit on the map, but, only with Veteran Membership and constant eyes on the map. All of you guys, on every faction, that have been on the RTS for a while, have been seeing WF earnings dwindling over the past couple of years. And now, a new bug. I'm also seeing Generals and Officers not getting their XP as well. ATs randomly not getting Rank XP has been around for quite some time. My 2016 email response from RETO on that subject read "Support cannot investigate bugs in the Strategy game; if you want to report bugs, please get in touch with the Bug Hunters". When I started a topic there, the only response I got was "Yeah, me too", from other players. Add to the above; the usual RTS crashes after battles end, crashes while resupplying, ATs lagging and jumping, losing view into towns after a battle has finished, losing view into skirmishes after a relog, remnants of ghost ATs all over the place. Seeing that and reported it in the prototype as well. Let's hope they fix that in the rework. And what ever happened to 216 para being a Fun Battle? When RETO changed size of para, a bug forced us to use 288 para/72 planes for a fun battle. Why wasn't that fixed? Also, why is the graphic at the top of the RTS map that show the cities that each faction is holding still bugged after that recent update? Come on... Even with all of the above, we've been deploying every war. But, right now, I, ah, eh, ahhh... yeah, taking a break.
  13. DoomedInDoom

    Well done Axis.

    Yeup, impressive win. Nice job guys. Lol, when I saw you guys hitting Berlin, I just knew we were toast
  14. DoomedInDoom

    Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    @Khadmon, just got back to this, no luck sorry.