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  1. PSA - Why Tankers complain about AT infantry

    That's right. Bait him with your tank, and lie and wait. Nothing pisses of an AT rambo more than to be ambushed with his target so close. If he keeps coming at you, he will not be killing other tanks on the map.
  2. Remove Adams Cone fire

    Maybe the Cone-fire adjustment was needed, but, it was over done. Been waiting a long time to rename this gun;
  3. Fun with numbers, WF bonus

    Some numbers from the Free Deploy Month, when we had the UD Bonus... But first, a few notes; I am running Vet Membership. I run a heavy percentage of infantry based ATs, and try to use toys sparingly. I do not run with a clan. These were rather short wars. With little participation for others, I was able to dominate the population of many battles. RTS earnings, only. Numbers, warfunds earned minus resources used: More notes: Had one pathfinder loss in War 529. War 538 saw clan play. War 544, typical of weekends. I saw UD Bonuses of 16-63%, depending on the time of the day, therefore, I used an average of 40% for UD recalculations. Numbers from more recent wars, RTS earnings only: War / EarnedWF / NetGainedWF / NoVetCalculated (note) 556 / 247,963 / 51,443 / -54,827 (18,630 WF lost in failed parablock) 557 / 58,612 / 11,322 / -13,797 561 / 103,518 / 29,646 / -14,719 (910 WF lost in failed parablock) 562 / 112,810 / 47,650 / -697 563 / 127,433 / 26,213 / -28,401
  4. Fun with numbers, WF bonus

    Nope The more I look at the numbers, I can't see anyone earning without vet. I should have reworded...
  5. Fun with numbers, WF bonus

    I've been tracking WF earnings vs Resources Used lately. Later, I will post data here, or start another thread (in that case, I will post a link). My conclusion is that nobody in US or SU is earning WFs without veteran membership, unless they are working closing with a clan, with all/most of their battles are played by clans/vets. Even with vet membership, earnings are meager lately. By winning the higher percentage of actual battles played, GE stands to gain the most earnings, but, I'll bet that their earnings relatively small. I am, in no way, suggesting that the UD bonus should be reinstated. The system is fair as is, and should reward battle winners with higher gains, but, it shouldn't be tweaked to the point where people will eventually have to resort using gold to maintain an army. At some point RETO will need to consider "un-nerfing" WF earnings across the entire game.
  6. Close to 90%

    This is the type of stuff that made me decide to play my ATs primarily against GE. These guys would consistently get battles to pop within 6-7 mins. Then, as battles were playing, they were confident enough to parablock the next town(s), leaving no retreat option. The worst thing to experience on the RTS map is watching your troops getting pushed back and losing resources and morale, town by town, hour to hour. Even with enough generals/officers with enough resources, this tactic is very difficult to deal with effectively. Hard evidence of alting has been brought out in the past with screenshots of players queing for US in a battle while being logged into SU Teamspeak... Maybe @doramass, you are not aware of alting in your own faction, as I am not aware of US alting (if it is indeed happening). But, the whole situation is just sickening.
  7. new ww2 game: hell let loose

    on the HLL forums
  8. new ww2 game: hell let loose

    There are two H&G threads rolling...
  9. Bycicle Bell

    Call me evil, but if I were Reto, I would render a horn; and leave the sound of the ringing bell... just to see if it get's noticed.
  10. Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration on Twitch

    I would love to see that.
  11. Nice work Baskerville. It must have taken a bit of time. MS Excel FTW!
  12. HnG Confessions/Unpopular Opinions

    "The Best Hits of Laudan ( 2 CD Set)" is my favorite thread in this entire forum.
  13. HnG Confessions/Unpopular Opinions

    1. I actually enjoyed using the Grease Gun while grinding a new SMG character. 2. I still love blowing shirt up, no matter the cost ratio. 3. I wear camouflage for the whistlers and teabaggers.
  14. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    Well, it's almost over now. I gotta say that when I was able to get my gear and had the chance to use it, I was able to gain plenty of officer XP and level to several more CPs. Hats off to GE vets that continued to push France and into Paris a few times; Druxxes, br.carlos, fatal-is, kilowolf, Delcrazy, and others. I had fun playing against you guys, but I feel that when things get back to "normal", I will just be melted back into the pot and it won't be as personal. Oh, and BobTheBear, thanks for reminding me not to over-extend myself.
  15. I feel that GE plays mostly defensive battles only because they have to. One reason, being pinched on the map, and another due to the losses of GE generals that are not willing to play in a WF losing environment. I also feel that if GE experienced a return of generals and organized an offensive effort to win the war, we would still see a decent win/loss ratio from their faction, as a higher percentage of their players seem (to me) to be generally more organized and work better as a team in battle.