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  1. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    Well, it's almost over now. I gotta say that when I was able to get my gear and had the chance to use it, I was able to gain plenty of officer XP and level to several more CPs. Hats off to GE vets that continued to push France and into Paris a few times; Druxxes, br.carlos, fatal-is, kilowolf, Delcrazy, and others. I had fun playing against you guys, but I feel that when things get back to "normal", I will just be melted back into the pot and it won't be as personal. Oh, and BobTheBear, thanks for reminding me not to over-extend myself.
  2. I feel that GE plays mostly defensive battles only because they have to. One reason, being pinched on the map, and another due to the losses of GE generals that are not willing to play in a WF losing environment. I also feel that if GE experienced a return of generals and organized an offensive effort to win the war, we would still see a decent win/loss ratio from their faction, as a higher percentage of their players seem (to me) to be generally more organized and work better as a team in battle.
  3. How did your Grandpa die?

    Mine was a "sniper", he went out to the hills and was never seen again. That's why I never use a scope.
  4. Parking AT's (farming wf) is bannable

    Yeup. Note to RETO; didn't see it coming? Oh well, as developers, call it part of the learning curve. To those that are turtling; you're missing out on tons of officer XP and CP gains. For the rest of us; we just have to deal with the queues, if we get out, enjoy the gains.
  5. Flat Earth

    Well, his Kickstarter only raised $310 of its $150,000 goal, likely contributed by those looking forward to epic fail videos... I'm looking at a photo of my wife, that's in 2d. She doesn't feel flat to me.
  6. Flat Earth

    Don't worry, it will all soon be proven... I almost fell off my chair reading that.
  7. Chester Airfield - The safest place to be!

    Yeup. And, with the free 30 day vet, a lot of people are playing. When the map is active, battles are popping like crazy, and even popping early. I'm seeing far less ARs.
  8. Chester Airfield - The safest place to be!

    Yeup, with everyone holed up, it's easier for me to dominate areas and reap WFs and XP. Picking up extra CPs earlier than expected as well.
  9. Dont defend capitals!

    Not me... I'm not turlting. Thanks to the heavy GE push toward Paris, the lack of US defense, and the large percentage of battles popping, I've been able to burn off my resources in record time. Making plenty of XP, and, as long as my ATs make Warfunds in battle, it's a win - win, on top of a gift.
  10. First of all, I must say that I like almost all of the new UI. The data in the “Warupdate added to homescreen” is a nice addition. For the RTS; “Added multi move for AT stack on cities for your own AT’s”, real nice. “Added Character Assault Team is equipped on Assault Team details box”, also nice, something that I’ve not even considered. I do have one small issue, though; “Added tooltips to describe multi selection options in 2 lists with assault teams that can be multi selected” This puppy lands all over my ATs as I move my curser, and tends to get in my way, especially while I’m working the map from my laptop (not as bad on my desktop). Consider the following scenario; I have some of my ATs defending a town, they are in battle and about to lose the town. My plan is to order all those ATs to move as soon as the town is lost, while they are on the retreat line(s). I could multi-select using the new method from the town, but the instant the town is lost, I will lose my selections. Therefore, I have to multi-select from the list on the right. So, I have to quickly scroll through my list, looking at my AT locations, and selecting from there. But, while I’m trying to hurry through this process, the tooltip keeps popping up, partially blocking my view. While I don’t want to suggest removing the tooltip, as, it is good information for new AT owners, I would like to see it (at least) moved off of my ATs. Or, better, give us the option to toggle it off, that way people that are new to the RTS side will have a chance to see it, then hide it.
  11. USA, Ghost Army

    I don't know why they are still there. I finished all the Tullamore Dew, before moving on to France...
  12. Free 30 day Veteran Membership for Everybody

    30 Day Vet? Nice... Free deploy, once per war, until Nov 30th? Very nice! Thanks team!
  13. whistling

    Call me "noob" if you want, but, I still occasionally hit the "F" key while reloading... After RETO reworked the scroll wheel mechanics, I accidentally threw an AP mine at a tank. The driver got out right on top of it.
  14. ParabUSA on they.

    ^^ I remember that. I was so enthralled with Liam's push, I almost got myself surrounded before the end of the first full (War) day...
  15. BSOD Crashes

    Good news, then. Well done.