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  1. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Go ahead... There should be no Underdog Bonus anyway. Hell, I even up-voted that.
  2. plz US/SU clans, come back, we miss you..

    The new anticheat and the UD bonus removal didn't even coincide with each other...
  3. US Army AT Boycott?

    This isn't about the loss of the underdog WF bonus, at least, not for me. As far as I'm concerned, it was fair and long overdue... As a random, without clan support, I can still pull a small profit on the map, but, only with Veteran Membership and constant eyes on the map. All of you guys, on every faction, that have been on the RTS for a while, have been seeing WF earnings dwindling over the past couple of years. And now, a new bug. I'm also seeing Generals and Officers not getting their XP as well. ATs randomly not getting Rank XP has been around for quite some time. My 2016 email response from RETO on that subject read "Support cannot investigate bugs in the Strategy game; if you want to report bugs, please get in touch with the Bug Hunters". When I started a topic there, the only response I got was "Yeah, me too", from other players. Add to the above; the usual RTS crashes after battles end, crashes while resupplying, ATs lagging and jumping, losing view into towns after a battle has finished, losing view into skirmishes after a relog, remnants of ghost ATs all over the place. Seeing that and reported it in the prototype as well. Let's hope they fix that in the rework. And what ever happened to 216 para being a Fun Battle? When RETO changed size of para, a bug forced us to use 288 para/72 planes for a fun battle. Why wasn't that fixed? Also, why is the graphic at the top of the RTS map that show the cities that each faction is holding still bugged after that recent update? Come on... Even with all of the above, we've been deploying every war. But, right now, I, ah, eh, ahhh... yeah, taking a break.
  4. Well done Axis.

    Yeup, impressive win. Nice job guys. Lol, when I saw you guys hitting Berlin, I just knew we were toast
  5. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    @Khadmon, just got back to this, no luck sorry.
  6. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    Installed on my laptop... still, the same issue. Getting stuck at Fetching Your Profile. Installed using default settings, fresh W10 OS. @Vudu_guy, if I get this going, I'll come find you.
  7. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    I am downloading now to my laptop. I noticed that the version number is 143700, different from what I got from the link yesterday. I will update after the install...
  8. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    I can't seem to get past the "Anti-Cheat enabled. Fetching Your Profile..." screen. I tried reinstalling into the same directory as my regular stand-alone install. edit; ahh, "drive", not "directory...
  9. BSOD mid playing

    How many watts? I would recommend running at least a 600 Watt PSU with that rig.
  10. lol, I can see half a team in a staged map grinding to level their Mine Layer ribbon to Digger Gold...
  11. BSOD mid playing
  12. this just breaks my heart

    I saw one of Atway's (I think) H&G videos end with a similar scene...
  13. PSA - Why Tankers complain about AT infantry

    That's right. Bait him with your tank, and lie and wait. Nothing pisses of an AT rambo more than to be ambushed with his target so close. If he keeps coming at you, he will not be killing other tanks on the map.
  14. Remove Adams Cone fire

    Maybe the Cone-fire adjustment was needed, but, it was over done. Been waiting a long time to rename this gun;
  15. Fun with numbers, WF bonus

    Some numbers from the Free Deploy Month, when we had the UD Bonus... But first, a few notes; I am running Vet Membership. I run a heavy percentage of infantry based ATs, and try to use toys sparingly. I do not run with a clan. These were rather short wars. With little participation for others, I was able to dominate the population of many battles. RTS earnings, only. Numbers, warfunds earned minus resources used: More notes: Had one pathfinder loss in War 529. War 538 saw clan play. War 544, typical of weekends. I saw UD Bonuses of 16-63%, depending on the time of the day, therefore, I used an average of 40% for UD recalculations. Numbers from more recent wars, RTS earnings only: War / EarnedWF / NetGainedWF / NoVetCalculated (note) 556 / 247,963 / 51,443 / -54,827 (18,630 WF lost in failed parablock) 557 / 58,612 / 11,322 / -13,797 561 / 103,518 / 29,646 / -14,719 (910 WF lost in failed parablock) 562 / 112,810 / 47,650 / -697 563 / 127,433 / 26,213 / -28,401