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  1. BSOD Crashes

    Good news, then. Well done.
  2. BSOD Crashes

    Any progress?
  3. Server issues: how should Reto make up?

    A free deploy would help cover losses suffered on the RTS map due to server issues...
  4. War 516, you guys won it...

    They won it in Paris, but it did not resolve (it reset as nothing had happened), then again in Rotterdam. Just like the SU win recently. Not official...
  5. GG War 516

    Yeup, absolutely, already sent my regards...
  6. War 516, you guys won it...

    No matter what happens with the server screw up in Paris, you guys won the war handily. Nice job!
  7. servers down?

  8. Line from Bridlington to Esbjerg bugged.

    Seems to be a one-way line...
  9. SU never plays battles

    I agree that AR sucks. I tend to stack battles fairly early at, or above the AR win, in order to draw a fight. But, the only thing worse than an AR, is losing an AR. It seems the only way to draw a good fight lately, is to trap a town and stack it.
  10. I foresee the coming of great Paraspam.

    Thank you:)
  11. squad names

    Band of Noobs
  12. Last Town

    It was Leningrad, taken by an "unfun" Auto Resolve
  13. RTS Tips for new & old players

    I'd like to add... Communication and interaction: -When you enter an area, look at others' ATs. Try to determine who is active, and who isn't. -Keep an eye on your Army's Chat channel. -If you plan on making a move that may effect the flow of strategy, try to work with others around you, through Chat or PM. -Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you are trying to help in the war effort, there is always someone willing to help you.
  14. Solution for the queues on every faction.

    ^^ both good points, guys. Defenses are especially tough, a relocation exemption would only be exploited. I know, we all have a life (at least I think so), perhaps 48 hours.
  15. Salt Miner character?

    A true Salt Miner is the one that picks up, and continues to be effective with, the enemy's weapon. I remember being on the wrong side of that one... The team asking "Hey, who lost the 'Plug and Play' Thompson", (shirt, that was me).