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  1. DoomedInDoom

    Velké Meziříčí (Mountain Town), bugged

    I can also confirm. I found a MotorGuard stuck on the A line, tried sending another through to retrieve it, didn't work, tried sending another through the D line, all stuck.
  2. DoomedInDoom

    Gun names!

    I made this one for Evad...
  3. Thanks for posting those Schilli, I always get a smile from them.
  4. DoomedInDoom


    I'm seeing a lot of screenshots of win/loss ratios. I haven't joined the current war (867), but I can guess that the US pop bonus is around %100 and the SU is (idk) %60-80, with GE being the usual %0. With at least half of the game population joining GE, and others going SU, to play with the new weapons, I wouldn't put too much stake into the current numbers.
  5. DoomedInDoom

    XP doesn't update on ATs

    Yeup, I've been seeing that as well.
  6. DoomedInDoom


    Overall, decent update... I'm on board with the scope changes. As a matter of fact, it's about freaking time. The resources buff in vehicle production is appreciated. I lost my ZF-39 (Germany #1) scope for my GE Recon, but, I understand that you are working on this. I do have one small issue, my Generals and Officers are no longer listed alphabetically after rank. They seem to be scrambled randomly...
  7. I have been buying Veteran Membership regularly since before I started playing the RTS (War 394). My Vet runs out in 13+1 days, thanks, btw, for the survey gifts, but, I've come to a decision. Because of the state of the RTS (between resources and bugs), and the continued nerfing of player progression in the FPS, I will no longer renew. I will deploy Recons only, for vision, and re-equip my active soldiers with weapons the are not badge dependent, and play occasionally... It's shame, this game has such a unique combined RTS/FPS experience, and HAD such potential.
  8. DoomedInDoom

    Sudden Morale drops

    Not only is this bug still alive, it has appeared to have mutated... Just came out of a losing battle, and I can't find a single AT that shows below 96 Morale, even after a re-log. Previously, a re-log would show the correct numbers. Note that some of my ATs are running with a 10% Morale boost, but even then, they should have dropped to 90 morale if they went in fresh. What gives?...
  9. DoomedInDoom

    A real story from reto HQ

    Holy crap! Earlier today, right? The eruption in US Army chat should have been enough to blow up RETO's servers, if there was anyone on...
  10. DoomedInDoom

    Lycan's videos

    LOL, Geschlittert OP, please nerf.
  11. DoomedInDoom


    That, and the "Visual bug" that falsely shows Morale rising while in battle... It seems that both fixes would be "Quality of Life" to me.
  12. DoomedInDoom

    Empty Chat Window.

    I like how it is outlined in red, and shows "(0)" for the Army chat. Also; Is your empty Friends list your doing or the result of another "feature"?
  13. DoomedInDoom

    BSOD when loading game

    Yes, you may need a key, as Juggernaut9631 suggests. But, it could be that your pirated version tricked Microsoft into activating Windows for you, in which case you'll not need a new key. Either way, because you don't know what else may be lurking in that pirated version, you'll want to do a clean, fresh reinstall. Check your activation through Settings-> Update & Security-> Activation. If activated, it will read "Windows is activated with a digital license..." Look where you checked your windows version and check your Notifications (right end of your Taskbar) to be sure you're not running a trial version that is being automatically updated. If all is good, you should be able to reinstall, and Windows will automatically active for you without a key. If you decide to reinstall, I've uploaded a clean Windows 10 1803 install ISO. I broke Google's ToS, so I put it here; This is a clean copy that contains multiple versions. I use it regularly. General instructions in the spoiler; If Windows does not activate, then, you will need a key. From this 1803 build, you can update to current versions. One last note; Sometimes, AMD and Nvidia do not play well together, but a newer system, like yours, should behave better.
  14. DoomedInDoom

    US main weapon

    You'll need Tight Grip Gold for that weapon.