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    Scoring criteria?

    Depends what you mean by no activity, but usually capturing and defending objectives rewards the most points. So it's possible to get a high score by only capturing objectives and not killing any players.
  2. Link755US

    getting killed before you actaully spawn

    I think what is happening is the soldier spawns as soon as you click on a spawn, but you don't gain control or visuals until the camera finishes zooming in on the location. So it's not a bug, just bad game design.
  3. Link755US

    Is recon viable in War?

    We don't know how much yet, but Reto does have plans to increase both recon and paratrooper equipment points.
  4. Link755US

    New Grenades!

    Here I would like people to post information they have on the new explosives. I'll start with what information I have been able to gather, but feel free to reply with any new info or correct me where I'm wrong. Keep in mind that this is what I have been able to quickly gather. I will not be doing any extensive testing beyond what I have already done. I will also not be updating this in the future, so if you feel that it is outdated, start your own new topic. Throwable explosives have now been separated into 4 categories. Here we will discuss categories 1, 2, and 3. The fourth category is anti-tank grenades which is less relevant. Within the 3 categories of new and old explosives, all weapons appear to have the same stats. Because of this, Reto has switched back to faction specific explosives for at least those categories. Players that already have other faction's explosives unlocked appear to still have access to them. Players that did not unlock those other faction explosives before the update will not be able to get access to them. So if you are a US player and did not unlock the M24, M24 Frag, or RGD-33 before the update, you will not be able to get them. Conversely, players on the other two factions that did not unlock the Mk II will not be able to access it. Keep in mind that the explosives within each of the three categories I will lay out all appear to have the same stats. Thus, the difference is only aesthetic. From what I can tell, players that have not unlocked other faction explosives will not be at any tactical disadvantage. Now for the juicy part. Light Grenades US has the Mk IIIA1 Offensive Grenade (new) GE has the Stielhandgranate 24 (old) SU has the RG-42 (new) Unlocks at Infantry Assault rank 3 Costs 9,200 credits to buy Costs 153.33 credits per use (450 to use three) Carry 3 Throwing velocity of 18m/s (theoretical best throwing range, haven't tested) Explosive damage of 150 Explosive radius of 10m Kill radius of 3.33m Heavy Grenades US has the Mk II Grenade (old) GE has the M24 Fragmentation sleeve (old) SU has the RGD-33 (old) Unlocks at Explosives rank 3 Costs 11, 000 credits to buy Costs 183.33 credits per use (550 to use three) Carry 3 Throwing velocity of 15m/s (theoretical mid throwing range, haven't tested) Explosive damage of 110 Explosive radius of 25m Kill radius of 2.77m Demolition Explosives US has the Infantry Demolition Kit M1 (new) GE has the Stielhandgranate M24 Bundle (new) SU has the RGD-33 Bundle (new) Unlocks at Explosives rank 8 Costs 14,000 credits to buy Costs 233.33 credits per use (700 to use three) Carry 2 Throwing velocity of 12m/s (theoretical worst throwing range, haven't tested) Explosive damage of 200 Explosive radius of 20m Kill radius of 10m As you can see, 5 new explosives have been added. Each faction gets 3 explosives, one from each of the categories I've laid out. I will lay out some of my insights below, but keep in mind that I have done very little testing. Most of what I say is based on the stats you can see here. The Light Grenades will be the first grenade most players gain access to. They also appear to have the best all around usefulness against infantry. They can be thrown the farthest (I think), and have a decent kill radius. They are also the cheapest. So keep that in mind if you like to spam grenades. The Heavy Grenades will unlock pretty quickly after using a few of the Light Grenades. They cost a bit more to use and don't throw as far. Most notably, they sacrifice a bit of damage for a huge blast radius. From what my testing can tell me, it appear Heavy Set does not affect the damage of any of the explosives in this topic. So even though the Heavy Grenades damage of 110 looks like it might be survivable with Heavy Set, it actually isn't. The main reason to use these is if you want to damage people in a large open area. They have a smaller kill radius than the Light Grenades, so you will have to get them much closer to your target if you want a kill. But you also don't have to get them as close to damage an enemy since their damage drop off isn't as steep. I personally only see these being useful outside buildings or if you know an enemy is already injured. They could also be throw to the center of a room to try and damage everyone inside. Here is a new side note on the heavy grenades. Since they have the smallest slope in the damage drop over distance (because they have the highest explosive radius with the lowest damage), they benefit the most from the Grenadier badge. This is because any increase to their damage will result in the biggest increase to their kill radius. In fact, Grenadier Gold will more than double their kill radius from 2.27m to 5.24m. For comparison, Grenadier Gold will improve the kill radius of Light Grenades from 3.33m to 4.20m, and Demolition Explosives from 10m to 11.3m. Thus, using Grenadier Gold makes the Heavy Grenades much more viable, but is less useful on the other types. Demolition Explosives may take a little while to unlock. They won't throw as far as other explosives and cost quite a bit to use. These costs come at the benefit of a large explosion. They have the highest kill radius of any of the explosives. If you get one of these thrown near you, try to get some cover between you and the explosive to block the blast. You likely won't have enough time to outright run away from the blast. I haven't done any testing but these may also be useful for disabling vehicles due to their power. Since they are more expensive, I'd save these for when you really want someone dead. Thanks for reading and feel free to share any more information you have.
  5. Link755US

    Medic Helmet.

    My thought on a solution to this would be to change what the Hand of God badge does. Right now it extends the range you can heal players at. That's actually worthless as a badge, because the farther away you are when you are trying to heal someone, the less they have to move to move your crosshair off of them and completely reset the healing process. My solution to this would be to change the Hand of God badge so that it allows you to lock on to other players. In other words, the Hand of God badge would make it so that when you are healing another player, your crosshair always stays on that player (unless you stop healing them). And if they begin to move out of range, you are pulled in their direction. The higher the badge level, the strong the effect, with the Gold level keeping you locked on perfectly. Of course this comes with the risk of the person you are healing dragging you to your death. But it does guarantee that you won't have to start all over again. Perhaps a better solution would be to add a new item that is some kind of medical field kit. It gives you syringes that can instantly heal other players, but you can't use it on yourself. This would be a more ideal tool for medics. The First Aid badge could simply speed up the recharge on the equipment. One mechanic that I may be interested in seeing added to the game is the "downed" mechanic that is in other games. If implemented well, this could make medics and teamwork a lot more important. Right now you can keep running around like nothing happened when you are on 1 hit point left. Which never quite made sense to me. Some players may disagree that such a mechanic would be a good idea for the game. I'm not sure myself because it would likely require a rebalance of every weapon in the game, especially sniper rifles. But it may be one way to remove the need for Heavy Set to protect form snipers in the future.
  6. Link755US

    New Grenades!

    Damage against vehicles is hard to calculate, and I haven't had a chance to test it. I am not sure. If I compare it with the sticky, on a strictly statistical level I would estimate that it would take approximately 10 Demolition Explosives to do the same damage as a sticky to a vehicle. However, I do not know for certain if that is the actually the case.
  7. Link755US

    New Grenades!

    If it wasn't already clear by the statistics, overall grenades have a larger blast radius but do less damage. So they are more likely to injure someone now, but less likely to kill them.
  8. Link755US

    Medic Helmet.

    Maybe if they ever decide to make playing medic viable. Right now it is too much of a pain to try to heal other players.
  9. Link755US

    About AP mines ...

    It can, but only temporarily because of how grenadier works (only affects explosives while you are alive). Reto has also considered nerfing the PMK damage further so that it cannot 1hk ever. Personally, I think a better solution would be to make all the AP mines do less than 100 damage and just make them much cheaper to use. Right now nobody uses them because of how expensive they are. If we compare them to grenades, right now they can also 1hk but are much more expensive to use because the have a practically guaranteed kill. Instead, you should get 3 AP mines, just like you do with grenades, and they should cost about the same to use. However, to balance their sneakiness they shouldn't do enough damage to 1hk.
  10. Link755US

    About AP mines ...

    If you are using the PMK mine, they have had their damage nerfed due to how hard they are to spot. They are also cheaper to use now. However, they no longer kill someone with full health unless you are using the grenadier badge. Keep in mind that the grenadier badge only affects mines you placed that specific life. In other words, once you die, it no longer affects the explosive.
  11. Link755US

    Which Rocket launcher is better? (American Faction)

    A lot of this info is taken from @Beng_'s calculator which can be found here. I can't promise it is 100% accurate because I'm not entirely sure how they are getting the data, but it has been helpful to me.
  12. Link755US

    Which Rocket launcher is better? (American Faction)

    Note: All launchers take up 5 equipment points, have a far range of 100m, can fire one shot before reloading, and have a max range of 2000m (good luck hitting that target though). All details are given based on my understanding of the armor 2.0 system. There is still some confusion on the exact mechanics so I can't make any promises. Calculated armor thickness: This value is dependent on the angle at which the projectile strikes the surface, the thickness value of the surface itself, and how worn down the armor is. Armor can be worn down to half of its original thickness by doing 5000 damage to it. This can be done with any weapon but isn't advisable (takes between 250 and 334 MG42 rounds). Projectile Velocity (How fast the projectile travels in meters per second, allowing it to reach the target faster and require less lead. The higher the better.) Accuracy (Cone of fire angle in degrees. This is how far the projectile can stray from where the launcher was aimed. The lower, the better.) Reload Time (How long it takes to load a new round in seconds.) Cost Per Round (How much it costs to fire the weapon once. Given in the standard game currency.) Armor Pen Min (100% chance to penetrate a calculated armor thickness that is less than or equal to this value. Given in millimeters.) Armor Pen Mid (50% chance to penetrate a calculated armor thickness that is equal to this value. Given in Millimeters.) Armor Pen Max (0% chance to penetrate a calculated armor thickness that is greater than this value. Given in millimeters.) Armor Damage Min (Minimum damage done on a hit. Given in damage points.) Armor Damage Max (Maximum damage done on a hit. Given in damage points.) Note: Damage is done entirely to the 5000 hit point armor pool of an armor plate unless the round penetrates. If it penetrates then the damage is partially done to the armor but most of it is done to the internal components and base vehicle health pool. I don't remember what the ratio is because it was changed a few times. I believe it is also different for anti tank rifles. M1A1 Bazooka GranatBuchse 39 Ampulomet-41 M9A1 Bazooka Panzerschreck M18 Recoilless Rifle (not technically a launcher but still relevant) Hope this helps. This is everything I know.
  13. Link755US

    FG42 Modability for Infantry

    If they do this, then that SU weapon would also have to be available to SU infantry with mods. In addition, they'd have to give the US another LMG since the Johnson is currently serving the role of their 3rd LMG. I don't mind this solution but I think a lot of GE players would complain that the other two factions are each getting a new weapon just so they can mod the FG42. Especially since it would also probably become capturable by enemy infantry. I think a lot of GE players don't realize that this capturable state of the FG42 may seem like a crappy deal for them, but it is actually holding the other factions back from a lot more. Personally I think the easiest solution is to just tell GE to deal and give SU paratroopers the DP-28 since it is 6 equipment points now and was something they had access to. If GE gets to mod FG42 that's just going to result in the other two factions demanding a 4th LMG and claiming that there is favoritism.
  14. Link755US

    FG42 Modability for Infantry

    I'd consider using the Johnson more if they did this in addition to making the sight fin thinner and removing the ability to keep moving at normal speed while hip firing. There was a time when it was an advantage, but it has been a long time since the Johnson has had the hip fire accuracy to take advantage of this. I'd prefer to be able to quickly lay down accurate hip fire like you can with the FG42 rather than keep moving fast and spray a bunch of bullets everywhere. Killing the enemy as fast as possible is more important than trying to dodge bullets.
  15. Depending on the mechanics of the new game it may be hard to transfer progress. But it would be nice if they found some way to reward loyal veterans.
  16. Link755US

    Starter Packs.

    Make sure when viewing your soldiers that you have the German faction selected over the solder list. You should have at least one German soldier. Redeeming these packs should cause a window to open requesting which soldier you want to apply it to.
  17. Link755US

    Binoculars and spotting

    One thing I'd like to mention is that I don't like how the spotting markers currently work. Right now, when someone "spots" you, a red marker is placed where you were standing when that happened and doesn't disappear for 10 seconds (not positive on that time). Ten seconds isn't much time considering you have to spend 2 or 3 seconds looking at them just to get the marker to appear (and they can reduce that to 1 second with Ghillie. Although that'd be a waste of a badge slot). I understand that it doesn't make sense for the marker to follow the player as that would essentially be marking them for death. But a lot can happen in 10 seconds and there's no guarantee that the marker is actually useful by the time you arrive. I'd suggest a compromise. First of all, make it easier to spot enemies my providing a key that players can press if their crosshair is pointing in the general direction of the enemy. Prevent players from spamming it by having a recharge on it similar to whistling (for all I care it could replace the whistle, but I wouldn't recommend removing that classic). Maybe have them shout something like "over there!". Or have a series of possible phrases like the whistles. Then change the marker removal mechanic. Instead of it being a time, make it a distance. In other words, remove the marker after the enemy has travel a set distance from that location. That way if the marker disappears, you know the enemy has left the area and it was no longer useful anyway. But if the marker stays for long time, then you know someone probably spotted a bush camper and you can now punish them for not repositioning. Ghillie can be changed to reduce the spotting radius around a character (your crosshair has to be closer to them when you press the spotting key). And binoculars can widen that radius to the majority of its view, so if they are in your sight in the binoculars, they will be spotted.
  18. Link755US

    v 1.20.1

    Yeah, wtf is going on
  19. I had this same question when seeing soldiers as a possible reward. I'd suggest giving players the option to refuse the soldier for half (or less) of their value in gold. And automatically give them the gold if they have reached 30 soldiers. The exception to this rule might be the General at day 364.
  20. I'd be totally fine with that. The main point of my suggestions is that we need to stop pretending like players are only going to use AT rifles against vehicles. They may be somewhat useful against the occasional recon vehicle, light tank, or apc... But they are also going to be used against infantry as well since they have a much higher muzzle velocity than a bazooka and don't cost as much to fire. They need to be balanced in a way that makes them viable against both lightly armored vehicles and infantry, but not ideal for either. For infantry you'd probably want a BA or SA rifle, and for light vehicles you'd probably want the high damage and velocity of the recoilless rifle. AT rifles should be somewhere in between. My suggested strengths Ability to 1hk infantry High muzzle velocity High precision / low cone fire Reasonable repair cost Decent penetration against light armor Accuracy means they can be used to target weak spots on a vehicle and disable it (Even if the damage is too low to actually finish it off. As a side note, how assists and kills are rewarded for vehicles should be reassessed. Players should be rewarded the most for damage and component destruction, not stealing kills with a single bazooka round. That will encourage more teamwork.) My suggested weaknesses High sway while standing and moving High sprinting penalty Long reload Long ads time High equipment point cost Less than 200 near damage (can't 1hk on arm shot) Less than 100 far damage (can't 1hk on body shot) Reduced far range to 200 meters To balance the PTRS, it should have lower damage and worse precision. Similar to differences between BA and SA rifles. I'd suggest 168 or less near damage so that HSG users can survive a shot to the leg.
  21. I'd recommend that when you take a look at Anti Tank weapons, make sure to consider AT rifles. Right now they are in this weird state where they can't really hit anything reliably. That's annoying for most players. I'd suggest that since bipods are now part of the game they can be taken back to when sway was used as a balancing mechanic for the PTRD. Make them have high sway when standing but make it something more reasonable when crouched or prone. Of course there should be almost no sway with the bipod. In return for this nerf, bring their cone fire back to a point where they can actually hit things past 30 meters again. I've also suggested in one of my own posts to nerf their damage so that they can't 1hk on arm shots (aka, nerf to 199 damage or less). Not sure if it is possible to have different damages between players and vehicles but I'd recommend to do that if it is possible. That way they still do decent damage against vehicles (if so, then I'd suggest 168 damage so that players with HSG can survive a leg shot as well). Of course this can vary depending on the weapon. For example, I'd suggest nerfing the PTRS to 8 equipment points (but maybe make it's price a bit more reasonable).
  22. Link755US

    24/7 free play gamemode

    What you are describing sounds like some kind of game lobby where people can just hang out. I wouldn't mind something like this being added along side a shooting range for testing. The main problem is both would require map making resources that desperately need to be used for making actual gameplay maps. But at some point in the future I wouldn't mind something like this where it's basically a faction lobby for people to hang out in when they are waiting for the next war battle.
  23. Link755US

    Link755US seeking US clan

    STATUS: available Tag me here if you're interested. I've been playing since 2014 (the horse helmet) and finally decided to see if anybody wants me. I will post more info here as I am able. This post will serve as some kind of account profile. Faction: US Location: East coast USA Frequency: Casual player (I don't have the free time for commitment to a schedule). Hours; 1000+ Experience: All classes (primarily infantry). Well versed in all the basics, as well as more advanced knowledge. I know the layout of all the maps. RTS: Very little experience here. Although I do have the ability to send AT, I don't take much interest in the generals side of the game. My availability is rare and random, but any faction I'm on would technically gain a few AT for their disposal. FPS: This is the primary focus of my time in the game. I will list details on my loadouts below as I am able. 29 soldiers total 20 infantry 3 recon 2 paratroopers 2 tank drivers 2 pilots 0 generals
  24. Link755US

    Optional daily war targets

    It'd also be kind of cool if players could get some kind of unique skin after completing a certain number of tasks (something that you can't normally buy)
  25. Link755US

    Can buy PTRD on US infantry?

    In the most recent update, Reto made the M1A1 bazooka available to both GE and SU. As a trade off, they decided that the US should have access to an anti-tank rifle. While the PTRD has been available as a captured weapon for a while, it is now available on the tank destruction ribbon as a non-captured weapon (in theory you should be able to mod it but I don't know because I haven't bought it). Note that I would not recommend getting this weapon right now since it still has its captured weapon price. They plan on rebalancing AT rifles in the near future and will likely make the price normal at that time. If you buy it now you will be overpaying for an already mediocre weapon.