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  1. Aka, "buried" in a topic completely different and has nothing to do whatsoever with random headshots, nice try!!!. OKAY!!, my last thank you goes to you kind guy, have a nice day.
  2. hoko90

    Hades Hyped Me

    It`s been so long I havent played Recon sniper, it seems the time is upon us to get back on the bushcamps. Which faction has more tank spam rn, btw??!!
  3. hoko90

    German vs. Other nations camo and suit costs

    How could you guys enjoy having expensive camos on your soldiers just to get randomly headshoted every now and then the match long, and sometimes too many times in row? Well at least there are no mirrors in the game for someone to see how his/her soldier looks like.
  4. I think Reto was fooled many times and got lured in deep dive in too many controversial topics like nerf, buff and weapon balance while it almost completely forget about the well defined and agreed on issues like cancer random headshots, bad spawn locations, squad 2.0, etc. The moment they work their heads and address those issues even step by step, the game will - in the long run - top all WW2 genre. One of my Uni electronic engineering profs one time said to me, if you have a tough problem to tackle, "What are you going to do?", later they tell me, "Stop!! Does that problem worth the time to address?", "If no, how about a workaround?" Why Reto ( at this time and team size ) are going all the road to try and develop from scratch a Clan System when they can easily use, " Special Camos with the clan name on it for soldiers, helmets, vehicules and maybe some weapon, GOLD ONLY!!! ".
  5. There are two main categories of weapon system in fps games, one that try and simulate RL to some degree i.e. CS, PUBG or RainbowSix. The other is a completely arcade system i.e. COD, BF or Apex Legends. The former despite how hard it is, it really has a well defined learning curve so players can just practice. The later is just gun and fun, players have no learning curve and often times this type attracts more causual gamers than the other one. When it come to HG weapon system, it is really a completely different gene, the random system. This kind of system neigher suited to learn and practise nor it is fun for a lot of fps enthusiast gamers. While random headshots are wrecking havoc and completely destroy the FUN of the gameplay, Reto devs still has the problem of not considering it an issue and inssist on leaving it as it is. All in all, the game seems not intended for the players to have fun. Instead, I would think of it as just a test pad for devs to test thier ideas away from shareholders or contracted game studios pressure, at least it is true after the emblem change if you still remember the old one.
  6. hoko90

    US bias (?)

    G43 is the worst SA in the game right now that it still has a damn 3.1s reload time compared to Garand/SVT of 2.8s/2.9s, the lowest rof and a damn awful recoil. You mean 1hit, 4miss PTRD? That is just the one lucky shot that did hit you friend among a lot of prior misses.
  7. Sometimes it happens to me too and idk how or why but I always go to "C:\Users\"YOUR_USER"\AppData\Local" and then delete "Heroes and Generals" folder, right back to the client and login, everything would be good.Give it a try and report back.
  8. hoko90

    New weapons

    WW2 aside, it all about the game balance and weapon addition priority. Sure flamethrowers are great too but the way it got added aka 8ep is just discouraging its fun to use. I do think flamethrowers and shotguns are better considered cqc weapons like smgs, hence 5-6ep. War map I am speaking about, the fact that playing almost the same map (Town map) every other time is kind boring, sure sometimes other but rare. Do not forget the broken spawn locations on a lot of maps that almost can tell the winner from the defeated even before the game starts + rock-fest. If the would be added maps would have the same issues like the current ones, better do not add anything and fix the damn we have rn + some map diversing.
  9. There would be two simple issues then. First, if the reward aka the XP points would be much, there would be more spotters outside the objs than inside. Else, if the reward is too few then, it would be a total waste of time, spotting involves time, friend. It would actually be better if the in-game Binocular gets a spot-ability.
  10. hoko90

    US bias (?)

    Since I did not do that yet, I simply cant help. It is only recently I got surprised that some SU players were using Garands, I was playing my GE main accout btw. Not everyone has HSG on every character, so maybe that and also assist kills are a thing too.
  11. hoko90

    US bias (?)

    What?!! Do you mean a newbie who barely unlocked all the faction`s weapons and mods can distinguish which is bad or not unless he did played other factions too and hence, s/he is not a newbie but a vet indeed. Nope, the ppl I`m seeing are not dumb, they are actually vets.
  12. hoko90

    New weapons

    You mean the "WILL to do shirt" else, why they did introduce useless Flamethrowers compared, I said compared to more usefull and maybe game balancing MP-40-II, M1928 Thomson, DPM-36 SU para, FA, old 1919, Lewis Gun,...,etc.
  13. hoko90

    US bias (?)

    Are you RedBjarne??! Serieusly speaking, I do see a lot of SU players with Garands lately, why? Sure SVT has the highest rate-of-fire but also a damn too jumpy recoil pattern. I do not think anyone would buff its handling at the cost of some rof. Yes, in the past there is a scope advantage between the SAs that drove them to have different chars but now, it would be better to have a completly identical chars as Garand. AT-rifles as a whole are almost useless when you can`t hit a target 5m away unlike old PTRD days. Sure, they magically are effictive against planes but that`s only for it. You mean that joke with a damage value less than a baby pistol and laughable near range of 5m+ so, if you want to kill someone 10m away, you`ll probably end up firing almost 1/3 the mag and of course, you have to pay it all. You mean " theoretically identical " in terms of pure gun stats put when it comes to in-field, MT has more sway that neglect all that identical stats and 1919, despite it has indeed a very awful visual recoil pattern, it is actually more accurate and less sway. Btw, I bet that awful visual recoil pattern on 1919 is indeed intended to confuse players and prevent "OP, pls nerf threads" as we used to have on the old one. I do think what makes any faction a best or worst is its players more than its guns, the question is how to lure more players to join a faction, simply made the damn guns attractive, fair and fun to play. When it comes to weapons balance, unfortunately, devs would certainly bring the "Statistics card" to the table and, some players would also bring their "I prefer..., I main it, I use...with...,git gud...,learn to,...,etc" cards to argue. But let us all zoom out and see the big picture and ask ourselves honestly, why there are a lot of abandoned weapons that barely can be seen from while to while, in this game unlike other fps the games around? Statistics are not facts and wouldn`t be ever ever, there is a very big difference between the two and one can just tap Mr. Google to konw why. Some players would argue with their own expriences without a look at the big picture and combine all the data together to get a better insight on the matter, maybe you (some player) from the 1% very good players but do not forget average Joes, without them you probably has none to play with other than the 1% pals.
  14. I like to be honest and I want to say, if, I sa if, one day I got my hand on a macro mouse, I will definitely going to use it. There is no much situations but I think it would be very good to use it on G43, SVT or AVS in this game, oh pls, none tell me I`ll be a cheater, I am just a simple player who seeks fun, and due to reto intended umbalance, why I have to damn control awfull G43/SVT or current AVS recoil when other mates just ease biz click no recoil Garand/STG/M2. To clarify, just do not worry, the time I get my hand on a macro mouse and activate this account, I`ll inform you all that I'll be using it but to be honest, that time maybe it would be better and more fun to just play other fun games, CS or PUBG instead of wasting nerves on this damn random headshot-fest game. Maybe some people would call players who use macro mice cheaters and would advocate devs to consider and ban them all. BUT, in 2-3 coming years, macro mice would definitly be the norm, the question arises to devs and players, what are you going to do? Ban all macro players and stuck with 10 ppl or join them and move on? Something is telling me if the macro mice would be the norm in a few coming years, smart game studios and devs would actually make use of it and 180deg change it from a bad way to cheat and have advantage to something completely legit and usefull, who know?!!
  15. Hey look good friend, I do really get what you are saying but let us honestly face it, the ugly truth. There are a lot of trivial solutions to a lot of simple but, game-breaking sometimes or fun-killing other times, issues for years now without ever fixes nor plan to fix. The great problem of this game is not the content nor the clear developement road-map but instead, there is absolutely no productive communication between the game devs and the community, nor between the community members themselves. As a proof, try to write down some innovative suggestions or usefull feedbacks to devs and none would ever give a half-damn about it unlike nerf Karen posts. Then, try the same and write down a simple idea to add, balance, fix,..., something, ONE hour later and herds of forum warriors would come, attack and bash your 1hr thinking post by a "ONE Word" or a "single phrase", no arguments, no reasons nor they try to discuss shirt, just simple bash and eventually your thread would be buried between hundreds of useluss Karen posts. Just a quick look at the " Online Users " would be enough proof to the main issue with this game, its devs and its forum community. Due to the counterproductive coomunication, more people there DO NOT WANT TO VOICE OR ARGUE there ideas because it is a total waste of time so, the best thing is to just check news or offline read.