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  1. Yess! Thank you Reto this is amazing news (moreover I'm also lowkey impressed I identified why it kept freezing) but yea! Glad to know it's being fixed!!
  2. Wait a second, the t34/76 can 2hk+fire? I thought it was almost always 3hk? Unless they buffed it from E build it should 3hk around 61.6% of the time and set on fire in 2 hits in about 6.4% of the time. Compared to the Panzer IV, which sets on fire in 2 hits around 52% of the time. What about buffing the 76.2mm cannon damage a little bit, maybe not to equal the panzer IV in damage but to 2hk+fire maybe at least 30% of the time? It's a little something but it is a tier 2. The arguments against it before were that it was a tier 1 medium (back then). Now that there's the T28, why not buff the t34/76 a little?
  3. Buff 76mm cannon to match at least the panzer IV in damage (the one on the T34/76 and the SU-76) Buff BT-7 speed to be slightly faster than the hellcat (50km/h) Buff the 45mm gun slightly so that it has a chance to 3hk + fire, considering it is a 45mm gun. You could alternatively only make this so on the BT7 and T70 and not the T26, even if they had the same gun. I'd rather have it do damage in between what the Panzer III does and what the Stuart/Pz38 do. Panzer III does 450-600 damage with APCR, and the T70 does 350-450 while the Chaffee does 550 - 800. I think a good compromise is to have the damage at 400-550. This way, it would be a bit stronger but not noticeably so. It would just have a small chance to 3hk+fire and a very minute chance to 3hk. I honestly feel that it would be fine to have the T26, BT7 and T70 all have that new damage. The advantage is very small and barely noticeable anyways, and thanks to the RNG you'll rarely see a 3hk+fire / 3hk. Keep in mind RNG has to select at least 500 damage for the shot THREE TIMES in a row for it to do 3hk, so you see the chances are very slim already. Then I'd like to see a T34/85 mobility buff. Remember what the KV-85 used to be like? The T34/85 should be like this. The T34/76 could also use this mobility buff, but it is mostly the t34/85 that needs this. It's playable currently but it should honestly be like how the KV-85 used to be. And then we have the armor. Remember how the soviet armor used to deflect everything? Maybe not revert it to that extent, but perhaps change something to allow it to bounce more shots. The main problem is that the normalization values are way too high, so the sloped armor doesn't do crap for the tank, whereas in real life, the sloped armor would give a noticeable advantage. This is also why the IS-2 is able to be penned so easily, its main advantage is its sloped armor. When the normalization is this high, that advantage becomes negligible. The frontal armor is great tho
  4. Hahaha, so that's what it was! Lol the exact line faded out of my memory, but at least now we have the meme on the new forums!! And I wasn't claiming ownership of it lol, just claiming that I posted it the creative genius behind it is most definitely Tiga9 blyat im going to gulag again aren't i
  5. What's even worse is that every constant interval the entire game just freezes. I can hear the sounds, but it seems looped endlessly. My computer then becomes slow (this never happened before, I could always alt tab to chrome whenever i wanted and browse without any slowness. However, now for some reason it is slow after the new update) What I suspect is a memory leak. The same kinds of things happen when I play minecraft (with like 100+ mods loaded so it's very very memory intensive. When it runs out of memory it also freezes) If I can allocate more memory to HnG that'd be great, or if it is optimized like before (even then that wasn't optimized) to not have memory leaks. I might be wrong tho, but the symptoms match with minecraft (chrome also becomes slow when I play minecraft, but to my knowledge this has always happened)
  6. What the heck? Well, I'll be... I apologize I had no idea this was actually a bug lol
  7. Headshot or you were on low health. Otherwise it isn't possible.
  8. So no one recognized my 2 shoots meme? The one from the olden days? And I can't seem to find the original video on it lol
  9. All German pistols (fortunately these are some of the best I've seen of all 3 factions) Mp34 is surprisingly good in CQC if modded right and in the right hands. Same goes for the MP40, they're great guns. MP40 actually does have more range than you realize. I keep mine stock RPM with a sight and maybe precision ammo (mostly stock, sometimes the 3hk ammo if I feel like going CQC more that match). Even at stock RPM it absolutely shreds. Great headshot machine too. STG-44 I keep mine stock. If i ever mod it it is only with a trigger. It's better than you think, I realize that my guy might die a lot with the STG-44 but you never look at the kills. You usually only remember the bad experiences with a gun and not the good one. The STG-44 is decent but it needs a buffing G43. The good ole SA rifle, always trusty always reliable. MG34 handles much like a DP28, so it's a pretty good gun I must say. It's also got decent range. I also forgot, you can go BA rifle (I use mine scopeless and modded to ohk. I like to cap with it, but I always bring a pistol and a seitengewehr 98)
  10. tokarev 2 shott???? 2 shoott?? ONLY 2 SHOOT??? NERFED THIES . BALACED THIES . retro bias opp ))))
  11. Say what you will about the tan paint, but we can finally act out our Afrika Korps fantasies! Who wants to start up an Afrika Korps clan for GE? Tan camos only on everything >:D Excluding weapons ofc The tan camo could be better tho...
  12. I legit had a dream last night and I was playing with an M1 Garand. The thing sounded totally different with new sounds Perhaps this is a sign of things to come?
  13. Well this is the kind of stuff that is encouraged when your salaries are reduced and you are now paid by the xp you get. Now does anyone know the bonus credits awarded per xp? I've also heard it's weighted differently for armor, for planes, vehicle, etc..
  14. Lol I remember a long time ago when this bug was ingame. You were in the hatch view of the tank and you could see the smoke of enemy tanks. In a plane, you could see their smoke through the propeller. I see that has made a return now >:D
  15. US should get laserbine/noobine/koreabine back but at a reduced historical RPM. It can start at 600 and go up to 720 but should not go above 755. I'd rather have it as a level 12 specialist mod for a proper, reworked M1 C as suggested many times before (about the M1C rework, not the m1/m2 convo at level 12)