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  1. shumpu123

    Update 1.17.2 - Hero Controls Update

    Aye I was a bit hopeful looking at the prototype server since weapon handling seemed to be a lot better than before. I am thankful though that SMGs are a lot better, I can actually run and still use them which is great. Haven't dealt with rifles yet though, and yea I do like the implications that we don't have to spam vehicles as much anymore. Hm, not sure what happened then, because man the hitreg issues were really annoying the last 3 games I played.
  2. shumpu123

    Update 1.17.2 - Hero Controls Update

    Alright, there's something really wrong with this update. Number 1: Players glitching around like they got ants stinging them everywhere. This is just stupid and I think it's affecting hit detection too, not to mention it totally ruins immersion. It's happening stupid often. Number 2: Hit detection just feels wrong. Example: I'm using a bipoded M1919 firing at a stationary target. The guy doesn't die though he's not moving and I KNOW my shots are on point. I don't think a few weeks off of HnG turns me re-tarded all of a sudden... It happened again with a stationary MP40 guy. I won with the thompson, but it took significantly longer to kill as if the shots weren't registering. The same thing I've seen before on max RPM Carbine where it seems like some shots just never hit, except with every single gun now and a lot more often. And come on the MP40 is as stable a gun as we can get but I barely took damage from him too. This was really short range as well, where hipfire is laser accurate on SMGs, so somethings definitely bugged. Seems like the hit detection is screwed up somehow and it's just really off putting. I know no one ever cares when players go "oh im gonna leave the game" and I don't expect anyone to, but I'm seriously off put but this and and am probably not gonna play for a while. Reto, come on... this game isn't beta or alpha anymore. It's not just a publicity stunt when you "officially release the game," it means you have to ensure the quality of the updates too. Sure there's games where updates break things, but this is plain ridiculous (not to mention those buggy updates are patched real quick). Seriously, the rubberbanding player models, and the seemingly destroyed hit detection now, what's going on Reto?? Prototype server didn't seem to have these issues. There's just no excuse for this. Can't say "oh it's still beta" like we used to, and heck the game was less buggy back then than now. You didn't have FLYING ASSETS and SANDBAGS all over the map, you didn't have STONES ON THE RAILROADS or random glitches on the map. How is it even possible to mess up the map THAT BADLY?? I'm a developer, but not for games. I just can't wrap my head around how badly these things were able to be messed up (and I'm familiar with aspects of game design). This update is a -1 from me. Head bobbing never needed to be a thing (do I have to remind you of the visual effects and physical recoil when getting shot? Yea reto ditched that one real quick), hero controls and infinite sprinting alright, acceptable, but that just broke a lot more than it should have. And in my opinion, those weren't the things to devote precious time and resources (that reto doesn't seem to have much of) when there's so many broken things at the moment not including the maps. The whole thing reeks of poor quality assurance and lack of a proper structure.
  3. I think that skirmish capture times are the best. If I remember right that's what the times used to be like until whenever this was added. Unfortunately that means some maps will suffer but at that point it's poor map design. Anything but instacaps though, and Bibor you summarized that entire problem into a sentence that I'd probably write a paragraph ranting about lol.
  4. shumpu123


    Why is the new assault map still on hold? I might have missed it, but what's troubling that map right now that prevents it from being released?
  5. shumpu123

    HELLCAT-main battle tank of america

    Agreed, everything's just a damage sponge now. Armor just doesn't matter anymore. I don't even think they're planning to fix it anytime soon, I forgot who found the quote but there don't seem to be any plans about this. In other words, working as intended lol
  6. shumpu123

    US teams have more german guns than US guns, wtf??

    Lol, the saddest part is that that's pretty much what we need. An M2 that performs more like an STG and less like a more realistic stick mag PPSh41
  7. shumpu123

    HELLCAT-main battle tank of america

    So the problems plaguing the panther and hellcat are literally because of armor 2.0. Tell me, how a hellcat can fire 7 shots into a panzer 1 and it's still not dead because some dunce is repairing it the whole time. 7 shots...it took the 8th to kill it, with hellcat APCR. If a panzer 1 is this broken with only one dude repairing it, then what does that say about a repair squad on a larger, more capable tank? It's essentially immortal isn't it? Every other time panzer 1 is usually two shot. How can a jagdpanther shoot a chaffee 4 times and actually still die to it frontally, while destroying pershings like nothing that very same match in a frontal 1v1? It's just better to use the cheaper tanks now because armor doesn't seem like it matters anymore if every tank is equally a bullet sponge despite hitting its fuel / ammo zones. Armor 2.0 really needs tweaking but I don't think they will. With panther you're only paying to get to the action faster and to have a faster shell velocity. With E8 you're paying for zoom. T34/85 at least it's reasonably priced to spawn but the 76 is a lot better choice to take now.
  8. shumpu123


    Seriously dude, seriously. So sick of these alt spawns with random nonsensical walls that force you to go all the way around. Factory for example, JUST OPEN THE DOOR why does it have to be closed? If we could spawn on the points again it'd be a lot less of a headache, but when these are the only spawns and we have to suffer them every single time it gets tiresome and annoying. WW2 atmosphere, oh boy we've been asking since 2015. There used to be banners and historical radio chatter but nope, not sure what happened to all that. Yep and spawns are awful and illogically placed (town B line... why do we have to spawn in the woods opposite OF AN OPEN FIELD IN FULL VIEW OF B3 to get to B2?? Every single tank and sniper and MG gunner there can camp that crossing) Objectives are too big (if they're going to be so big at LEAST CAP THE MAXIMUM TIME TO CAPTURE so it doesn't get capped in literal seconds. I'd rather see skirmish capture times for objectives, it seems a lot more balanced imo. Attacker base points should have this time too, it gets capped too fast and defenders shouldn't really be that far out there. They sure can go out here and cap, but it shouldn't be this easy for them. Old maps were just so much more superior They had a few cancerous elements like the same old 10 mile alt spawns on attacker base lines, those just needed some fixing and it was pretty good for the most part.
  9. shumpu123

    Feedback after a long break

    Of course I have... many, many, many times Like the US and SU ever get APCs that often. Maybe a good 40% of the battles I'm put in have APCs, and they're spammed and destroyed usually. And spawning on the points would benefit everyone, especially the attackers. And again, I've played GE in several wars now. The difference is just insane between the average GE match and average US, SU match. I don't see US and SU guys actively trying to spawncamp or attacking the objectives like GE usually does. You still get the battles where your team's up in the hills somewhere (this is GE) and the US or SU actually mount a good attack and it's GG on our objective defense, but I have yet to see mass spawncamping and outright denial of entry. Point spawning was a lot more balanced than whatever we have now. Games are a lot more defense sided in these builds than in 2015, 2016 even, but if your team is too busy doing anything but defending the objectives can be taken in literal seconds. I don't ever remember objectives being this quick to capture, they felt more like skirmish cap times. Not trying to make it more defense sided my dude, I'm trying to offer a solution that makes it more balanced for everyone. It's way too defense sided I agree, but at the same time the points are too quickly capped and they're too big. Not only that, but attackers just have it so hard now with the B4 C4 shift across river and these alt spawns in general. There needs to be a point where old B4 and old C4 used to be.
  10. shumpu123


    Aye, ammo kits are a nice suggestion. It would be quite helpful for MG gunners actually holding off a point for example
  11. shumpu123

    Feedback after a long break

    I heavily disagree, spawning on points should be allowed for every point no matter if it's an objective or not. Spawncamping is too easy to do right now. Not to mention, objective can get taken in a matter of seconds. It's stupid and just hurts the defense to have to run a mile every single time, facing snipers and whatnot while it's already neutralized by the time you even get there. If there's nothing happening, then sure just spawn on the point again. It is a more balanced system for everyone imo and everyone should be able to spawn on the uncontested points with the alt spawns as backup spawns. And what if you know there's an APC full of soldiers on the way to O2? Would it be more fair to be able to spawn in O2 and be ready to intercept, or have to spawn in the back woods and get spawncamped by snipers and MGs while the cap point is already neutralized by the 10 guys in there? Even if you somehow made it, you would still get there too late. They'd be in better positions by now, and that leads to more spawncamping if not outright capture of the objective. I also think that new cap points should be put on the other side of C4 and B4. Old C4 and old B4 need to be converted into new capture points because it's just essential for the flow of balance. Removing them made it exponentially more campy because now you have to make the 10 mile journey every single time to get to o1 or o2. If they made the 10 mile journey to take B5 or C5 for example, attackers now have a foothold and alt spawns would be pushed up to where they used to be.
  12. shumpu123

    I have quit 7 games in a row

    There's only so much one can do with the spawn mechanics in this game. I had an amazing match with m1919 last night just absolutely massacring the germans trying to get to o1. Problem is, we just couldn't hold out for too long and eventually they got APCs. We were pushed back to O2, but alas even that fell too. Assuming we have a god tier guy with the best game sense and raw skill in the game by far, and assuming he can make vets look like noobs, sure in many more cases than not he can single handedly take cap zones for himself. However, he can't win everytime, and the spawn mechanics don't help. It's hard for one guy to do anything when: 1. Cap zones are so big you might actually lose the point before you find and kill everyone 2. Objectives cap so retardedly fast now with a numbers advantage, there's nothing ANYONE can do about this if it's 3 v 10 and your team just won't listen or they're getting spawncamped to bits. Doesn't matter what kind of god you are if it's capped before you eviscerate the enemies. It is what it is. Does he stay and defend O2, knowing his team can't hold it? He sure can hold it, but what about O1? If he goes to O1, he knows he can take it, but there's a risk that O2 gets taken in the meantime. That and what can he do about APC waves? There's too much pressure on O2 to go find and kill the APC, he has to trust someone else to do it. If he leaves, it can quite literally be taken in a matter of seconds. See what I mean? The mechanics of the game aren't helping. I'd like for a cap on the time to capture an objective and for it to be more like how skirmish times are. It's ridiculous an objective can get capped so fast, even if it's 10v3 there should be a max cap on the speed it gets capped. I'd like the same for attacker base spawns (A1, B2, etc.).
  13. I'd much rather have those 6 months spent on reworking spawn system and weapon balance before cosmetic upgrades. I don't see why they cannot happen concurrently since the uniform update would be more of a model / texture thing vs the code intensive spawn rework and weapon rework, but who knows how reto distributes their workload. Might be the same few people doing everything, including the maps. If they had a dedicated map guy there would sure as heck be more than 3 maps in 5 years.
  14. Fatigue update is going to give it nearly 0 sway at least (at least judging from the prototype server) so it's more useable hopefully. The problem it's always had was the really stupid drunk sway. No, not even drunk sway, it's like a little kid trying to draw patterns with his firecracker. I don't know if they toned that down now but that's what it was in 2015. At least it will be accurate and much more useable, but I do think its RPM can use a buff to get to 700 or maybe even 800 max. The rest of its stats certainly hold it back anyways, and it's not like the MP34 isn't competitive. Grease gun, eh I haven't played that in years but it seems quite stable. Mp34 seems really nice though from what I've picked up. Haven't touched a PPD and if I did, I don't remember it.
  15. Eh, the AVS and DT are probably the two closest things the SU has to a proper counter to the MG13, the DT moreso than the AVS. It's just a fact that the MG13 is a heck of a lot more stable and viable in all cases compared to the AVS. I don't know if anyone knows polski but when he shows up with his max RPM modded MG13 it's a massacre and farm fest every time. I put max RPM on my AVS but I wasn't able to beat him that consistently even in short ranges, even though other times the AVS just stomps everything else, even STGs, spare for MG42 and MG13. It's just so stable and controllable... The MG13 just has no weaknesses. Others have said it better than I have, but it's got laser hipfire, faster time to kill compared to AVS, it's viable midrange with highly controllable recoil, has a bipod and can hit farther out really reliably, it's a wunderwaffe. I even bought the gun and max modded it myself, it's just so busted. Of course, the DT is basically the same, just a tad bit worse (just a tad bit, the difference seems quite minimal but until I buy one I won't know). I don't have the DT yet but from what I've picked up, it handles very similarly. I'd say the DT is the closest thing to a proper counter to the MG13, I'm just surprised more people aren't spamming it or max modding it for maximum lethality. I haven't met any soviet polskis thus far, but then again US vs SU is a thin frontline anyways.