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  1. They don't know how to fix it. If they did, they would have fixed it years ago.
  2. Seittu

    Finland: Tech tree

    Most of these suggestions are nice in the way that they can easily be copied and be requested for similar video games.
  3. Seittu

    What is the point of playing the soviets?

    Soviets should have never been added in the way reto did. Reto never realized their mistake and they dont feel like its neccessary or interesting to fix the issues either. If they were interested this is what needs to be done. Solution 1: Free character migration from GE to SU preferably free for a short amount of time. Solution 2: Tie the US and Soviet faction together and increase the AT production by 100%(This number should be tweaked over time) Solution 3: Terminate the faction from the war completly(Will never happen lol) Will any of this happen? Answer is NO
  4. Seittu

    My issues with the game

    2 years since i quit the game and still they haven't put any effort in improving the core issues me and others have pointed out for years. I suggest taking a break. If you ever feel like playing HG again just remember to take a look at the forum first. 99 times out of 100 you will decide to continue your break
  5. Seittu

    Nerf STG

    This is what you get when you have developers, who doesnt even play the game try to balance it..... They have no clueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Seittu

    I'm being offended

    You have my support on this.
  7. Seittu

    Factory Map Update Incoming

    What i don't understand is why you don't save the old versions of the map so you have a larger variety on the RTS map. Like the old mountain town and previous versions of town map could still be in use. Because right now it feels kinda dull having only 4 large maps to play.
  8. Seittu

    Your favorite foods thread

    Isn't that a standard in croatia?
  9. Seittu

    Your favorite foods thread

    We can meet halfway in germany so i can buy some beer to bring back home.
  10. Seittu

    Your favorite foods thread

    Well then lets have a Palt vs Sarma standoff
  11. Seittu

    What do you think 2018 will bring?

    Broken dreams and broken 2.0 features that will need a 3.0 to fix the 2.0 bandaid problems.
  12. Seittu

    Is forum dying?

    There was more fire and energy on the old forums for sure. I just think people gave up completely on the game. I don't play myself but i still read the forums because clueless noobs entertain me on some level.
  13. Seittu

    Ranks on characters

    Wouldn't be a bad idea to add some more ranks i suppose. But the end result would be the same would be too many high ranks compared to lower ranked. I guess it would make more sense to have this rank to be tied to your account instead of seperate soldiers as well.
  14. Seittu

    Your favorite foods thread

    Palt is more superior
  15. Seittu

    What's up with Germany?

    6 Posts and you think you know how the WAR works... How cute I like how you use statistics without anything to back it up I could claim that 95% of all US/SU games are exactly the same and thus germany is 5% better. Get your facts straight before posting rubbish on the forums.