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  1. First I wanted to make a funny video but my friends wanted to see the others clips too so I glued all the clips. But thanks for the feedback. I appreciate.
  2. SandlyCut


    Su does not need to nerf at all! Avs and ptrd need buff and yak is not op because are just bad "noobs" * Btw i have only 2 infantry in SU side i mostly play on USA. the only thing someone needs nerf is German APC make the price cost more same thing to the tank not only for the german faction but every faction.
  3. SandlyCut

    [CLOSED] Help test a bug fix on prototype!

    where can i see who won what...
  4. SandlyCut

    Help crush a bug and win!

    I like the new update because I can finally cook and play hg at the same time.
  5. SandlyCut

    Help crush a bug and win!

    So who won the draw? where can I see the winners? played yesterday 4hour?
  6. SandlyCut

    How Do You Actually Earn Warfunds?

    Where do I need veteran membership? i dont play fps mode at least I try to avoid fps but i have to play fps for deploy assault teams cuz some how i only lose my warfunds
  7. SandlyCut

    Free Veteran Membership for Russia Day

    Reto do you guys make any sales? in future?
  8. SandlyCut

    Warfund system appel

    Okay, this is enough for me, we lost the last battle and I didn't get warfund fairly. Why don't we get warfunds from kills? example raiding kills or defending kills the last battle like always I was carrying my team. I was defending and I also helped teammates to come O2 by killing an enemy from coming to defend their O2. By doing this I did not get rewarded for helping teammates to cap the O2. Is this fair? should they do something about this? The battle Combat experience: Should i stop helping teammates? I think nowadays ill just cap and stop caring about my team -,- If you didn't understand some parts I can try again to explain. Does someone agree we need get rewarded for doing this? or should we only get warfund by capping?
  9. SandlyCut

    Looking for Finnish clan or people. Us faction

  10. SandlyCut

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    That is the only way i deploy my assault teams because i am tired of war... play 30min and get like under 1000wf... + i dont have time to play all day long
  11. SandlyCut

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    I put 4 assault team on the city and it didn't start + enemy was surrounding me so i could not retreat because it said were preparing or something that.... and boom I lost 6-7k Wf without having a fight... That 2day hard work is gone in 5min. I am tired to play war because we keep losing the cause is clans + dumb people in our faction... Is it worth to play war and get angry because of the team? No, But I want to play General mode but I can't because I can deploy... Every day I play war just because I want to deploy but I can only deploy one assault team because it's hard to get WF after deploying that one assault team I lose it in 1hr and boom 1700wf is gone, is it fair? is it worth to play on war and get angry just because you want to deploy? No. I understand you don't understand me because I am bad at English But hey! i am learning, 1300hr in the game and I am bored as love because there is nothing special happening, I want new maps and a new system to general because I am very interested at General mode but I cant play it because I have to play on war but I tired of it. Why it's so complicated?