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  1. Idk what rendering settings I should use.
  2. SandlyCut

    JR9 - ne Suomalaiset
  3. SandlyCut

    Videos are pixelated.

    Thank you
  4. SandlyCut

    Videos are pixelated.

    I do not know why my videos are SO pixelated. Can i improve my video quality somehow? Recording> I am using shadowplay Editing> I am using Hitfilm express 2017 When I export the video, it gets a little bit pixilated but its ok, but when i post it on Youtube, it gets more pixelated. which make it look very pixilated... Here is some content>
  5. Nothing happened still pretty pixeled...
  6. SandlyCut

    Enabling console

    it's not working...
  7. SandlyCut

    Looking for Finnish clan or people. Us faction
  8. SandlyCut

    JR9 - ne Suomalaiset Suomi discord
  9. Nah... I use shadowplay because i can clip moments, and it takes no fps away