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    Para plane xp bug

    BUG: No reward given for shooting down enemy paratrooper planes Map Encountered: Not specific to one map, happens on every map. Location Encountered: Details: Players are not rewarded for shooting down enemy paratrooper planes or damaging enemy paratrooper planes. There used to be a friendly (Blue Dot) icon for friendly paratrooper planes but now it has been removed. The teammates who cannot tell which ones are friendly paratrooper planes keep shooting their own paratrooper planes. Anyways hope Reto fixes this bug ASAP.
  2. MattAirborne

    Para plane xp bug

    What was the response?
  3. MattAirborne

    Landing gear bind

    I really like this idea, shouldn't be a hard task I'd imagine.
  4. MattAirborne

    Huge Problem For AUS/NZ Players

    +1 Would be nice
  5. I've spent over 1000 gold renaming my existing Assualt Teams, so it is easier for me. I've done it in the best order and everything is very clear and I want to keep it that way. But here comes the problem. Once I upgrade my AT to a new rank, my custom name will be incorrect and cause me to mislead. I know in a previous version of the game, the system would automatically rename Assault Teams according to what they are. I'm kindly asking you if you could give us an option to rename our Assualt Teams when upgrading them. Thank you. Please upvote this so reto notices!! ❤️
  6. MattAirborne

    Server Hotfix with no notification?

    Make it better they cancelled the new event without giving us any information on what and why.
  7. MattAirborne

    Why you guys cant fix sound.

    Yes, I agree, most of my deaths in game, I'm like if the sound system were to work I wouldn't have died. Reto must have sound as priority one, yet they add hit markers and other stuff on hotfixes. Maybe it's different people working on these areas, but Reto, you made the game you should know how to fix the game. Longer you leave the game broken, bad for you.
  8. MattAirborne

    We want larger squads

    Well everyone wants larger squads but it will only make the job harder to the matchmaker, Reto said, 4-man is perfect to matchmake faster.
  9. MattAirborne

    Why you guys cant fix sound.

    "Sound is broken" is not going to help them, players need to pinpoint what exactly is going wrong and how and where it occurs, maybe match ID will help them. And Reto needs to tell us how to send feedback to the issue. You can't expect us to send feedback without knowing how to? Send us a mail saying, if these are your issues, click this and that and upload it here. More feedback there are better is for them and us.
  10. MattAirborne

    Ping Issues

    I had the issue in the past, quite a few times. You could try, Resetting your Router, Connecting to a different channel (ex. 5Ghz), re-installing the game, or Ethernet. Go to http://www.meter.net/ping-test/ and send me a screenshot of the results. Most likely it's your internet if the ping jitters it means either there are too many connected to your wifi or you got bad internet/cabling.
  11. MattAirborne

    LOW FPS!!!

    Maybe your Graphics card is fried. Try right clicking on Desktop and see if it shows 'Nvidia Control Panel", if it doesn't it means either it's fried or disabled due to over-heating. If you still have your warranty they will fix it for you.
  12. MattAirborne

    ENOUGH with the rambos

    Getting AT'd is part of the game, deal with it. Play with some friends and have some sort of coordination, get mates to clear paths for you, you can spam nades to make sure water crossings are clear etc. They not going to remove AT's or jeeps so you can play the game easy. @gkov71
  13. MattAirborne

    [Equipment suggestion] Canteen

    They should make regenerating Stamina faster. And make it slightly faster if you don't move, or walk (W+Alt).
  14. MattAirborne

    [Equipment suggestion] Canteen

    they could just improve stamina regen, instead of taking 1ep and more credits.
  15. MattAirborne

    [Equipment suggestion] Canteen

    interesting idea, but improving the current badges will be a better option.
  16. MattAirborne

    Why why why

    @Reto.blackjama @Reto.Circinus @Reto.Hades @Reto.Robotron3000 Dear Reto, Let me tell you this straight, why do I have extra 30 ping?!? My problem is I'm getting 60-80 ping? 2 days ago I had 20 ping, after this patch, I get high ping every day. Even before the patch, I had 50+ ping all day every day. WHY? I used to get low ping, I can't, I'm sorry, I just can't support this. I can't bare this, I'm mentally worn out. My reasoning to this issue to BattleEye, before battleEye was introduced I had good ping. I played for 2 years with good ping. It really hurts, I can not play on this ping. And my Veteran is wasting cause I'm not fit to play this anymore. It hurts so much for months and months, I thought it would be fixed. Stop hurting me and fix it. It's not just me who got this issue. I have some friends who has it and some don't. I can't play with this sort of malfunction. Either in your side or mine. But I get good ping on other games. Why I need answers. I spent too many hours. Tell me why?
  17. MattAirborne

    CPU load 100%

    @Festival69 I had a similar issue, my CPU was sitting on 90c*+ and high CPU load. Mine was very simple, it was to do with power output to my CPU. My minimum processor state was at 100% and max at 100% My CPU was overloaded with power and caused it to overheat even more. Somehow this stopped my CPU from reaching high temps and lower CPU load. http://prntscr.com/l1qioy (I have an Intel i7 6700k CPU) I'm sorry if this isn't your case. But I'm sure this will help most of the laptop users.
  18. MattAirborne

    Admin Rights not found

    @KingBitten You might be running the wrong executable. If you are, follow these steps, -Open file location of the game -Heroes & Generals\live\hngdesktoplauncher.exe If this is not the case! If the file doesn't have admin rights, what you need to do is, make sure you have full control to edit/run any application in that location. This one is a bit tricky. -Right click on the file or application (Could be the Heroes & Generals File or the application) -Right Click and go to Properties -Select the 'Security' tab next to the General tab -Select your User profile. something\users -Click on Edit (Below all the usernames panel) -Tick the box saying Full Control. ^^This helped me with Client.ini issue where it would say I don't have the permission to change the file. If these are none of your problems. I'm sorry I don't have a solution. I never heard of the issue you are having. Maybe I don't get what you said. Either way, hope you find a solution.
  19. MattAirborne

    Game Breaking Issue

    Dear Reto, I can not queue for matches, it's saying "You have the wrong tier to join this battle". On top of that, I have ribbon boosters activated and my VET is running out. http://prntscr.com/kww2tm
  20. MattAirborne


    "We are upgrading to the latest version of the sound engine. This will free up memory usage. Onwards this update will allow us to focus more on sound and add new sound features."
  21. MattAirborne


    Least fav things, 1. Badges (Reto knows what I'm talking about) 2. Hit-Reg 3. Poor servers 4. FPS drops 5. Sound 6. New updates (Most updates break the game and make you wait 3 hrs for the hotfix) 7. When you shoot someone it hits the wall you are standing next to. (Great feature) 8. German Heavies being underpowered, this comes to turning circle. Other planes can easily out turn you. 9. Driving Mechanics, spin you out every 10m 10. TTK I could easily go to a 100 with small stuff people I dislike and many of us do. It's not stuff like I hate this gun. No no no. Little issues my friends told me when they stop playing the game @Reto.blackjama @Reto.Circinus @Reto.Robotron3000 @Reto.Christiano I'm willing to point out the problems and solutions for most of it. Just PM me.
  22. Numbers are not the way to fix it, the bonus must be obtained from how many AT's are deployed. Right not I could play US and deploy all my 1000 CP to one German who got nothing but select war for some reason. tbh 'RTS will be left untouched till they fix the 'main issues'' they said.
  23. MattAirborne

    please please nerf airplanes

    Simple fix, give all factions AT rifles. (PTRD's) but German and US versions of them. I do agree planes are stupid over-powered if you are good at flying. Counter them you could shoot the plane with an AA but.. but.. Reto thought maybe adding flack jacket (So planes take less damage (-50% reduced dmg) so it takes 2x the amount of AA cannon to kill a plane) was a good I idea. First of all, it ruins the game to new players, especially new pilots.. since they have to shoot 2x the amount to shoot it down. How broken is that? The skill gap is just the badge, no matter how good of a new pilot you could be, he still has to shoot 2x the amount his opponent needs to kill him.
  24. MattAirborne

    setup problem

    So I'm guessing your Nvidia settings are getting overlapped with game settings(You change every match) Either you could disable Nvidia custom settings and fiddle around with game settings and it will save the profile. Or you could go to Nvidia game setting of Heroes & Generals, then change it from there. Geforce Experience>Home>Heroes & Generals> (Click on the button next to Optimize) Custom Settings> Your problem is Custom Nvidia Setting you had is not the settings you want, so you change them every game, and Nvidia resets your settings and applies its' custom settings.