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  1. skanki

    So what's changed on the forums?

    I get what you mean, back then I even managed to achieve 100 posts a day once, kek. You can Imagine the quality of those
  2. skanki

    So what's changed on the forums?

    So they're 100% barren and dead?
  3. Oi, I haven't participated in forum life for quite a long time, it seems even more barren than back then. I keep in touch with my clannies when it comes to the new stuff, so I'm updated on all the "slightly worrying" game updates. Yet I don't know anything about the current forum culture (unless you got rid of such a thing) and I want to catch up. And man, I want every perspective, biased, unbiased, GE, US, SU etc. I talked with my clannies but they, just like me, are (most of the time) GE die-hards so I don't have any chance to experience the "other" (wrong) perspective. :> Can you update me on what's been happening?
  4. skanki


    Mods on capped weapons are confirmed, bye bye last bit of difference between the factions.
  5. skanki


    Oh my mistake then. I guess the Ak47 goes well with Chechen war era camos anyway.
  6. skanki

    greetings everyone :D

    Don't worry, it'll all get fixed when you can finally mod your capped StG, no more calling US weapons a watered down GE guns! As for the others, you guys don't use them anyway, do you?
  7. skanki


    M2 carbines production started in April 1945 while M1/M2 is just a M1 converted to M2 standard. Get your facts together man.
  8. skanki

    Uniform updates...

    ye, we need Chechnyan heavy duty assault kit for tankers too!
  9. skanki

    [LV] (mostly GE)

    Salt kills the mold
  10. skanki

    German Loadout Thread

    Stock MG42/FG42
  11. Bug is still a bug Also talking about realism is pointless in arcadey point & click, oversimplified version of tank combat IRL you wouldn't aim for bow mounted machine gun and have a realistic chance of hitting, you'd go for the track/maybe shoot HE so as to shatter the vision aparature and use the time you'd gotten to GTFO Hitting commander cupola would result in a dead commander and/or overpen, again you'd much rather aim HE near the turret ring so as to have a realistic chance to jam the entire thing rather than rolling the dice and hoping for the best, your life is at stake! Lower glacis mobility kills were also a rare occurence, since the transmission will soak the shell, why bother aiming for the part that's angled and thicker rather than for a track? (or even better, front sprocket) As for the roof armor, most ww2 tanks had been designed to whitsdand 12.7mm to 20mm shell hits to the top armor, yet any other tank wouldn't realistically find itself at an angle that would allow it to hit that armor without the bullet ricochetting into the sunset. And even if it did, it would most probably end in an overpen thanks to this armors reduced thickness. Back to the main topic, there are so many things wrong with this current system that even the HP bar was more realistic. It currently is somewhere inbetween realism and being arcade, in a dark, uncharted path between the two where no sane soul ventures. Sure, we have the "realistic" features such as armor weakening over time from the hits but when the tanks ammunition/fuel cooks off the dude inside doesn't even lose one bar of HP. RETO should decide whether this game in its entirety is realistic or arcade, the middle ground solution makes me feel uneasy and tired.
  12. skanki

    Mod for MG34

  13. skanki

    Where is Oakleaf used?

    Oakleaf is good for mountains I guess For forests it's quite ok, but it's easily beaten by Green Pea I use it for the bling factor of Oakleaf camo + Oakleaf k98k
  14. skanki

    Should I be concerned?

    нет хак, обещаю
  15. Man I wish DoI was still alive... But since it's not, I might as well stick around!