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  1. quigonjean

    Heroes & Generals: The Sad End

    I came here to look if there is other user that experiencing dropped fps. now i understand and relief that it's not my gpu fault. anyway, i play since 2014, stop playing at 2018, and play again in 2020. Now i get 10-15 fps in each battle even a Ryzen 9 3900x with RX570 can't handle it. I guess it has something to do with compatibility. so i guess this is it. salute to yall
  2. quigonjean

    My Suggestion For Future Patches: Optimize the game

    Hmmm so it's not my gpu fault that i get 10fps for the last 2 days. what a shirty patch
  3. quigonjean

    Tanks stuck on pre-1.22 rocks

    I forgot when, maybe 3 or 4 years ago before Reto put tons of rocks on the hills, this can be solved simply by firing. The turret generates backward thrust when firing, so it helps to get away from that situation. That's also simple physics. Unfortunately now it doesnt work. Playing as tank is not fun anymore nowadays. It's also because of physics oddity in the game, like how can a shell fired the other way just because your tank stand on a little rock? It's just dont make any sense. I have reach colonel rank with my US tanker, and possess all kind of tanks with all the alt shells, but now I rarely play it anymore simply because of those oddities. PS, This how i play tank: when i see opponent tank(s) and seems like no one on my team capable to destroy it, i spawn mine, destroy them, then press F11 before AT Rambos came. and then back being an infantry or para or anything but the 'unfun' tanker
  4. quigonjean

    Chat from players and some repeating info

    talk about realistic: a sniper rifle can kill at 500 meters but only injure at 1 meter
  5. quigonjean

    Rushing ruining the game?

    Well tell that to your team mates. if you want a longer game, play skirmish. its a perfect mode for grinding.
  6. quigonjean

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    You know whats not fun? playing as tanker
  7. Not many players like to use AP mines. It's too expensive. But sometimes we need it, especially for recon who is hiding inside a building. BUT since the bots are brainless so the mines are often got wasted by our own team bots. PS i hate bots. sometimes they seems like have a transparent body. I rarely shoot them because it takes at least 3 or 5 bullets to kill them. more than 50% bullets are always missed!
  8. "...it has a long activation animation before use" yes that is a problem. Solution is always throw the first nade to the tank rails
  9. on the other hand, any infantry can spawn their light tanks EVERYTIME. so when hevy tanks have to play infantry for keep playing after died, other infantry are play tanks (and feeding xp to enemy's heavy tanks). Bravo.
  10. From what i experienced, it's all about the players. If your team has no strategy (i.e. play for their own fun like chasing tanks or shooting planes) the spawn doesn't matter. It was so often that i park an apc around the next CP so people can spawn there later and go forward, instead everybody just keep spawn there despite our previous CP being captured by opponent. For example, I park apc in town so we can go to church (02) or 01 easily, but when we lost C4 (bridge) people keep spawn through apc then wandering around in town. so frustrating.
  11. quigonjean


    its just upset me when i decide to spawn infantry rather than wait for tank maintenance (3 minutes is so long) i thought when the infantry died after few minutes the tank will be ready.
  12. quigonjean


    Its funny how we have to wait up to more than 3 minutes to respawn certain tanks and also get kicked out of the battle if idle for 3 minutes.
  13. quigonjean


    Update after updates.. it's become more and more obvious that dev team desperately want to make the german like a god mode. But unfortunatelly, one thing they can't control is that people who play german are; if not selfish, retards. US win the war after wars consecutively. by the way, the terrains you made and physic you use are the worst. that's why we never heard any recognition. Dev team should stop wasting times and create another game
  14. quigonjean

    tree vs rock

    rock. why do you have to pissed me off again by this thread?
  15. Everytime i find a good thread then there are some replies that i don't think is necessary at all. Its a bold statement and i agree.