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  1. Neznan

    Players leaving the game

    And do not want old players as well. So not sure whom to they doing this game
  2. I am still here but after I have play BF5 beta, I can't play HG anymore.
  3. In the next update probably.
  4. Я в шоке, но я так и не попробовал новую обнову и самое странное, что меня не тянет. Видимо у меня что то старческое уже.
  5. Neznan

    German bias 1.12

    Just not play = Eazy
  6. Neznan

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    This is Great. But I would add even longer time for Scopes
  7. Neznan

    SU needs new leadership

    Germany lost wars for 2 years - YES. But... GE always got more wins at battles. It was explain as - GE defending so got more battle wins. Assume now, when GE attacking and SU defending, SU will have more battle wins? Right?
  8. Neznan

    Let's talk about Battlefield V

    I have try BF5 beta for a week and I was really like it. Can't wait to play it again on release. Happy that DICE change BF5 and it is very not similar with shirty BF1
  9. Not really. 90% of those guys are out already.
  10. U asking for too much really.
  11. That is really nice news. Very Many thanks for your Hard Efforts and great Gifts.
  12. Ага, прям бегут обратно, спотыкаются.
  13. Neznan

    Scoped vs noScoped ?

    Ok, nice Stream right now. One question I really would like to know - Will it be difference (time of respawn) between Scoped and NoScoped Rifles ???? Something like G43 with Scope - 45 seconds without scope - 20 seconds
  14. Neznan

    How to have a better aim?

    Here are some advise from me: 1. Buy good mouse (one you have is a shirt) 2. Buy big mouse pad 3. Reduce mouse sens (I am almost sure you have big mouse sens now) When you have all above it take time until you will feel comfortable. But after 3-6 months you should be better in aiming
  15. Ну я играю на гораздо более светлой картинке. покрути настройки монитора.