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  1. Neznan

    Just wonder

    What is your ideas about next game ? HG2 ? ))))
  2. Neznan

    Just wonder

    Just wondering how do we get from "Dev streams every week" to a point we are now at ? What went wrong and when ? :-)))) Any ideas guys? I do believe that somewhere at 2016-2017 RETO start doing another game. Have no ideas of what it is, but all facts I can see makes me think this way.
  3. Neznan

    EU server is just pure trash

    EU server is SUPER laggy compare to what we have 3-4 years ago,
  4. Neznan

    DLC Steam not working

    Yes bro, I do not think you will receive your DLC before new year and not expect to have reply from RETO nearest week or so. This is how things works here and next time you'd better think ten times before buy something.
  5. Neznan

    DLC Steam not working

    Good day to all RETO I am new here so I am sorry if say something wrong but... do you guys know that your super expensive DLC at Steam is not working? I know it is X-Mas time but look at Steam comments, few players waiting for a DLC few days but still missing and support not responding. Would say this is not a best x-mas gift speciall for those who decide to support you and buy DLC Thanks for attention @Reto.Hades
  6. Not really, RS say they are not deploy as SU. But they still can do any other stuff, like play GE or US or even SU but without deploing.
  7. what about SA and BA rifles? :))) You must be really "smart" to buy any of those AVS is more or less OK, my US Soldier have one, but I do not use it.
  8. Neznan

    matziti fragvideos

    Well as I always say - Ping and Hardware more importany than skill. When I buy a new PC and 165Hhz Monitor few years ago, my skill rise alot %)))) Seems I am a bit stupid to play 2K resolution. At least in terms of frag perfomance
  9. Neznan

    matziti fragvideos

    @matziti What video settings are you using ? (Monitor size, resolution, quality of grafics ) ?
  10. Nobody ask for punishment to GE faction. Just give appropriate bonuts of Silver and Exp for those who suffering.
  11. Nomatter what but someething must be done with germany. It is obvious. I am a bit tired of german tryhars and 20 vs 18 battles. if RETO continue to give their favoritism to GE, it wont ends well.
  12. Neznan

    Need more GE

    It lasts for a LONG LONG time already. Germany got 2-4 players more almost every battle. Devs, why are you killing your own game by allowing this to happen?
  13. Neznan

    Bonus System

    Can we have bonus system that makes peoples to stick one faction and to ballance population. First - Faction bonus. You will get 3% Bonus (Silver, Exp, WF) for each consecutive war at same Faction Accomulated up to 30% Second - Victory Bonus After "A" Faction win war, Faction "B" and "C" will receive 10% Bonus (Silver, Exp, WF) for next War. Accomulated up to 30% Example: War 1 Victory for "A" faction Faction "B" and "C" receive 10% bonus for next war. War 2 Victory for "B" Faction "A" and "C" receive 10% Afer this war Faction "C" got 20% accomulated War Bonus for 2 straight loses
  14. Neznan

    Just an Idea for POLL

    Dear RETO I have an idea for you that could helps to understand what way to go next. Please create a POLL and include lets say last 10-15 Game's Updates that players can rate from 1 to 5 For example last update will be rated as 4 and it means that community like it and probably you need to focus on same Updates in future. Hope you get my point % )))) Thanks