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  1. Кто то лайкнул только что моё сообщение на 22 странице, а это как бы 130 страниц назад. Видимо кто то сильно забил на ГиГ еще в 2016 году и сейчас пытается внимательно вчитаться, что тут происходило все это время.
  2. Оргазмотроль с альта
  3. Все равно, даже с х4, советские ПП самые лучшие. Даже после нерфа я буду играть с советским ПП джонсон.
  4. Great Update

    Don't fool anybody, you are not Gargamel and you can't use sarcasm.
  5. I believe that is something really really funy, but only for two of you ? ))))))))
  6. M1G as SA LEE as Bolt action Easy
  7. Great Update

    True! but update still great as pentioned by topic author
  8. Do you believe that it is alot of stupid pussys among veterans? Not to give 30 credits to other player, they will be suiciding all the time? Can you name at least one veteran who you think will be doing that?
  9. True, but as "Gold" member you have already much more of weapons, equipment, ets. compare to 'Bronze' members. So addition small amount of money will helps "Bronze" to evaluate faster.
  10. If noob killing noob = 50XP if Average killing noob = 50Xp If Veteran killing noob = 50XP Everybody get same. Nobody punished. Just value of players is different. It is evidently that if you spend only 20hours in game, you are soft target.
  11. Veterans and Regular players and noobs get same amount of XP. Nobody get less, everyone get same amount of XP!!!
  12. Do you have a problem if somebody get 150exp for killing you instead of 100exp ??? Really? Will it makes you sad or feel bad?
  13. I repeat again, this is not against Veterans, this is for attraction of new players and motivating them.