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  1. SniperDog69

    game stuck at loading plugin

    it never gets to loading H&G sync.exe
  2. SniperDog69

    game stuck at loading plugin

    game stuck at loading plugin stand alone version. This started after upgrading to windows 10. game worked fine on Windows 7. Re-installed game and it ran fine. shut down and same problem.
  3. SniperDog69

    FPS fluctuating

    Since 1.15 update my FPS will fluctuate anywhere from 10-40 frames. IE 75-110, 65-95. When it doesn't fluctuate game play is great. When it does game play is very choppy and in some ways unplayable. The fluctuations will occur at any and all pings from 4-5 to 110. Ideas?
  4. SniperDog69

    Graphical settings reset bug

    Even with a ping of 5 it's basically unplayable. my FPS goes anywhere from 50 to 100 constantly causing game to be very choppy and laggy
  5. SniperDog69

    Ammo refill

    Tried 3 times on factory map and once on airfield map and ammo refill doesn't seem to be working for me anyway. Only started with last update. White outline appears but looking at it doesn't bring up 'press F to refill ammo' I use F Haven't tried health kits yet. Panzerfaust works fine. Been playing game almost since start so not noob, lol
  6. SniperDog69

    New sounds for familiar weapons

    Here is links to the 3 semi rifles sounds WTFO with what reto did? SVT-40 the SVT-40 is close the M-1 not even and the Gewehr 43 so so. Haven't researched the light machine guns.
  7. SniperDog69

    low/high FPS same ping

    Ever since update that affected rendering I can play maps and one map, east coast server ping will be 4 on that server all the time, FPS will be 130. Next map, same server same ping, FPS will be 55. Same server same ping FPS will be 80. Doesn't really seem to affect game play but it drive me crazy as to why. Push latency seems to follow ping numbers. Any ideas why FPS changes between maps? Map size? number of total players doesn't seem to affect it. And yes I know what ping and FPS are and how they work.
  8. SniperDog69

    ping vs FPS

    I live near the east coast server and I generally have a ping of 7 or 8 when on that server. BUT my FPS will vary from 45-55 all the way up to 125-135 on that server with same ping, and only seems to be affected by that server. Any idea?
  9. I can snipe pretty good with my M1 better with my 40 an 43 but that's not the point. I understand all the rhetoric about no refunds, strip the scopes, etc. But lets get down to the real problem, INFANTRY WHO THINK THEIR SNIPERS AND WON'T ATTACK POINTS TO CAP IT, I have all players form all factions. If I want to snipe I take in my sniper or make him a secondary. I've been known to stop and take a few shots with the semi's and then head for the points. I DON'T LIE AROUND IN THE WOODS OR LAY ON A RIVERBANK, as an infantry, AND JUST SHOOT AND SHOOT WITHOUT TAKING POINTS. Some of my infantry have cammo which would help. But the shorter range your shooting from is a disadvantage. Snipe if you want to snipe but if your an infantry your the prime resource for taking points!
  10. SniperDog69

    spawn point?

    That's true but if its YOUR spawn point and you haven't moved, and still invisible, and get killed.
  11. SniperDog69

    spawn point?

    So I can be killed when invisible in spawn point? Why make you invisible
  12. SniperDog69

    Low sound

    After installing discord my sound was low in H & G. turned up master and sfx volume all the way no help. got suggestion to check windows mixer. H and G at low end, moved up some, loud in game. Adjusted in game volume and it gets loud then quiet all by itself. noticed the mixer was moving with no input from me. Any ideas?
  13. SniperDog69

    Credit Earning Nerf

    Well they, reto can't use the excuse it's a beta anymore, lol
  14. PTRD only fire from prone Mortar 2 man team fire off map grid
  15. SniperDog69

    Snipers & Genrals

    limit infantry to basic scope no matter which weapon. PTRD can only be fired from prone, realistic, para's don't get me started way TOO many per match. your always playing catch up to points and if nobody pays attention, which is normal - me me me attitude, you lose.