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  1. I like how it is possible to solve it, with good input from the community. Yet everything the issue is being raised at a Q&A I get the feeling they dont fully understand the issues their gamefeatures have to the playerbase. Like they are not really playing the game themselves anymore. So I hope first they are willing to accept first that there is a problem, and say "we will look at the statistics first". Which result into 0 action which actually solves the problem. I think the current RTS system is overstreched, only a smaller campaingn with less or fexible resources in the AT's will be change capable of keeping the game more fun., And I love all the suggestion from @sfscriv thas the kind of stuff this game would aid. I stopped playing the RTS myself, as I dont want to be looking after my AT's like they are some poor kittens, as they can be swallowed by the AT monster so easily. It does not make sense to me, that I as a player should be punished when I simple dont have time time to be online at impossible hours on a game. The RTS needs to be more casual friendlier.
  2. Andystarzz

    German Stg44 too OP

    I feel the same about the Johnson and the AVS, how strange....
  3. Andystarzz

    When Reto plays in staged :D

    love the name of the squad
  4. Andystarzz

    Clan pages on the wiki

    Hello, just a request I want to throw on here, I messaged Africandave some time ago, but I see our page for The Art Of Warfare remained unchanged Could someone change the following: mage= |contact= Andystarzz ( |forum_post= |teamspeak_details= Mic, 16+ years of age |description= Use WIKICLAN in application reference (This needs to stay) }} TAW is a gaming community that has been around since January 2001. In the 14 years since then it has continued to grow and expand. Currently their official game divisions list with a public face is around 30 games and fluctuates as new games get released and old games fade in interest. Our Heroes and Generals Division has been active since July 2014, and contains battalions dedicated to serving the NA, EU, and OC (Asia/Australia) time zones. Beside regional battalions we offer a unique battalion for those who are interested in the competitive side of the game. This gives members the opportunity to have fun and have thrilling experience while facing other clans on the battlefield. Our numbers fluctuate but generally remain over 100 combined between all four sub groups. We pride ourselves on having clear leadership for all three factions. Our members may play with any faction, but chooses one as their main faction for event purposes. We maintain our own private website ( and teamspeak without any membership fees. Requirements to join are being 16 years of age or older, having a microphone and the ability to speak in at least an acceptable level the English language, and being willing to either not curse when on our ts, or at least not to turn on the mic while doing so.
  5. Andystarzz

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    Sorry, I am in principle against self nominating for awards, even if they are not that serious. Just work hard guys, and create and deliver a game everyone will love and you shall receive
  6. Andystarzz

    Q&A & Why #1 Twitch-stream today

    I agree, this would be a great setup, would also prevent side tracking during the stream. The stream is fine, the voting was great, and I was quite surprised my question got covered. There can be a lot of thought into a question, and I am happy forum members can find each others in these questions. That being said, I am not 100% content with the answer I received from my question (although I am happy it got covered) The FG-42 is a great gun in this game and has always been a great gun in many others, and its being locked away into the abyss to the paratroopers, yet there is a dire need for a gun to counter the current tier 3 LMG gun from the US. This gun could fill this gap and could improve the balance. Also locking guns away into classes is a darn shame, jumping out of a plane in high speed should already be enough reason to have a paratrooper. And I believe the soviets doesn't have a gun unique for their paratroopers and the US barely uses theirs, so cant really agree with the reasoning that a weapon should just be locked to one career in one faction. Because this unbalances the usage of paratroopers in the other factions. Beside that, having the ability to fully customize your soldiers with any kind of german weaponry is a great way to improve immersion within the game as well. So just to provide a follow up question for the stream I would ask: Could we unbound soldier specific weapons to improve soldier customization?
  7. Andystarzz

    Has anyone else noticed their M24 grenades not...

    Do you throw them with some time between each other? Maybe if one nade explodes but the other hasn't yet it only creates one explosion which destroys the second grenade. Or do you get two separate messages that you have wounded somebody?
  8. Could you add the FG-42 (german paratroop gun) to the German infantry arsenal?
  9. Enough constructive feedback has been given on literally every stone within the game for the last few years, I doubt more streams are really going to help. Only actions or steps towards the features this game really needs.
  10. On that topic, it would be great to see the plan for the next upcoming year like: Middle september: New maps Middle november: Tank 2.0 December: New shovels with scopes. Or give us more info an what you meant, because I am no longer interested in hearing "its coming soon" Feels like i have been hearing that for almost 3 years.
  11. I got you buddy
  12. For any one wondering (like me ) Some kind of stream has returned, you watch it here: I missed it myself, only watched the first minute, seems to be there one dev just playing and talking at the same time. Because they are great at multi-tasking
  13. Andystarzz


    This is so fake.. my eyes they hurt. More noobs coming to the game, oh god, Lock your jeeps to squad only gents, keep your head low for friendly nades, watch out where you place mines. And just drive off if team mates whistle at you for a ride. would be more fun to see a dev making new content before spending money on marketing campaigns.
  14. Andystarzz

    Meet the Developers – Reto.Splixxen

    red bull is bad for ya
  15. Andystarzz

    Going SU Factions

    Its pretty hard to leave miss Johnson alone for a long time, she is so young We are split up in 4 battalions (3 region and 1 for competitive players) The soviet group that play competitive within our group, has always been small and spread out, the worst combo. I tried for quite some time to lead EU squads, but the max of reliable players that stayed bundled together was around 4. While we were looking on the US and GE, which were able to pull higher numbers, I even played some evenings together with ORB when I was lonely Very true, but not everyone has to switch, I am hoping on a bit of snowball effect