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  1. They scrapped the idea of body armor bro.
  2. get ready for reto to delete this thread.
  3. LoverBoyUSA

    United Defense Rangers - Elite

    We are officially coming back. Good at the game? Hop into the Allied Ts3 and msg one of the UDR tagged guys and play with us. TS3 ip is
  4. LoverBoyUSA

    Everyone thank Reto!

    Tommy is fine but lacks laser like a MP40 and PPS, aka inferior then them. And yes M2 needs buff to be on par with its counters
  5. LoverBoyUSA

    Everyone thank Reto!

    They saw us as OP, due to clans and overuse of the 1919. They kill all LMGs for the use of a bipod which is not nearly ready for use yet. They nerfed our M1G, proven in ROF. Either use tommy which is the worse of the 3 SMGs PPS>MP40>Tommy or M1M2 which you can barely break even on. I mean I totally get it, you guys need to make money one way or another. Just give us something to use at mid range.
  6. LoverBoyUSA

    I love the new update totally.

    Umm what? Population imbalance is because reto never made an effort to let us transfer accounts. So nerf the love out of the hard playing GE and US players to help SU. loving brilliant idea. Also Retos brilliant idea to make all viable guns barely to break even on so a lot of players will have to resort to buying gold.
  7. crash crash crash
  8. LoverBoyUSA

    New winning town mechanic

    /M 1968924749099669880 /P 3683485315177506000
  9. LoverBoyUSA

    New winning town mechanic

    /M 8326275624380722252 /P 3682801572514799279
  10. LoverBoyUSA

    New winning town mechanic

    /M 9122227561467321745 /P 2308692500136287638
  11. LoverBoyUSA

    @Reto, please aknowledge the war battle bug

    wait this is just now being looked at? this bug has been around for over 2 years...……………...
  12. LoverBoyUSA

    AR is still not gone

    im done. selling my account off the books.
  13. LoverBoyUSA


    Ladies stay on subject
  14. LoverBoyUSA

    H&G 2019 Poll

    RTS Optimization and more Assault maps