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  1. Dajmkryss

    1.06.1 UI Feedback Thread

    Working as intended. Reto trying to pimp their game but keeps on destroying it . Time to extend my HG break by at least 6 months. Maybe by then Reto has fixed some glitches and gibberish.
  2. Why would you increase the blood splatter effect again
  3. Dajmkryss

    Update 1.04 'Engine Room' is here!

    shirty update had 110-130 fps before render and 110-130 fps after render. Made no difference at all.... nice hype. If you turn on fxaa/taa the game starts looking blurry 50 meters in front of you.
  4. Dajmkryss

    This is getting old Axis

    The thing is you are still doing it we just rek you when you try to grab it these days
  5. Dajmkryss

    This is getting old Axis

    We are doing that because you kept on going for Marseille a shirt ton of wars in a row. Now we stopped caring and now we return the favor only tunnel Allies
  6. Dajmkryss

    This is getting old Axis

    Why should we push Soviet when all you do is rush Marseille the second we do.
  7. Dajmkryss


    Unfortunately not and when they actually did ban them they only banned the alt account and not their main account even tho they have the same IP on both accounts so the alters just lvled up a second account to 12 and started doing it all over again
  8. Dajmkryss

    H&N Streaming

    He viewbots tho
  9. Dajmkryss

    Brave American Guys

    Feels targeted man
  10. Dajmkryss

    What's that sound?