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  1. keryno

    Fix Johnson

    Hopefully it won't be nerfed since it does not perform like the MG42 did. I mean, I picked up a stock MG42 and slayed the US team with it and I mainly play with SMGs, I'm used to low recoil. The MG42 has awesome sights, big magazine and good ROF, even though the stock MG42 feels like a .50 cal when shooting, the Johnson is not OP at all. it's accurate, but the sights take some time to get used to, 20 round magazine on a tier III weapon is small though. If you want to limit it to Infantry only you need to buff the M1 and M1A1 Carbine to be a good paratrooper. The Johnson is almost identical to the FG42, it's better than the BAR only in terms of eq. slots, nothing more.
  2. keryno

    Changing IG name?

    That's a shame, then.
  3. keryno

    Fix Johnson

    Sometimes I want to make the Johnson Paratrooper only, but then the US is stuck with a BAR and the Browning opposing the MG34 and MG42. The Johnson is quite a hard topic, because in the right hands it can be disgusting, on the other hand it has some strong cons.
  4. keryno

    What does the community want for updates?

    Fair loadout system. I. Each soldier should have a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and a grenade slot. II. Fourth slot should be free for extra weapons or equipments, a fifth slot should be added III. Increased equipment points for all classes Tweaked damage. I. 75-80 damage on Bolt Action Rifles II. 60-70 damage on Semi Automatic Rifles III. PTRD should only disable cars and motorbikes and planes, but must be able to destroy ISVs and tanks. Specializations under classes. All of these specializations should have different starting loadouts I. Recon: Marksman and Scout II. Pilot: Fighter Pilot and CAS pilot III. Tanker: Tank Commander, SPG commander IV. Paratrooper can stay like it is. V. Infantry: Rifleman, Assault Soldier, Light Machine-Gunner, Medic and Engineer Va. Rifleman with a Bolt Action Rifle Vb. Rifleman with a Semi Automatic Rifle Different HUD with toggled Tactical Overlay I. Control Points should only be shown in Tactical Overlay New reload animations for some guns I. The G43, StG-44, AVS-36, SVT-40, P-38, M1911 and Luger should not be charged when you have alteast one round left II. A not fully emptied Bolt Action Rifle magazine should be reloaded bullet by bullet, not using an entire stripper clip Binoculars for Squad Leaders
  5. keryno

    Changing IG name?

    You can see my current IG name, which is very old, I'm not using this IG name anymore, is there a way to change it to an other name? Can only the devs change names?
  6. keryno

    Best USA Weapon??

    M1918 BAR, Johnson or the Thompson. Thompson with a pistol is a great combination. I'd use the LMGs only over medium ranges..
  7. I fielded my infantry AT at Berlin, I left them there for the night since I had no idea where they are needed. I logged in and I got the notification at 3.58pm that my AT surrendered at LICHTERFELDE. Directly south of Berlin, what happened? Did the game just move them 10 cities to east yesterday night then proceeded to make them fall back then magically surrender to noone?
  8. keryno

    STG needs proper recoil

    So, if I play realistic games I can't play this game? Maybe you are scared that someone playes with sense and looks out, so he won't be an easy kill for you? Somehow someone who plays realistic games can play all guns and doesn't cry about the recoil... I'd advise you guys too to play with the gun and actually aim and shut your mouth. You asked for the gun, I did too when I was playing only Germany, you got it, you don't like, maybe don't play it? It's an overgrown MP40 with more recoil, more range and bit more damage.
  9. keryno

    STG needs proper recoil

    Love how the german logic did not change since 2014... they still want the best guns, when they get one of theirs nerfed then an other one must be the best gun in the game.. Pathetic, learn to play with the guns you have, not that hard.
  10. keryno

    STG needs proper recoil

    I doubt that the M2 is better than the STG... You put a scope on it and the selective fire gets a meaning...
  11. keryno

    STG needs proper recoil

    Well, crying over every gun you get makes no sense either. You asked for it now shut up and be happy you have it. Since the M1/M2 Cancerbine/Koreabine there's a new "cancer", the STG. It's a god-gun, if you can't use it it doesn't mean that it's bad.
  12. keryno

    STG needs proper recoil

    Or the fact that I used to play realistic games for about 5 years and I still do. Trust me, the MkB/STG's recoil in RO2 is much worse and it's still usable.
  13. keryno

    STG needs proper recoil

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about... Whenever I pick up an STG I get like 10 kills, It's currently the best elite weapon IMO.
  14. As the title says, I've been playing with the M1911 a lot and I really like it. I have a wrench and the M1911 and I'm also planning to buy the Thompson, I almost unlocked the M1917 as well, so which one worth it more to be bought first?
  15. keryno

    Why the M1/M2 Nerf is a great thing

    I know, those weapons were fairly common, but I have never seen infantry picking it up from fallen paras, also the M1 Carbine not available for infantry isn't quite right, but hey, those guns are being used more.