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  1. just remove the god awful thing as it does not but ruin the system. lasty match is prime example tiger 2 steam rolled two routes with no loses and su tanks did nothing to them but tickle them at least before if you got the first shot in you would more than likely win but now whats the point
  2. no it needs removing completely flying is just a joke now since the controls and this horrid armour 2 crap
  3. old system was better than this crap that has single handed ruined all vehicular game play AA is even less effectvie than it was Tank on tank is just stupid now jeeps shugging off bombs and tank hits bombs do jack to tanks now plane on planes is totally crap takes for ever to kill a plane or players just ditch cos of stupid modular dmg and infantry get HE camped worse than ever before its crap it doesn't work in this style of game at all so no tweeks just go back to the old system
  4. no not really these are questions that have been asked by not only me but others so please feel free to add some of your own
  5. can no one but vets use the flight controls no one thought or rebinding the alt flight control to shift instead of ctrl? just an idea Armour 2 is not ok at all modular dmg in this game does not work for any vehicle, planes especially takes for ever to kill a plane with AA or another plane when you were able to kill them before easy enough same with tanks yes at rambos were a pain but this is far worse
  6. This is a direct appeal to get some answers What are you doing about Armour 2? it does nothing but ruin the vehicle game play Why did you introduce the flight controls other than classic? When are you going to resolve squad 2? What are you going to do about adams cone? Why are you trying to emulate war thunder? (flight controls, modular damage and even the forums are all war thunder) are you getting funded by gaijin entertainment? If i dont get a reply then that just shows that reto moto and all devs have got no interest in what any of the community think as these are questions that have yet to answered with a straight forward answer not one that goes round the house so an INTERGRITY CALL RETO HADES honest straight forward ansers for us please
  7. moz2003

    Prototype test: Specialists only!

    becuase when we test it try things out and we find that the idea is crap and doesnt work and we say something aboutit winds up in the live servers anyway and also no one knows about it as there is no n ews bulliten on the main page
  8. moz2003

    Prototype test: Specialists only!

    when are you going to fix this horrendous armour 2? it ruined pilot game play and has ruined tanks
  9. still nothing done still too many pilots and armour 2 is still screwing things up
  10. the intention was for others to chime in with what bothers them as well as my list
  11. Lack of effective collaboration between devs and their customer base/community! - Listen to us we are the people that play your creation and see where you are going wrong. we want this gamer to go the right way and live longer than most games do Thinking too much of can we do this and not enough should we do this Adam cone fire Squad 2 Armour 2 lack of effective AA No effective spawn split - all players clumped to one line of attack (old suystem use to split the attacks to the various lines of attack) still able to have to many planes or tanks on the field - yes you reduced the number match maker adds but did nothiong about switiching in game limit them to equal numbers tough shirt if they are all taken. Recon not rewarded for doing their job ie reccing areas and spotting vital targets might as well just call them snipers as their not recon feel free to add on to the list
  12. Back when i first started playing this game it was an age where buny hopping didnt exist why becuase the amount of stamina it took to jump was twice that it is today this to me needs to be changed, as it would stop any bunny hop macros if there are any players out there using them that is as they are against t&c. It just seems abit rediculous the amount of hopping i see nowadays all you have to do is hop about and wait for a couple of shots to ping your way and there you go you have found whos is shooting at you So increase the amount of stamina used to jump id say giving you the ability to jump 2-3 times before your out of stamina thus reducing the amount of times you can jump without slowing you down between jumps too much. Thoughts people
  13. moz2003

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    if you are going to add something like this it would be more appropriate to add it to tanks not infantry like, you see various make shift armour add ons for tanks such as sandbags, welded on tank tracks etc this would make more sense than armour plates for infantry
  14. moz2003

    Prototype test: Armor plating