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    Call to all German clans

    Greetings, Realistically talking, GE is in no shape to win wars any time soon. Allies have the weapons and player base to win the war but they for some reason do not want to win as seen in war 452. They kept coming back for Marsielle again and again. I suggest we focus all our ATs on allies. That way we make warfunds, battles pop easily, and decent ping for most players.
  2. vectorA

    my game dont give any xp after the match

    well I can only hope that it is a bug. I guess @Astrolite should double check his facts before posting it on the forum.
  3. vectorA

    my game dont give any xp after the match

    @Reto.Hades @Reto.Circinus @reto.McFly can you please confirm that you get no xp for killing a para plane? Also why is this not mentioned in the change log?
  4. They would, however the only problem is that those games cost a lot. Like i said, the only reason HnG is alive and will stay alive is because its free to play.
  5. I disagree. People like us who play this game for 4-5 hours a day are very limited. 90% of the players log in, play one or two games and leave. They don't care about RTS. All they wanna do is snipe in the bushes or play their tanks/planes. People who genuinely care about RTS are probably a few hundred compared to the thousands that want to play staged and not want to wait. The only reason this game is alive and will stay alive is because it is F2P. Why bother making RTS any good when they can just release a few camos and staged noobs will buy them with gold. I am coming to the conclusion that devs really are not that stupid as people have portrayed them to be. They are actually very smart, looking after the "silent majority" as Hades likes to put it. Veterans might not like the decision but hey, as long as you get the money who cares.
  6. Unfortunately this is where you are wrong. Contrary to the popular belief, 99% of the players do not care about rts and so most of them play staged. They are least bothered about winning or losing the game. All they care about is playing tank/recon etc.
  7. vectorA

    Russian Strike

    Idk what you're talking about
  8. Not trying to be a smart a$$ but how did you get almost 6000 gold if you didn't spend a single cent into the game. 4 gold daily for 4 years? lol
  9. vectorA

    5600 queue o.O

    Just like they were working on squad 2.0 .... can't wait to see rts 2.0
  10. later than soon(tm) ... basically soon(tm) = infinity
  11. Old problem. Lon story short it will not get fixed any time soon(tm)
  12. A complete disaster for the game. Almost one year of development wasted for absolutely nothing. Reto lost a lot of good players who had a passion for this game, like @ReDemoN. Completely destroying RTS. Enemy with under dog bonus can spam ATs of all kind (Tanks, planes etc etc) and still make war funds because of the the under dog bonus. Not so entirely true on GE side. Also the way its calculated is completely stupid. You can pick a faction and go play staged all day which contributes to the under dog bonus. As a player who plays this game only because of RTS , it makes me sad to hear this, but then again from a business point of view it makes sense since 99% of the players play staged. It really is not a hard issue at all. Bring back the old MG42 and M1/M2 Carbine, buff PPS43 and introduce a 2nd tier LMG for soviets. Problem solved. With all due respect, you guys have been looking into sounds since 2014. At this point i can safely assume that the sounds will not be fixed any time soon* I am not sure about that. Almost everyone i talk to crashes frequently. Town map is complete cancer, been like that for God knows how long. Even overall game play is poorly optimized. Tons of posts on the forum saying they can run every other game except HnG. Clearly there is something. Been like this since the beginning of the game. As a player who plays this game for at least 4-5 hours a day, I can safely assure you that the new spawn system has had nothing but negative impact on the game. I could go on and on about how bad the spawn system is but there are already a lot of other threads out there Reto can look at. Side note regarding the new D spawn, whoever made it has zero sense of how the game works. I mean how bad can you be to put a spawn there right next to E line. I personally can coupe with all the other changes (squad 2.0 etc .. ) but bad spawn system is something that is absolutely game breaking and cannot be tolerated. Not sure what kind of experience Reto is looking for when they already have 5 Assault maps. More on how cancer the new church depot is when it comes out. We players fail to understand why Reto does not comment on the price change. What is so special that you guys keep it a secret. This only produces a lack of trust between the developers and community. The new E line will not help the assault on the town map, because guess what? Once you cap E4, rather than spawning across the river, you spawn right back to where you started while the enemy can spawn a couple of steps away (D4 under the bridge or A4 spawn) and just retake the point. Also please note that I am not trying to be rude with you or anything, just pointing out the obvious problems and Reto's lack of interest in solving them. I can't really blame you for anything either since you work in support (?) and have nothing to do with the development of the game.
  13. vectorA

    Bots to replace all human players

    Jokes on you Reto. Looking at the kind of updates you guys are releasing, it won't be long before the bots take over human players.
  14. vectorA

    Update 1.06 - Basic Training

    Laudan the great predicted this update in 2015. @baskerville was lucky enough to capture his words of wisdom.
  15. vectorA

    How long this BUG exist?

    Reto smashing bugs since 2011 .. lul
  16. Either a ninja nerf or a bug, 10 bucks it was a ninja nerf.
  17. People who have been on the forum for a couple of years know that it is completely useless to make constructive posts. I can safely say that of all the posts made, maybe 1% of them were implemented in the game. Some of the popular requests from the community includes: 1. Remove scopes from infantry 2. Remove/Fix squad 2.0 3. Fix under-dog bonus 4. Fix GE RTS queues 5. Fix weapon unbalance 6. Fix sound bugs (you would have a guy shooting next to you and you won't have a clue about it) 7. Fix game crashes 8. Fix low FPS 9. Fix war fund sink hole 10. Fix spawn system 11. Fix bushes 12. Make new Assault maps .... and so on so forth. Unfortunately none of these and many other good suggestions were taken into account. Result is that the game is almost unplayabe. What I am trying to say here is that save your time and effort and just play the game as is. People came on the forum, posted suggestions, saw that the development team ignored them and then they left the forum/game. What did Reto do instead? 1. Increased prices on new soldiers 2. Decreased salary (ninja nerf - no mention in the change log) 3. Broken spawn system (that new house between D3 and D4 on french town is even more cancer when attacking on E line, as if spawning behind the river wasn't enough so now the enemy spawn right next to you) 4. Game crashes almost after every battle 5. Memory leaks - unplayable FPS especially on town map .. etc etc
  18. vectorA


    wew was getting worried, didn't see you in a while
  19. vectorA

    Russian Strike

    so are pmks sidenote: was kind of getting worried. Didn't see you in a while.
  20. vectorA

    Clans and Staged

    Love farming scrubs in staged with scoped g43/Kar98.
  21. vectorA


    Tour de France !!!!
  22. vectorA

    Meet the Developers – Reto.Typhon

    Somethings are better not discussed on the forum :-)