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  1. Hippeus

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    Maybe you should actually defend your cities rather than farm xp.
  2. Hippeus

    Let's make it done with MG42

    To bait players that actually think 1 GE player = all GE players You know that you are not supposed to keep your stock weapon, right? I have serious doubts about your argument because for me (well, I can't answer for you), the % of time played with a stock weapon (and I do count the grind with only a few mods) and the time played with that weapon fully modded is 1% stock / 99% full modded. Most probably because the result of the war depends of the ratio " total number of veterans"/"total battles played by veterans", and not on weapons statistics at all. Already done by Circinus@MG42 is fine.
  3. Hippeus

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    "I begin to be aweary of the sun. And wish the estate of the world were now undone"
  4. Hippeus

    Faction balancing

    Ah, yes, they run away when they see your name. That's why you refused to play the rematch near Belgrade last war after you and your friends jumped on an easy one line defense against a GE clan. You refused to attack the same queuing players on a GE defense because they "ran away" while you could have saved your trapped US friends ... That potentially cost you the war. 🤡
  5. Hippeus

    Faction balancing

    The timestamp can give you the exact time the screeshot was made (mars 2020). As for the queue time, you could have just jumped in 1 minute ago, true. Or 53 minutes ago. Who knows? I'm not the playstyle police tho, you can do as you please. But seeing someone flame opposite clans about "getting better" when you can also cross him on easy defenses against randoms is rather funny. Don't you think?
  6. Hippeus

    Faction balancing

    Sorry, I wasn't aware that you could tell on the queue who was the squad leader and who is not. Please tell me how to, I'll make sure I do not make this mistake again. PS : you can, I have screenshots of your "feats" to quote you like I just did. Time will tell what is the better troll.
  7. Hippeus

    Faction balancing

    And yet the GE faction is the most populated faction of the game. Do you mean that queuing against any other faction as GE when there is no specialist is an ever more masochist move?
  8. Hippeus

    Faction balancing

    https://ibb.co/s3YH0yb Damn, 52 minutes in the queue for this awesome one line defense against veterans.
  9. Hippeus

    Why i will not play US faction anymore

    Send recons and tanks in 80% of the battles, you mean like all factions? Stop believing that clicking on a faction's button instantly give you bonus/malus : it's the same players.
  10. Hippeus

    Why i will not play US faction anymore

    Damn, what is 2015 GE supposed to say 🤣
  11. Hippeus

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    No, this is implying that you are forcing your doctrinal view on something you don't even know if it's working. Does that ring any bell about the hammer and sickle history? You should know it, I live in the most socialist state of Europe. If 45% of taxes on the highest wealth tier is not good affirmative action... 🤣 As an insider you should know why I want to get rid of it. Sounds like a lot better than just give a +40% XP bonus for an entire faction. 40% is very tiny?
  12. Hippeus

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    Again, where do I wrote that I'm against all affirmative action? You don't even know if the UDB is working, yet you're asking for an affirmative action against new GE players to "fix" a problem that is not related to the game. If you don't see why I'm using the hammer and sickle to mock this nonsense, I can't do much more. Or maybe you do have data to show that UDB has the slightest impact? And if it is completely petty to care so much about this little bonus, why argue to keep it?
  13. Hippeus

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    Damn. All this wall of text just on one axiom : I'm against all affermative action. Too bad I never stated that, only that Reto should remove the UDR because it is an affermative action for a problem you can't solve (because the population gap is not linked to the game). And now you're saying that I need to be educated on something I did not write. Interesting. /Gulag mode on.
  14. Hippeus

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    "Pretending you know all the answers", you mean "educate" the others?
  15. Hippeus

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    You know little about french history, it doesn't prevent you to try to "educate" me. It shows everything I have to know.