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  1. If you want to play a specialty class IE: tanks, planes....it could take upwards of 4 minutes to spawn after death. If you have a life, kids, spouse, career I can't recommend playing this game, unless you love to waste time and have plenty of it to waste.
  2. Had to go through the same thing as mentioned above. Figure after over a year this would have been addressed.
  3. Instead of trying to focus this as a bash SU thread, how about we look more to the root of the problem. DEPLOY QUE. There...I said it, the deploy que is why this game is gonna be a staged only free to play FPS. The deploy que has put a strangle hold on this game, why give someone the option to have their own soldiers and then laugh in their face as you tell them to wait a week before they can use them. Salt in the wound, they have to wait another week for reinforcements for said soldiers.
  4. furycury82

    M1/M2, MG42 and PPSh 41

    This. So far I have made: PPS/scoped mosin heavy set/horder AVS/H3 heavy set/fast reload PTRD/nagant infantry first/fast reload DP28 soldier in the making Out of all that fire power, the PTRD is my prefered class. True OHK on infantry, OHK jeeps, motorcycles, 3HK armoured APC, 4HK Hellcats(damn right!). Is a bummer that US/GE has their awesome CQC weapons and our PPS got nerfed to shirt. Wish RETO would just give me my credits back for the damn thing. Our most expensive "best" CQC weapon is on par with other factions t1 SMG's. I would take a modded Thompson or MP40 over a modded PPS anyday, not even gonna try to compare to m2/mg42.
  5. furycury82

    What makes a tank a tank?

    Any vehicle that attracts the attention of soldiers on motorcycles and proceeds to get stickied.
  6. furycury82


    Is using one of these to turn a semi-auto into an auto bannable?
  7. furycury82

    F build-What do you think it will bring?

    Like new Gray that no one has ever seen before I almost spit my drink out on that one....
  8. furycury82

    Why does it take so long to get out of my tank?

    let me get this straight out of 200+ post and assuming maybe have over 150+ hours of game play. your telling me that you have the excuse of no looking at post within the forums clearly stating concern about adding more time in vehicle classes? sir your full of it. the list of posting that goes in H&G forums at each sections doesn't move out of the first page in less than 4 days. so the presumption of your vague response just make me just add you to the rest of the plebs that cant even do the first thing in a forum search for relevant issues. Until you can put up 1/2 my numbers...I don't wanna hear your elitist baseball. I've been playing long enough(several months before my forum join date) to know whats going on. This patch was a major nerf to everything, not as much to infantry.
  9. furycury82

    Why does it take so long to get out of my tank?

    Real WWII tankers didn't have to worry about every single infantry man ever being able to blow up their heavy tank in seconds with a hand held weapon. The issue is an indirect buff to an already overpowered anti-tank portion of the game. I will give you that planes are OP, tanks on the other hand haven't been OP or on an even playing field in over a year. My issue with the change to planes has nothing to do with how the interact with anything ground related. The change was a major hit to dogfighting. Which has nothing to do with air to ground. Forget? No. I have a life and a full-time job. I don't spend my free time watching a vlog about playing a game when I can actually play the game. Don't get me wrong, I love games like Path of Exile. Crunching numbers, finding the best mix of offense and defense, making test builds, etc. Heroes and Generals is NOT one of those types of games.
  10. They have always been metal coffins. Now that the wrench is only 1 point, this is the price you pay. Tankers are now able to defend themselves by carrying SMGs. There had to be a draw back somewhere. This doesn't make any sense. IF your a good player you can adapt to changes like these and still be a good player. IF your a bad player you wont adapt and continue to be a bad/worse player.
  11. furycury82

    Pilot code of honor

    True story bro!!
  12. furycury82


    Been playing for a few years, for the most part as US. Getting bored with the lack leadership and camaraderie. I only have 2 pilot officers and an inf soldier that will get there soon. I play EST, would love to find a group that is on my schedule. Might be better for WST, since I work evenings and am up late via my time schedule.
  13. furycury82

    Pilot code of honor

    pilots will be pilots. All I can ask is that you don't spawn camp. Specially when it's 3v1 and you know you own the air. At least dogfight it out for defecates n giggles.
  14. furycury82


    What gets me personally, is that I will have all squad point's unlocked(bought them all via credits at update), and still get squaded with someone that has 0 squad points(aka no aux slots). SHOOT ME IN THE loving FACE!!! I've been playing this game over 2 years and spent well over a hundo on this crap and I can't be a rank 17 squad leader because joe-blow that downloaded this game yesterday join 10 seconds before me? SQUAD LEADER = HIGHEST RANK....PERIOD!!!! My rage is at 9000 at this point. Why should a paying and continuous customer be punished because of Squad? loving baseball
  15. furycury82

    High Ping Matches

    You really don't need a bunch of screenshots and mission ID's. All you have to do is join a handful of war battles and 50% will be this scenario. More than a handful of us played 10+ hours yesterday, and my average ping was 140. That equates to Eastern EU for me. The people I was playing with were all US, mix of western and eastern. The ping issues are not an occasional thing, and isn't near as rare as you are trying to make it out to be. On a different note. I'm enjoying Squad 2.0. I see a lot of room for growth and see it being great for the game in the next 6 months or so. I think I speak for the entire community when I say we would be very grateful if immediate action was taken to address the server selection issues. Thanks!!!