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  1. Why did you closed the church! I want to enter it like in the first version of the map.
  2. Various stupid ways to die...

    get killed by headshots
  3. Upcoming Tank Map "Crossroads" (Work in Progress)

    I hope they don´t make it planes and tanks.That would be shirt.
  4. Upcoming Tank Map "Crossroads" (Work in Progress)

    Is this a dream or reality. +1 from me
  5. 1) When will the Jagdpanther be addet? 2)When will the new maps be releseased(russian ones from the test servers)? 3)When is going to all guns be balanced ?
  6. Half a year? It´s even more . I would say 11 months
  7. BEGINNER'S GUIDE: How to Grind a German Paratrooper

    I stopped already playing this game I´m waiting for Post Scriptum.
  8. BEGINNER'S GUIDE: How to Grind a German Paratrooper

    A real man use shovel or knife.
  9. Ill Drop $50 for this

    Reto would mess them up.
  10. Tank Destruction farming?

    What you need is a vehicle with panzerfaust and AT-Weapon 1)take the panzerfaust from the vehicle 2)drive to the tank 3)shot the tank 4)take the other panzerfaust from your car and shot the tank 5)if he still lives shot him with your own at weapon 6) repeat
  11. To The Community: Suck it up, Buttercup!

    Maybe some of the Reto-Tam got fired? This would explain a lot.
  12. Flawless + Ending a few Pilots

    You are Welcome