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  1. Valve40

    Devolution of a once great game

    imo, H&G was at it's apex during 2013-14. The game went a little downhill with the introduction of the Soviet faction, and it went futher with Squad 2.0 in 2016. I really miss the beta days of 2013 when it wad used to be much more realistic than today. It is also the year in which I first joined the game and it was during the Jefferson update. With the release of early acess of Hell Let Loose, I can consider it as a spiritual sucessor of Heroes & Generals. Enjoy the nostalgia trip
  2. Valve40

    The most historically inaccurate thing in the game

    Firing AT rifle or ADS MGs while standing.
  3. Valve40

    Mark my words

    *2015 M1/M2 Carbine PTSD intensify*
  4. I wish Reto could bring back the old mountain town with the spawn protection system we currently have.
  5. No need for an alliance. Reto should just need to disable their shirty Auto Resolve.
  6. Valve40

    As of tomorrow...

    5 years for me. I begun to play this game on August 2013 precisely. I discovered this game when I found a gameplay of HnG while I was searching for a free to play WW2 on google. Jefferson was my first update on this game. Now im miss so much the Old HnG. It looks better than today. Here the gameplay of old HnG
  7. RO2 is the best WW2 game imo because of its realistic gameplay. Sadly, this game dying since the release of RS2 : Vietnam
  8. Valve40

    Let's talk about Battlefield V

    Yeah if they also include the Western Front based on R02 mod Heroes of the West
  9. Valve40

    Let's talk about Battlefield V

    After i watched the reveal trailer, i feel like I would rather play RO2 instead of BFV but its dying sadly. This game is becoming SJW right now... Hope many people will play RO2 after the release of Battlefail 5.
  10. Valve40

    Best HnG Players?

    Germany: TheHeroRoland USSR: Players from KGB clan US: Ger Schilli or the mighty GaiusBaltar
  11. Valve40

    Recon sniping will never work in HnG

    Remove scopes for infantry and then the recon class will be once again useful.
  12. The best way to use the greyhound is simply shoot and move to another position.