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  1. The end times are here!

    I used to play this game every day but now I haven't played it in months. The slow progress of the game combined with the amount of broken and unbalanced things in game were just too much. Though I gotta say, I did have quite a bit of fun on this game, particularly on the old Mountain Town maps as a tanker when they first released the Panther, then the M10, SU-76M and such. It's been a good ride, but it looks like it's ever so slowly coming to a stop.
  2. need nerf u.s.

    We need to nerf those damn farmhouses already.
  3. Another easy way of implementing mortars

    In my opinion there should be a cooldown on the ammo boxes for the mortar as well. It'd be awful if we had a guy sitting on the ammo box shelling a cap point.
  4. My eyes burn :(

    I didn't see nuclear bombs in the changelog...
  5. I destroyed a tank with a bike once, am I allowed?
  6. Boycott the "clans".

    Well that's what happens. Instead of thinking about if what the OP has to say is an issue, we'll just focus on his wording.
  7. They use the same gun. You'll die either way, but I like the T-34 since it has a turret and is cheaper too IIRC.
  8. Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    Has to be one of your best updates in quite some time, I really like the tank wrecks and the damage effects when a shell or panzerfaust hits a tank. I think it takes a little too long to down a tank, but I still like it.
  9. I feel old...

    Oh my god, Scooby Doo, Where are you? and the Pink Panther cartoons were my childhood. Used to watch them on boomerang a lot.
  10. Book you read this week .

    I've been reading Fall of Berlin 1945, very nice book, shows the German and Soviet side, and quotes from people living during those times.
  11. I think I'm done...press F to pay respects

    I come on the game every now and then just to play around with some of my favorite guns that aren't done right in other games. Game just feels dead. I've been playing RO2/RS2 lately and this game just pales in comparison. We have huge maps, but for what? There's only 20 max people on one team anymore, there's no artillery explosions, gunfire is always way off in the distance, and the only sound you hear is the grunt of death as some sniper with a recon badge kills you. The game is in the same state it was nearly 2 years ago, and I'm not convinced it'll change anytime soon.
  12. People still buy the fact that speed is a better thing to have in these tiny maps? lol. The ability to turn fight will infinitely always be better in this game, it's not like War Thunder where you can just climb up and feel safe, because stuff will just climb to you no matter the speed and instantly be able to turn fight.
  13. Thank You

  14. Thank You

    Reto doing something good, I'm proud of them. Been waiting for that halftrack / APC thing for a while lol.
  15. There's also the Hs 129B3 with what's essentially a PaK-40 anti tank gun mounted on a plane, 75mm gun and 140 something millimeters of pen.