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  1. This is just plain legit bias

    I just want them to have it be para only, the US has enough good weapons as is, the Johnson just adds to their infantry arsenal. While I certainly wouldn't mind an FG-42 for my German soldier, I'd like to keep this game at least somewhat accurate. Let's be fair though, that line has been breached with the AVS-36 and Johnson terror. Seems like rare weapons are all 3 factions best, AVS-36, Johnson, and FG-42. Although FG-42 was used a lot more than the other two, it wasn't exactly mass produced.
  2. Terrible WWII joke thread

    1: Japanese and American soldiers often threw insults at each other across no man’s land. One exchange though ended in mutual laughter. ‘F***k Roosevelt!’, ‘No f***k Tojo!’, ‘No f***k, Eleanor Roosevelt.’ One American wit shouted out: ‘Oh you can have her!’ 2: A Polish submarine captain is asked: ‘you see in your periscope a German and a Soviet cruiser. Which one do you attack first?’ ‘Of course the German one’ the Pole answers, ‘duty comes always before pleasure.’ 3: Italy had the soldiers with the most sunburnt armpits.
  3. German Weapon Sights

    To me it's satisfying to kill with the Kar98, but honestly its a pain to use them because it is my favorite bolt action next to the Mosin and I don't like using scopes.
  4. God speed sir, keep showing those pilots we've had enough.
  5. Thanks for the new map Reto!

    Yeah..that's my only problem is no new assets, but eh at least they're trying I figure.
  6. I love matches against lots of recon planes, it's where I can actually feel powerful with the AA. Now against any other plane, yeesh no thanks.
  7. This is the first actually new map we’ve had in a couple years, so thank you! It may not be the best, but it’s something and shows you’re trying to save your game now, which is good. I hope we can get a new assault map at some point as well, but for now this’ll have to do.
  8. What is this?????????

    The game is starting to feel like CoD with bigger maps, with the arcadey gameplay, rarely used weapons (Johnson, AVS, all the pocket pistols), the camos used 20+ years later, amount of people with snipers, everyone going for kills, unbalance, etc. I'm just glad reto acknowledges that their game is broken and is working to fix it.
  9. M4A1 Sherman vs. German Tanks, Interesting Info!

    Yeah, if the Tiger or Panthers could go 20 miles without breaking down. Realistic mode would be great for this game, with different dates, locations, and such. Maybe they could even implement weapons used at the time, so for example the StG-44 wouldn't be in a battle in 1943.
  10. Tank?

    Light tanks aren't very fun because of queues and Chaffees. Between the Hetzer and StuG, eh it really depends. I find the StuG best for fighting tanks, but the Hetzer is good for infantry support, flanking, and taking out tanks (needs 3 shots in comparison to the StuG's 2). So it's really up to you, but me personally I'd take the Hetzer.
  11. M4A1 Sherman vs. German Tanks, Interesting Info!

    M4s were mainly used for infantry support, and not really meant for tank to tank combat. In game, they're okay at best for tank combat, but most US tankers would rather bring the 76mm Shermans since if you fight the Germans (you will 99% of the time) they're almost guaranteed to have 3 Panthers. Not only that, but now that medium tanks fight heavies, M4s will be seeing Tiger 1s and 2s. Soviets aren't much of a threat in tanks, although the T-34/85 is fun to use, but it has light armor, so it's not really a big threat. Once we get the whole AT rambo issue over, I'd like to see the attackers get tier 2 mediums (so the T-34/76, Panzer IV, and M4A1) for supporting infantry. If they're implemented, the defenders can have Anti-Tank guns (76mm ZiS, 3 Inch Gun M1, and PaK-40) able to take out the medium tanks.
  12. Soviets are OP

  13. German Weapon Sights

    No, all German weapons sights are finekar98 and are easy to use. kar98
  14. How to be a tanker

    First the flat earth thing now this? Gaius better watch out, he has competition.
  15. He did it !! The best vassily wannabe !!

    Over 100 bushes have been graced with his presence!