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  1. The question that should not be asked

    I've always brought this issue up, but no one has ever seemed to care nor notice. Why do I have to queue for a battle first to add aux seats? Why can't I just adjust them without queuing for a battle or being in a squad?
  2. FIX the Soviet 85mm apcr Pen.

    The King Tiger's long 88 should be able to rip through the front plate of the jumbo, much less the turret. I think the Panther can too. IS-2 should be able to frontally pen the Jumbo as well, but Tiger 1 and KV-85 shouldn't.
  3. Ethiopian Faction

    I'm sorry but really? You honestly thought this would ever be a thing? This faction would break the game, because the ability to not only melee with a spear, but THROW IT TOO? Jesus what were you thinking? You must not have at all, otherwise you'd remember that they would more than likely get these as equipment. Then of course they had a prototype ready mid-1944 for a new weapon to fight with. So, do I think this faction should be added? Big no, they would be too op and everyone would complain. If you want to suggest an actual faction, like say, Zimbabwe, Turkey, or Switzerland, please go for it, but stay away from Ethiopia.
  4. No Point in Playing Staged on US

    Yeah honestly, sometimes I feel like grinding out my new infantry, but I just get clubbed by German vets with scoped StGs and stuff.
  5. I hope the 37mm AA gun will at least 3HK

    37mm AA guns are a good start, and should definitely be at least a 3 hit kill to planes, with perhaps a 7 second reload or something. Good thing about this is all factions have a 37mm gun they can use, Soviets got the 61-K, Germans got the 3.7cm Flak, and Americans got the 37mm Gun M1. I'm wondering, and I'm going into uncharted territory here, if Reto should implement high explosive shells for AA, because these were best for fighting planes since it's literally a mini explosion on a WW2 plane, all of which didn't exactly have a ton of armor. In my opinion they should also change up the belts for planes too. HE should be the one doing damage to planes, not AP and certainly not APCR.
  6. Wait, the T-34 was op at one point? And I missed it? Then again I did join right around when the Soviets were added I think, I remember my laptop I had at first couldn't run the game but then I got a new computer and was hyped to play it lol.
  7. Solution for Reto game

    Seems to be every thread now, it devolves into a shirt flinging contest between people who only play one of the factions and think the other is OP and theirs is unbalanced or something.
  8. Tides of negativity

    I think a lot of people are just frustrated with reto because it's literally been YEARS and the game still hasn't had a few of its major issues fixed. It's like having someone who says they're gonna change and become better, but 4 years later it's the same person, with some new habits. Good post either way, and a good way of looking at stuff. Especially this.
  9. Solution for Reto game

  10. In a game where the US is fighting the Soviets, I don't see why they'd give their enemies supplies.
  11. Release finally for SU their own motorcycle

    We need this in game nao
  12. Which faction is overpowered?

    Watching the Wehraboos and Freedumbs argue like:
  13. Forum bug

    Everytime I log into the forum, I have to sign in, go to the sign in page, and then finally I'll sign in. Sometimes when I leave the page open and go to a new post, I have to do the same thing over again.