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  1. good meme, good meme enjoy boys and girls
  2. Tanks also need a nerf, and let planes reload bombs faster.
  3. Soviets or Germans, especially their recon.
  4. Spawning on an APC an enemy just blew up, and still spawning in the thing and dying.
  5. soviets, best dances after war))))
  7. Oh, well in that case the German APC needs to have first to berlin.
  8. Well, that's true, but kinda historical too. The Pz4 has a slightly better gun, but the sloped armor of the T-34 is rather trollish. But as far as infantry combat goes, Germans all the way.
  9. Red Orchestra 2 slightly favors the Germans. For one, their team is always stacked, and it's the same as why so many people play GE here, they think "muh german superiority". For two, they get an MkB 42 (H) which was an StG prototype, and an MG42, all in the battle of Stalingrad. The Soviets only got an AVT-40, basically an automatic SVT-40 that's uncontrollable on full auto. So basically an SVT with a useless full auto mode...yay. In RO2, being level 80 lets you use enemy weapons as well. Oh, and of course Soviet heroes can't use the MG42. But Germans can use any gun from the Soviet arsenal.
  10. I used to play GE a lot for the reason you listed, but stopped because I didn't wanna add to overpopulation. So I played the Soviets and US more, and it was really fun surprisingly. For one, it's a new change of scene with all the new weapons and tanks. For two, you kinda get an underdog feel, because when you fight you're going against way better players, and more of them. Now I can generally just say I like the Soviets the most as a faction. Admittedly I've never had the dream battle of assaulting a city with T-34s and SMGs and some artillery beforehand, but I still get a realistic sense of a battle when I bring out my PPSh and assault the maps town and forward airfield. The problem is, is that so many people watch the history channel as children, and grow up thinking the Germans were all elite soldiers with the best stuff. Okay, maybe at the start of the war that was slightly true. But the quality of their gear really took a toll over time. I won't deny they were pretty cool both in looks and tactics, but they just picked too many fights in the end. To stop people from being German biased, and also overpopulation, there should be more incentive to play other factions, like a higher credit reward for playing Soviets or US or something.
  11. No, absolutely just, no.
  12. BALACED THIES !!!!!
  13. I did not see any frag grenades in this video, disappointed.
  14. The P-40 is already in game though, or do you mean the decals on it?
  15. I can already see the mass spam of flamethrowers in cqc, they'd kill everything, perhaps beating even the MP40 or Johnson. But, it can't be added so that's that. I'm pretty sure every nation had their own flamethrowers though, M2 Flamethrower, Flammenwerfer 41, and ROKS 2/3.