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  1. Character selections and Squad ideas

    Not a bad idea, nice.
  2. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    We now need the ''Rubicon river'' for that....
  3. I think some of these swords must have been given to infantry officers at least.
  4. These weapons are mostly centuries older then WW2 but they could be brought in the game when everything is fixed and many more content is added to the game. It's really just for fun and a upgrade to knifes that are usually hard to use in a brawl since the enemy tends to move side ways and jump sometimes. Germany: The Spatha, it was a sword used by the late Roman Army during the late 3rd, 4th and many more centuries after that and it was also used by the Germanic tribes and those fledgling Kingdoms after the fall of the Western Empire in 486 AD and the army of the Eastern Roman Empire until well, I have no idea when they stopped using it. I also heard that some younger swords are based on the Spatha. The sword will have a good range and good damage. Roman Spatha: Germanic Lombard Spatha: America: Any Sword that was made during or before WW2 and should be unlocked for the rank of Sergeant at least. Soviet Union: Any type of Russian Sabre could be given to the Soviets. These weapons would be more expensive and would be of course better then the normal knifes in range and damage.
  5. Not a bad idea, it could work. The damage to the player could happen every second the bullet is suppose to land on the player's soldier.
  6. Remove SCOPES

    I would just want a enlargement of the BA iron sights.
  7. Reto should really give each weapon their historical rpm and remove the sway system. It's the bane of the fps side of the game.
  8. That happens to me a lot. In fact I tell my fellow Soldiers to withdraw to O1 or O2 depending which is the final cap point and let the attackers fight to the death, wasting their resources. Since it's a good plan that works.
  9. Just add the Kingdom of Italy then give them German Stahlhelms and Late Roman Intercisa helmets as a customization option? Note: this comment is just a wish and isn't meant to be serious. They should just add another Axis faction in order to lessen the German population numbers and send some into another faction.
  10. Medic helmets

    Do Saint George's Cross? If that isn't allowed, that would be strange in my view. That cross is older then that red cross symbol. Saint Geogius, a Roman Legionary martyred under Emperor Diocletianus. The Red Cross can't ban that, that's the flag of England and first appeared during the Middle Ages.
  11. Adolf's painting skills

    I think they thought the paintings as having no emotion or something like that. But still a crappy excuse, he might have been a good man if accepted.....
  12. I would like there to be a sort of Patriotic Theme for a selection of Music. It could just be a mix of music from various countries. Here's my favorite Patriotic Theme March: Note: I am just showing this march just because this is what I would imagine for Patriotic theme.
  13. No M1 Carbine for Infantry and Recon

    I agree with the M1 Carbine being usable for Infantry and Recon.