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  1. Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    I haven't been in this forum for about a year, but I hope they can speed up the updates.
  2. I know, that post was sort of a joke since everyone would rather use Roman helmets. Roman helmets look much better than any WW2 helmet. (just my opinion) Maybe we can give Italian soldiers less noticeable Intercisa II helmets......
  3. We could give the Italians Pugios?
  4. I suggest that Reto should add Niederbieber helmets: This helmets was in use in the 2nd to 4th century. Although it is not historically accurate for the time period, it looks way more better then these facemask. (Reto should make these helmets for the Italian faction) But yeah, I rather have facepaint then these mask.
  5. Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    Thanks reto although I will still stay somewhat inactive.
  6. Helmet Mask:

    If Reto adds these very rare weird looking helmets, I suggest that we should add Roman Ridge Helmets that first appeared in the late third century for a possible Italian faction: Besides, Ridge helmets look great! (this is just a sarcastic joke although I do like ridge helmets)
  7. Nerf the T-34's

    just because it had slope armor..... The Germans fixed most of the problems with the Panther with the Panther G Variant. The late war G variants also possible solved more issues then the earlier G production models.
  8. Which is your best and worst map ?

    What I meant by ''makes sense'' is simply the aesthetic design. The design does make much more sense for a factory then the older verison. I like some of the new features. But as many said, it does have flaws. Only if Reto's game engine could allow destructible objects and walls.
  9. Helmet Mask:

    that's surprising
  10. Besieging a Medieval Castle?

    I actually would like the idea of a siege map but this map isn't even a castle or walled town. If it was one, it would be harder and require artillery. The factory makes sense, it's suppose to be defensible for the defenders and close range. But I will admit there are flaws like any other map. Here is a example of a walled town:
  11. Helmet Mask:

    In the development overview webpage, they are development helmet mask apparently. I don't agree with that since the mask do not really feel historically accurate and I rather have them focused on developing Uniform types used by the Germans and the allies in the war and the ''more common'' y straps for the Germans. The thing I want done for uniforms as soon as possible would be ranking insignias. (E-1 to E-7 at least). So what is your opinion:
  12. Which is your best and worst map ?

    Best map for Assault: Factory since I like the looks of it and the map makes sense although it does have flaws. It's a factory, it's suppose to be close range. Best Map for Skirmish: Village, I like the idea of a small farming settlement although I wish there was more houses. But it's nice map and works. Best map for Encounter: Both of them although I voted Colmar Hamlet since I played Samree depot map too much. Worst map ever: Airfield: It doesn't feel like an actual Airfield in my opinion and the game play somewhat sucks.
  13. Here are my suggestions for the FPS: Remove Sway when you aim but keep sway when you hip fire. Allow Infantry to equip a main weapon, sidearm, grenade/tool and melee weapon. That means remove the equipment point system from this game I suppose and the veteran slot. Any Class not a soldier should at least be able to carry a smg and a melee weapon. Rts: Add features basically inspired by games like HOI, TW and others. Like resources, borders since I would like each faction to have see able borders not just towns colored in a faction color. When the war starts, Each Faction will have their prewar borders but will change when some other faction occupies their towns or the faction expands. Add a reward to winning and also losing the war since war doesn't give you a big reward for playing it in it. Add a bit of story to the rts. A cut scene for each faction when you first enter the rts after a war and another will appear if you win would be okay, For example:
  14. Tanker class rework

    I know that, but these are still good suggestions even if some of them are being already developed.