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  1. To be fair, (I feel like a jerk now..) they lost most if not all of those cities in 1941.
  2. To be fair, the Germans did have Belgrade in 1941 when they invaded it when the Americans and Soviets weren't at war with the Germans yet.
  3. We are the Roman Empire in the 5th Century A.D

    I would also like a option to be able to change each faction's name for yourself.
  4. We are the Roman Empire in the 5th Century A.D

    I wasn't really talking about that. I was talking about giving the Romans bulletproof shields.
  5. Well it might not be unbalancing since Reto could just add things like fires could just delay or injure some assault teams. I don't really think they will add tornadoes on the fps but they could add it on the rts.
  6. We are the Roman Empire in the 5th Century A.D

    You know I was being Sarcastic? Right? Reto is going nerf and buff the Johnson. Not just buff it.
  7. We are the Roman Empire in the 5th Century A.D

    What if we develop modern bulletproof shields and gave the Romans Pistols?
  8. We are the Roman Empire in the 5th Century A.D

    Now we just need to have a map of Constantinople with Theodosian walls.
  9. What if Reto added the Mongol Empire? How would you guys react?
  10. So we are now having Rome and Belgrade as the two capitals. Does that mean we are the Western and the Eastern Roman Empire when it lost many parts of Gaul, Britannica and Spain due to Germanic Barbarians??? It's going to be great. We can easily defend the east..... Just guard the east they said. The Huns will come again from Russia, then the Barbarians, then the Ottomans and then the Mongols? (If relations between the Mongols and Romans becomes sour) The Western and Eastern Roman Empire: The Huns: The Mostly Germanic Barbarians: (Fighting 3rd Century Roman Legionaries) The Romans: The claim that the siege of 1453 was a inside Job: The Ottomans: The Mongol Empire: The Mongol conquest of Russia: We need the Mongols.....
  11. We are no longer Germany

    No? We are the Roman Empire in the 5th Century???
  12. I just say to this, give better iron sights and the fps ''fun again''.
  13. TotalAxis Phoenix Division

    Ask a member of Total Axis (A Leutnant or Higher) to give you the rank of oberschultze so that you can join most of the chat rooms.
  14. Oh okay. Maybe add the Mp35 for the Germans instead of the Mp18?
  15. I would just say give the marines normal weapons as the normal infantry. But nice post.