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  1. (Mountain) Factory

    At least you aren't tanking in Stalingrad I suppose. But at least tanking isn't that bad in this map.
  2. (Mountain) Factory

    Feedback: A line still sucks for attackers since the distance I believe from the last objective of A line to the main objective is quiet far. B-Line is a fun line to attack or defend. Make this a complete set of the German Checkpoints: The main objectives should be revamped to look like more of a factory. Since I don't exactly know what they are producing except for rockets since I believed there is a rocket in one or both of those objectives, right? Make that into this: Not trying to advertise this since this appears to be from a game, but you get the idea. I will add more later.
  3. So um, I did a update to this post and reworked my suggestions sort of. Hope it's better for readers. The reworked changes could be found below the old ones.
  4. How to balance problem weapons

    all of these nerf and buffs are bad, they try to make ww2 like a modern day shooter...... oh wait..... Just remove Adams rng sway conefire and add historical rof. Make bolt action rifles and Semi automatics guaranteed ohk but at a 15 feet short range only. Farther ranges would be 2hk. Mods would increase ohk range to only 25 feet. Solves the Bolt action ohk issue sort of, at least it's not ohk every time. Make everything else 2hk but add a 15 feet short range only, mods would increase it to 25 feet. The rest is Pocket pistols 3hk but only 15 feet, increases to 25 feet with mods and farther ranges would be 4hk. Make shooting the neck and heart count sort of like the head shot multiplier. This is a good example of the size of the heart in a human body, right???
  5. Scope magnification reduction, when?

    I like this, I don't want any nerfs or changes to scopes. Just tell Reto to remove rng sway Adams conefire system. Since I would rather honestly be a sniper due to the Adams rng sway conefire system.
  6. Yep, they shouldn't have lowered the headshot multiplier..... instead they should have removed rng sway from the game. So how about, evolving and literally removing rng sway. Reverse the headshot multiplier back to five. Because Adams rng sway conefire system broke this game into a not fun arcade fps game. That was the worst decision ever. Since I suck in this game due to the fact I can't shoot straight.
  7. Scope magnification reduction, when?

    The way to make recons popular and more infantry snipers uncommon is more costumization options since in WW2, I bet the normal German Sniper would have looked like a normal soldier but with some minor differences. Also lower the recon cost since it's too much. Remove RNG Sway, Fix iron sights, historical rof and that is about it.
  8. I don't like this type of balance, just remove the rng sway away from the game and add historical rof please.... Rng sway sort of made the game unplayble and broken. Please Reto!
  9. Maybe remove sway, fix some of these damage values and reverse the multiplier back to five, Since how guns work in this game is sort of broken. Also add historical rof, these changes would balances everything. Honestly the fps shooter sucks for some people due to the sway.
  10. Lowering Headshot multiplier won't really do anything except indirectly and directly nerfing and buffing certain weapons, 5x should come back. But everything else is good.
  11. Yeah, usually when a issue affects a group of people, people start talking about it.
  12. But there is also people that liked 5x headshots like me since this game's balance system is sort of broke due to unrealsitic sway which should only exist if you been sprinting a lot and possibe damage disparities among some guns. It is one of the only nice updates that are not bad for me about gun performance. Because I suck at the game due to the sway. Why does everyone want to nerf t1 smgs, they sort of suck anyway. Just saying in my opinion.
  13. oh, okay. I know, I saw your post.
  14. Um, that's just plain right rude. I don't even like the Mp40 in this game. Lame sound effects and recoil sway gets on my nerve. 5x headshot isn't bad.
  15. This makes no sense, please reverse this. But overrall besides this, nice update.