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  1. alupkasix

    Sending soldeirs on leave

    Well that sucks.
  2. alupkasix

    Sending soldeirs on leave

    I'm not voting since I don't fully understand the feature and I only have about 25 characters total. But, I would love a way to hide the free soldiers Reto dropped on me that junk up my soldier list.
  3. alupkasix

    it ld be loosing mr reto

    They did this intentionally specifically so they don't have to address real issues. Here, critical issues can be thoughtfully debated and substantiated with proof, such as images, videos, and polls. Here, you can also up-vote topics, search to see if others had the same issue. You could add your voice to existing feedback to show Reto that it's not just 1 or 2 players complaining but rather a significant portion of their player base responding to the same issues. Likewise you could add counter arguments or even offer actual solutions (which many players did). In other words, the forums allow you to get deeper and more complete feedback. These are all super important things for any developer that actually cares about their users. And by the way, while I appreciate praise, negative feedback is really all I care about at work because those are the things I need to improve. But for Reto, these are all perceived to be problems rather than legit feedback. Especially since here on the forums, it becomes very clear how long important issues are totally ignored, since you can link or search back through the records. Reto has no interest in any of this, so switching to Discord is a convenient way to completely make all the criticism and constructive negative feedback disappear. Their whole "user driven development" shtick was a total lie, and these forums made that crystal clear. It's a shame because over the years, the amount of time and effort that players took to provide feedback was astonishing. But Reto just got offended most of the time and totally ignored everyone. Just like with the latest issue of rocks. I've followed these forums for years, and the claim that it's toxic is completely false. The fact is that the vast majority of topics posted here were polite constructive feedback. Why any developer would want to exchange a dedicated feedback forum for real-time chat is beyond me. It's not like they're going to fix things in real-time, so what's the point. And their argument that no one comes here is BS. They could have promoted the forums more and made it the primary place for questions, answers, and feedback. They could have actually engaged the users here like they do elsewhere. But they didn't. The only reason players stopped using the forums is because they were wholly ignored and all of their time and effort to provide feedback was a total waste of time. That's completely on Reto and has nothing to do with trends, etc. Lastly, their position that they can only do one or the other is bizarre. They should have their public relations people doing the real-time chat - to mingle with players and whatnot. Things like Discord would be great for this. Meanwhile, their developers should be here analyzing feedback to improve the game, and engaging with players who take the time and effort to offer suggestions for improvement.
  4. Before they lock and archive the forums, this topic should be higher on the list as a permanent reminder of Reto's legacy. Which of course, like the many examples before it, has always been their total rejection of constructive user feedback. I've had personal discussions with many H&G players. Reto's aloof management style and absolute disregard for their players in general has literally become a social experiment for us. I mean seriously, does everyone in Denmark think like this? Are other normal businesses there run like this? Did the talented people that worked there actually think their bosses were great, or were they just going along to keep their jobs? We really want to know.
  5. alupkasix

    Binocular Improvements

    These are great ideas. Except recons should remain "recon snipers", rather than just being recon only. There needs to be a sniper class and this is obviously it. But for sure, if recon snipers could do more than snipe that would be fantastic.
  6. alupkasix

    Sniper Rifles

    Wow, you guys have clearly never been around real military. The nonsensical hate toward snipers and sniper rifles is ignorant. Like IRL, people that know how to play the sniper role properly contribute greatly to matches and I'm glad they are there to provide overwatch when I'm playing as infantry.
  7. The updates to the "weather" are a huge a improvement. The colors and lighting of the game look much better now overall, so thank you Reto team. However, can you please fix one last thing? The sky always appears as a dome. IRL when the sun is setting, the sky is a bit colorful near the sun, because the sun is the source. But if you turn around 180 degrees to the opposite horizon, the sky is still blue. But in H&G, the sunset colors go 360 degrees around the map, creating a super weird dome effect, which IMO looks creepy and breaks immersion. Why would light from the sun be coming from the opposite horizon? I do not see this in other games, so can you please fix it so that it looks more natural (more linear instead of circular)? P.S. This is a follow up to the previous thread:
  8. Dear Reto, no offense, but players have been hating and complaining about these stupid rocks for over a year now. The message from the community has been crystal clear: remove or significantly reduce the rocks on all maps. So in what world does adding more and bigger rocks address that issue? Your whole entire rock concept is completely stupid and ruins the game. How many different ways do we have to say this?
  9. alupkasix

    What happen to 3 way battles

    3 way battles were by far the most fun battles. Reto should reintroduce them as part of the core game play, or at least more often. This is an example of how their "improvements" lead to more boring game play. It's also an example of how their stupid RTS thing ruins everything. Every match should be an all out 3 way brawl (maybe with an occasional 1 on 1 skirmish here and there). And by the way, if part of the problem with 3 way is the split between Assault and "Assault with only infantry", then Reto needs to scrap that whole idea. By mixing the other special classes, it didn't accomplish what players were asking for anyway (true infantry only). So it's pointless. Just merge these back so matches are more populated. Then triple the number of 3 way battles. I can't even tell the difference between these 2 game modes, but everyone can definitely tell the difference between 2 way and 3 way battles. In other words, Reto always picks the wrong things to make important. Or if too many resources are the problem, then how about just not give so many resources in 3 way battles? Maybe reduce them in proportion to the reduction of time. Why does Reto always complicate things? Seriously, just address the problems head on. For fun, I just asked a 7 year-old girl, "If the problem is that you give someone too much money, what is the solution?". "Don't give them so much money?" Genius.
  10. alupkasix


    For the millionth time, a mute button makes this argument completely irrelevant. Come on, get real. Text chat works like 99.99% of the time here. With modern technology, the idea that it's too technically difficult to implement reliable voice chat is ridiculous. If it was so unreliable, how does everyone else manage to figure it out? Not to mention the technology has been around for at least 20 years and has fully matured. I mean the team at Reto Moto are game developers are they not? -- 1. So we have established that anyone that doesn't want to use voice chat doesn't have to. 2. We've also established that it can easily be successfully implemented if Reto wanted to do it. 3. Similarly, we have established from many previous discussions here that discord/TS doesn't work with random players and random matches. So what else? If anyone has real counter arguments against in-game voice chat, please share it. But can we please at least put these 3 arguments to rest, since they are so easily invalidated at the most basic level.
  11. Not sure if it's related, but I live in the US and the US servers at & are basically unplayable for me. I don't have any notes about the specific one you mentioned, but it seems like there is a problem with their US hosting company, or at least in certain data centers. All I can do is quit those matches, remove the map from filter, and wait for a new match. I have also contacted their support before and never received replies, so I'm not sure it's even a real thing at this point. Then again, I don't think they even read their own development feedback forum anymore either.
  12. Hello sir, can you please stop posting literally the exact same (unrelated/unfunny/unhelpful) thing in every single thread. And FYI, H&G server issues are real.
  13. alupkasix

    The new weather

    Sorry, but this new "weather" is ridiculous. After years or dealing with Reto's fetish for making everything impossible to see (sun spots, black hole shadows, filthy scope lenses, everything the same shade of shirt brown, etc.), they finally brightened the game up and made it possible to play. Now we're back to this old shirt again? 1: WTF planet are we on? Because I don't remember neon pink toxic atmosphere on Earth. 2. Even for those players that think this is cool, there is no possible way you can argue that this is a World War 2 vibe. 3. I'm all for new weather, but you can't just throw a dark colored Photoshop filter on top of the whole game and call it Weather. This isn't remotely close to variable "weather". I was driving today IRL through overcast and rain, just after playing one of these matches, and could see 100x farther than what's depicted here. Just because there's inclement weather doesn't mean we can't see details and color around us. 4. Visibility is an absolute must - it's a game, not a modern art gallery. This hide and seek play in the dark sci-fi/horror theme is not why anyone chooses to play a WW2 themed game. Is there anyone at Reto with any real military experience or at least appreciation for real military things (like models as a kid or movies)? Because these current changes are so far removed from WW2 it makes me wonder if you even know what kind of game you're developing any more. I mean here's an enemy soldier right in front of me. See if you can spot him - and do you really think this is what it looked like in WW2?: Also, why is he that small when he's just a few feet away? I love H&G. I've been playing it for years and have seen very good and very bad changes. I really thought you were finally heading in the right direction. But when you can't see people standing right in front of you (under a gaseous extraterrestrial pink sky), then something is seriously wrong. Please revert this with the next hotfix. If you can figure out how to do weather properly later on then great. But if not, then please just leave it alone. I simply can't endure another plunge back into the dark ages of H&G. P.S. I'm pretty sure this isn't even new. Didn't you guys already try this before? -- Edit: yep, the "pinkish hide everything Photoshop filter pretending to be weather" from 5 years ago: I've lived in several countries around the world and this is not what Earth looks like in any of them. -- Edit 2: Now zero contrast/zero color except for yellow toxic ooze? No offense, but you guys at Reto have completely lost your minds. Can we please just have normal natural blue skies and green trees 95% of the time, just like in the real world? And for the rest of the time some other natural earthly looking colors, such as properly done night or snow?: H&G could easily be the best WW2 game of all time, but it's stuff like this that keeps ruining it. If you're wanting some weather besides clear skies, a color palette like this would be cool:
  14. alupkasix

    Recon etiquette

    Yes, I also find this completely annoying, especially when you have camo badge and they come up and give your position away. It's definitely something I never do to other people. It doesn't bother me when my squad mate is totally new or just got sniper and doesn't know what's going on. In those cases, I just let them hang out and try to answer questions if they ask. Or if we are pinned down and our position is super obvious. Then I'm glad when 2 or 3 other guys are helping defend beside me. But these are both rare cases. I'm glad someone finally posted this because I assume people just aren't thinking clearly. Maybe if they read this, they will consider it.
  15. alupkasix

    Randoms are the salt of the earth

    Yes, if this is how you deal with it. Not to mention the entire post is just to tell the world how awesome he is. That's pretty much the definition. And for your military analogy, some officers and NCOs are narcissistic assholes. But most are not. Everyone knows that real leaders lead by example, and most people in leadership roles in the military would never act this way or say the things mentioned in this post. Furthermore, H&G is not the military. Obviously, if you sign up for the military there are greater expectations for you to take combat and training seriously. That is not even close to the same scenario as random people wanting to play a casual arcade game after work. So basically, it's a complete false analogy. You are literally saying, "Don't play the game you little lovers, just sit there and be my little pawns...while I play whatever the love I want". You're playing war mode right? Because you would have to be a total duck to act this way in Staged where casual players are just trying to have some fun.