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  1. If they don't fix AT rambos , it doesn't matter putting new armor to the game .Even Reto trying to fixing it with lazy&amateur ways , like " slowing down " movement . All tanks are equal : put 2 x H3 and gg , doesn't matter which tank , only in different skins .
  2. Totenkopf insignia

    The game is based on this game -> . Unreal engine and at this video he is on something like development tool . For visual quality better look at here :
  3. LeadBoards is FAIL

    Actually , lazy&amateur Reto didn't implement any clan system to the game . If they would implement clan system , clan stats on leaderboard would looks better and put some race to clans . Any score from staged games shouldn't be on leaderboard , it shows nothing .
  4. Russian weapons need improvement

    Russian weapons needs rework for balance . Especially PPD , too weak .
  5. Totenkopf insignia

    Want more ? Carefully check weapons , iron sights , muzzle smoke , target is clear on auto-fire etc ...
  6. Finnaly Germany is dead

    Germany is " cosmetic" only faction . Well Reto will pay for their own faults .
  7. USA Infantry assault gathering

    1. Boost Ribbon . 2. Shoot almost non-stop . Even you see enemy car at least put 16 or 24 bullets on it while trying to kill driver . 3. Turn game volume a bit down .
  8. Game down

    Classic servers are down .
  9. STG Mods

    Change faction get Johnson or Avs .
  10. increasing wallet warriors

    Any faction Rank 15+ soldier can afford reasonable throwing nades , full mod gun and vet membership with ingame money .
  11. Many GE clans in Staged today

    Aren't devil brigade guys have joined GE ? If they heard coming anti-tank rifle to GE , probably they should be them .
  12. Capturing Weapons

    Reto's asymetric balance logic ™ : Only give 1 faction an " anti tank rifle " while they can have other anti-tank weapons . But other factions don't have an anti-tank rifle . Actually Reto has no logic about balance even asymetric manner . Hey suddenly Reto remind their roadmap and they will add more planes ! No need to give anti-tank rifles to other factions ... Game is already red vs blue , wrote above ... No need to more trolling ....
  13. Capturing Weapons

    Red vs Blue ? Anti-Tank Mines Grenades Bazooka + Panzerschreck H3 All melee weapons Russia is using M3 Halftrack with Red Star ( Lend-Lease ) Russia is using 42WLA with Red Star ( Lend-Lease ) If players are going to enjoy captured weapons/vehicles , let them have ...
  14. are there any big axis clans?

    Actually not only Axis , all factions and game is dying slowly . Well Reto killed own game . ( Even US and SU TS become more emptier day by day ) Yesterday there was no competition for H&G in game arena . Today competitors are developing . Tomorrow they will release . What will Reto do ? If US faction is going to overpopulate they will going to broke popular weapons ? like amateur " developers " or they carelessly trying to add more planes ?