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  1. Auraniken

    Is Reto dead?

    Such an online game and no clan management in game ? ( around 4 years ) Instead of this , they are adding tank maps with ai bots ... Breaking guns ( for example : MG42 ) is an addition to sink the game . Problem is Reto is alive but game is not . Why not other factions don't have anti tank rifle ? Why ? Lots of things ... Its an infantry based game and they are planning to add more planes ... who cares ...
  2. Auraniken

    SU deploy: New Wave

    SU dont need enemy while having Recons + Tankers in team , they are saboteurs . +1
  3. Auraniken

    Mg42 or STG 44

    MP40 . Stg44 : is lucky headshot gun with low fire power . If you miss your headshot and enemy is veteran with " beast " weapon , probably you will lose your encounter . Mg42 : is not a mobile weapon , its almost feels like you are deploying a gun on field with crouch . High rpm MG42 not accurate enough for mid range but good for close quarter combat . You can play aggresive with it but you should try it with picking up to see gun fits your play style or not , that you need to more focus on gun than others . MP40 is not suitable for mid range, but can handle all other situations and good hipfire .
  4. I think your brain is not 404 , it's 500 " internal server error " .
  5. Auraniken

    FPS Drop hard lag

    R9 390x is my old card , nvidia gtx 1050 is my new card . Both have issues . On unreal 4 engine games I have no issue with fps .
  6. Auraniken

    FPS Drop hard lag

    1 thing I have found planes reducing fps and sometimes fps drops around 20 or lower . I think it's related about graphic engine that made by reto .
  7. Germany in a situation for automatic weapons like : All factions having heavy tanks except Germany . All you guys telling us you have Panther and you shouldn't want more . Reto tells Panthers kill a lot GE don't need heavy tanks . We want just BALANCE on weapons !
  8. Germany needs a proper gun to counter other factions " Steroid " guns . Balance !
  9. In this game : US is 1st class citizen SU is 2nd class citizen GE is 3rd class citizen We are playing this game with accepting this fact . Yes when it comes to US its OK , but when it comes to GE its NO ! For years Reto is developing this game with US bias and don't forget they broke MG42 . I like to have FG42 as infantry soldier but I don't think there is a hope for it , yes GE can't have a good weapon sadly ... Left German soldier carrying , an unnamed hero ...
  10. Auraniken

    Germany needs some stuff

    FG 42 for infantry .
  11. Auraniken

    Extremely imbalanced game

    Ok suppose cross faction weapons buyable and modable ? What players gonna use mostly ? ... Who quoted me sorry you have no valid points ...
  12. Auraniken

    Extremely imbalanced game

    Stg has disgusting recoil pattern. This gun doesn't work with properly aiming , this gun works with " random headshot " and yes it is a random headshot machine . Raw damage output pretty weak , but headshots are not . For example ; with full modded Stg fire below chest or around chest it will " accidently headshot " enemy . About Jeep Willys and Kubelwagen yes , Kubel traction is very low in game. This video is an open proof about traction : Reto developed game with US bias before they adding SU faction, GE is always 2nd class citizen . Reto don't know about the word " balance " . So even Reto don't think about balancing the game , you should play the game with knowing this .
  13. Auraniken

    Iron sight kar

    Well before scope update it was good option fully modded BA , people were crying about it . Now SA has scout barrel . SA > BA Well fully moded BA should OHK HSG , but it doesn't ...äyhä
  14. Auraniken


    Recoil pattern tells about G43 . M1 Garand : G43 :
  15. Auraniken

    So the MP40...