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  1. I'd play my SU guy more, I have fun with him, but too often I end up on the Russian server, and even though it's only 165 ping, it's super tough to play on, feels like I'm playing through jello.
  2. Yeah I think the problem is for a lot of the player base, SU isn't the first thing to pop to mind when they thing WWII. (unfair I know, but I didn't write the books or make the movies)
  3. I want each war to last a freaking month, it would be great. I would like to be able to leave my stuff somewhat near the front lines and not have to sweat the whole time I'm offline. The problem is, if we remove AR entirely, Russia will still only pop what they want to pop 90% of the time because they have by far the least randos.
  4. Even though I know it's the filter in action, I loved this part.
  5. Am I the only one that pictures triggered finger sweaty, hunched over his keyboard pounding out a stream of thought series of words? Capitalization and punctuation would help so much, because I can't process his rants. It hurts my head.
  6. It's actually a really great idea. The "dethroned" squad leader would gain more XP from following orders, thus getting to rank 6 faster and be able to start throwing orders around himself.
  7. Like, if AR is going to happen, it's best to auto in your favor, but, it's best avoided whenever possible. AR is the cancer eating away at RTS side of the game. It needs to die.
  8. Gotta aim in heavy vs heavy tank combat bro.
  9. And not long before that Russia won every war, and not long before that Germany won every war.... It's very rare that it's a mystery who will win the war.
  10. Was there an old CEO? If not that would explain lack of guiding vision.
  11. Wow, lucky you. I've almost stopped using bolt in war altogether.
  12. AP mines on your Greyhound work well against people that jump on it to kill you out of the turret, but it wouldn't really help tanks since folks rarely jump on them. If you could stick them to the side you could at least get guys doing H3 runs.
  13. Then I need a third pilot, ugh, can't do that grind again.
  14. That must have been staged for there to be so many without heavyset during those bolt action rampages... Or randos just queued against you luckily... It's god's own miracle when I can get a 1HK anymore with a bolt.
  15. I can draw in MS Paint pretty well. I've got your back!