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  1. WarDaemon

    Bombs unintentionally nerfed

    I dunno, sounds like a bug to me.
  2. WarDaemon

    It won't let me in.

    So you tried uninstalling and reinstalling already. Is it after the log in screen? If so, make a throw away account and try to log in with it. If it works, you know it's a problem with your profile. If it doesn't, then, hmm, I dunno. I'd say uninstall then (if you know what you are doing) clean all references out of your registry. (before reinstalling)
  3. WarDaemon


    That's just not true, not of the clans I spend the most time with. AAA (at it's peak especially) always took on all comers in southern France. BAD specifically seeks out clans to go after. DB and Partizans have spent a lot of time clan hunting. From other factions I've seen German and SU clans seek out clans to fight plenty of times too, especially in key areas. You can't blame good clans when others don't want to queue against them and then they end up popping against randos. If it wasn't for joining a clan, I'd never have kept playing the game. It really is best with friends. Not being able to chat with my friends while I play would make me stop playing, thus hurting the population of the game, so.... no, I won't play without being able to talk to my friends. If I was going to do that, I'd play a single player game.
  4. WarDaemon

    A break, meanwhile..

    I've literally never thrown paras around London. Quit trying to libel me. The king of autoreSUlve trying to cast a shadow at me. HA.
  5. WarDaemon

    A break, meanwhile..

    Joke's on you loser, I didn't even have paras out that war. Liar confirmed.
  6. WarDaemon

    A break, meanwhile..

    How not to take a break...
  7. WarDaemon

    The H&G bias compass

  8. WarDaemon

    Moscow Server

    I love the multi crew tanking... different strokes for different folks i guess.
  9. WarDaemon

    Moscow Server

    I actually enjoyed the way PS plays, but, you NEED a good team, worse than you do in H&G, and each battle means nothing. Without a war being fought over, I can't get too excited over the win on each match.
  10. WarDaemon

    alts poping battles

    It's a change from just not playing and autoreSUlving everything at least
  11. WarDaemon

    hellcat traverse speed nerf

    I just know what happens to mine all the damn time.
  12. WarDaemon

    hellcat traverse speed nerf

    I don't know what you're doing wrong. Every time I drive a hellcat my paper tracks get instantly wrecked and all I can do is drive in a tiny circle since US tanks are the absolute worst when tracked.
  13. WarDaemon

    Working as Intended

    Actually, they generally have the most ATs on the board.
  14. WarDaemon

    Working as Intended

    I'm frustrated by it, that's what about it. Uh Duh.