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  1. WarDaemon

    We back at start?

    OH, I agree that no AR is way better. I've been a proponent for no AR for a long time. I'm just saying that it's not the US faction's fault that they can steamroll.
  2. WarDaemon

    We back at start?

    Actually AR isn't the problem with that. Very little AR happens. It's a problem of towns not being fun. Very little requires actual fighting, and clans can steamroll those, the rest is just not fun, so they walk right through.
  3. I've found that the best way to counter the m2a2 is to hit the tracks. US tanks are by far the worst off if they lose a track. German and SU tanks can still manage to more or less go forward or backward with hard steering, US tanks just circle and cry. Hit the track, HE the tanker if he hops out to repair, or back off and hammer it from a distance. Problem solved. (or, as all the folks like to say to those that complain about the uselessness of infantry AT equipment say, it's all about hitting the weak points)
  4. Very first impression, subject to adjustment as I experience it.... I like the complexity of the building, should make for interesting CQC action, though I think an aggressive start will leave the place very hard to take for anyone slow off the gun. Is the green part of the roof meant to be not part of the cap zone, because it currently is not. Also, when you step forward into (at least some, I didn't test them all) the firing slits (I want to call them arrow slits, but, probably not many of those coming out these days) you leave the cap zone. Is that on purpose or accident?
  5. WarDaemon

    Where is Reto.Kraken?

    Now I want to fly back to Denmark to go to a Danish metal concert. I bet that is freaking amazing.
  6. WarDaemon

    Planes still not fixed

    It's OK, @GaiusBaltar is a wizard of metagaming. Now he just rambos in a baby tank and plants mines under the enemy tanks after lifting them up with his. #brilliant
  7. @Reto.Millan I know you're seeing a lot of heat in this thread, but, there is a reason. People care. A lot. The war mode is a HUGE reason many play this game. I know it is a major draw for me. I (and this may be heresy) have some other games that I like the FPS part better, but, the matches mean nothing. There is no reward other than a scoreboard and a pat on the back. In H&G it MATTERS when I win or lose, because of the war map. It makes a difference, and that is all the difference for a lot of your players. I'd think the poll speaks volumes. I know nothing makes me log out and go play *redacted other game* faster than seeing a bunch of troops getting autoresolved. I know it was set up as a temporary test, but I'd think the results of the test say something, and that is, a lot of players prefer AR off. I believe it would be a net positive to flip that switch and leave it off until the refactoring is done. At that time, whatever adjustments take place take place. Just my two cents.
  8. WarDaemon

    Trigger the user above you [Forum game]

    Truth. (unless he makes a mistake)
  9. WarDaemon

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    More feedback, (not that it'll help) PTRD still broken. It can one hit kill a wing or tail section of a plane, leaving you crippled, and you likely having no clue where the shot came from. Nobody else has anything to compare. It's stupid. Make that thing prone only to reduce their being brokenly used as the best AA in the game.
  10. WarDaemon

    Plane changes in hotfix?

    If it wasn't for bad enemy pilots and my own modest skill, I'd have thrown my hands up already.
  11. WarDaemon

    Trigger the user above you [Forum game]

    *You're *can't **triggered!!!**
  12. Has anyone noticed if infantry first or iron fist actually does anything now? I should test, but I'm lazy I guess. It SEEMS to me to not be helping at all, but perception can be a tricky thing.
  13. WarDaemon

    The ridiculous case of the anti-personnel mine

    You call these cap zones cramped? Have you forgotten the old ways? Now THOSE were cramped cap zones.
  14. Yet I put 4 zooks and a faust into the butt end of a german TD and it's still functional.