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  1. 1919 as intended

  2. Crash on battle start

    I've been having the same problem, generally if I rejoin between 1 and 3 times it will make it in.
  3. A huge mistake

  4. This is just plain legit bias

    The cyclic rate could be altered by changing the tension in the buffer spring and was theoretically variable between 300 and 900rds./min. http://ww2.rediscov.com/spring/VFPCGI.exe?IDCFile=/spring/DETAILS.IDC,SPECIFIC=9564,DATABASE=objects, Whoops yet again.
  5. A new Encounter map? Really?

    A new encounter map using existing assets is still a new map. It's relatively fast and easy compared to a shiny new assault map with new assets. They are working on the new assets and level designs for new assaults, but, that takes more time and resources to accomplish. Why not get an appetizer while you wait for the main course?
  6. This is just plain legit bias

    Read again: M1944: a further evolution of M1941. Basic action is the same but wooden butt is replaced by metallic butt, which consists of two steel tubes with attached buttplate. Bipod is replaced by lighter folding monopod, which also can serve as a forward “assault” grip. Says nothing about higher RPM being limited to that variant. The rate of fire was changed via adjusting the recoil spring by the way. Relatively easy on many weapons. Whoops!
  7. This is just plain legit bias

    BUT is available in theory, and since the theme of this game is more "what if" than "it was" then it seems perfectly legit. Again.
  8. This is just plain legit bias

    http://modernfirearms.net/en/machineguns/u-s-a-machineguns/johnson-m1941-m1944-eng/ 300 – 900 rounds per minute (variable) 800+ seems legit to me.
  9. Console

    Thank you so much, my dogfighting will go up X2.
  10. New Investors for RETO = faster development?

    I don't think it's going to be a problem, I honestly don't. This was one of my biggest points when I went on the Insider trip, and I grilled everyone from the CEO to the developers on it. I think they are going to move more into the cosmetic piece, but right now their primary goal is game improvements. Step one: Make a better product Step two: Grow the player base Step three: profit They were very explicit how they are adamant about avoiding the P2W trap. Is there anyone on earth who hasn't?
  11. New Investors for RETO = faster development?

    I think they're in it for the long haul, continuing income streams, rather than a quick buck.
  12. Why, Reto?

    Of course, check 'em out, there are great summaries on the forums if you don't want to watch.
  13. Why, Reto?

    Well, the last Q&A&Y has 4.5 thousand views on youtube, plus whoever watched live so... I'd say quite a few. They can only do it now, they can't go back in time and do it in the past. This is also a lot of people. It is far more time efficient.
  14. Why, Reto?

    The people vote on the questions, so... blame the players for that.
  15. Unplayable

    I74790k with gtx770 and it works fine for me on max settings, shrug. it's a crazy world. I do have an SSD, don't know if that's much help on a game like this, but, can't hurt...