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  1. Warlentine sale and a gift from RETO MOTO

    This voucher gives your account a FREE one day Veteran Membership and can be redeemed until Tuesday the 20th of February 08:00 CET / 2am EST.
  2. PTRD's conefire value needs to be looked at

    No, I get sniped 200 meters up across the river in town map by them, and the problem vs machine guns is it's much easier to see where machine gun fire is coming from compared to a single PTaRD. (or even worse, two working in tandem, ugh) And yes, I would like to have a chance to bail out, it has such a stealth advantage compared to shrek or zook.....
  3. Help! BAR

    YA! It's a really fun weapon when well modded. Not the best in the universe, but it feels good.
  4. PTRD's conefire value needs to be looked at

    As long as it can't snipe planes in such a ridiculous manner any more, I'd be fine with them sucking less against ground vehicles.
  5. Stop deploying

    Suggesting people not deploy /= suggesting people not play. There is always staged, and playing with other people's ATs..... I'll still deploy, but probably be pretty selective in how/when they are used.
  6. Reto was right about TTK.

    If 3hk 700 rpm only hits 2 rounds, 4hk 578 hits all 4, then yes, sounds legit. Sights, stability, handling, they matter.
  7. Development Overview is now public

    They don't know how to click on things maybe?
  8. Not a fan of your last idea. I'd rather troll AND make a profit at the time same. (although, if you shoot up a recon plane some first, you can gently tap it with your heavy plane to finish it off and move on to another)
  9. The best bet is to do this in a war match with recon planes against heavies. I had a match where I killed 6 heavy planes at the cost of 5 recon planes this way. (well, I shot one down that was heavily damaged, the rest were Gaius method) Imagine the greater salt level when their expensive heavy is taken out by a recon plane?
  10. Is it a different account? You unlock more maps over time. Either that or on that install for some reason you don't have all the maps selected as an option. In case you don't know about this... (because frankly, clarity of user interface needs serious work)
  11. PTRD's making comeback?

    and I get hit by PTRD from across the river 200 meters up, so... it's broken
  12. I present, old man Vet in H&G being watched by hordes of randos
  13. Which faction is overpowered?

    I bet you wouldn't think M1G has best scope when defending across a river and GE snipes you at will and you can't even see them. Springfield makes you drunk even on stability build compared to other sniper rifles Thompson is near uncontrollable at best ROF and TTK builds, I'd rather use an unmodded MP-40 then a well modded Thompson MG42 does well in the right role blah blah blah you crazy my friend, i disagree with almost every point you try to make.
  14. So, an easy improvement for the friends list (so it seems to me, but who knows how the code works out) would be to add a filter. Let me select only friends in my own war faction. That would help so so much when lots of folks are on if I want to focus on people I can actually play with. Any chance of making that happen easily? @Reto.Circinus, I choose you!