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  1. Competitive LMG for SU

    I don't know about numbers, but I know I can wreck as well if not better with a well modded DP-28 than a 1919, but, I am old and cranky. The sights are a big thing for me.
  2. Old Gamer syndrome

    I'm not getting old, games are getting young!!!
  3. Can't join a staged match without choosing faction

    You bug hunting pimp you.
  4. Soviet Medium Plane

    If you want to compete in the air, I can't conceive of how you'll do it without classic controls. They take a LOT of practice, but once it clicks, you're at a different level.
  5. tank or thompson?

    What bazooka does a one hit kill on a tank? I have infantry first and iron fist gold on my AT guy, and I have never one hit killed an undamaged tank. Must be voodoo magic.
  6. I deploy a toy AT when I want to play with toys now and again, and foot infantry in the hopes they'll earn some XP for my nerds before they get ARed inevitably, but besides that, I don't feel the need to deploy at this point either. It's terrible. I've lost warfunds almost every war for months.
  7. Low Sway Weapon for the Germans?

    If he's US biased, why has he argued for Germany buffs so often? What does Insider have to do with him having an opinion? If you think D|ng is a no name, you are on crack. I've never met any veteran clan member that doesn't know and respect D|ng's game play... (if not his opinions sometimes)
  8. Flak jacket

    Current reduction for pilot, heavy set type reduction for planes, nerf PTRD vs planes, I'm all for it. Love, A frequent pilot.
  9. Spawn farming by planes? You misspelled spawn farming by literally everyone. Tanks, infantry, recon, paras etc etc etc etc
  10. A few wars with no AR!!!!

    Would be nice. I say we turn off autoresolve and morale and see how it goes. I think it would be wonderful to not have all my warfunds getting flushed down the autoresolve/ moraled out drain.
  11. Are we second rate customers?

    But, if each Moscow server can handle say, 10 battles, and each US server can handle 50 battles, which is better? I just have a feeling the Moscow servers aren't the strongest.
  12. No idea, I am on the same servers and I don't have these problems so....
  13. Are we second rate customers?

    Non-Moscow servers Moscow servers
  14. Yeah, I'd check what server you're playing on. F6 gives a LOT of info as well. Packet drops may well be your issue. I am on an i75790k with a 1060 and I enjoy pretty constant 100+ fps, but when I get on the Moscow server, somebody hits the strobe light. Maybe pay attention to ping, and see if certain servers give you more trouble than others. If that's not the problem, maybe it's a driver or configuration thing that just doesn't like H&G, because you're describing problems you shouldn't be having with your rig.