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  1. Stop whining because of Tigers used as AA

    Sorry, but it's annoying when you finally get a somewhat balanced air battle taking place and you're all "oh joy, a good dogfight" and then spend most of the match being taken down by PTRD and tanks.
  2. Would be nice to get some games below 200 ping.

    I'm sure US geography isn't your strong suit, but I'm Eastern US
  3. Just one balanced plane match, please God

    Hell yeah, I like the 410, it is a hell of a lot of fun to fly. Maybe parts of me are prehensile...
  4. Just one balanced plane match, please God

    I've played all the factions, have all planes on all factions. I don't want to outnumber the enemy. I want a reasonably balanced match.
  5. Anyone else forgotten what it's like to fly where both sides have roughly equal numbers? Every god damned match, mediums, US has 0-2 pilots vs 3 or 4 enemy. Heavy, US has 3-4 pilots vs 0 enemy. Recon planes, almost no dogfighting, morons just ramming over and over. I'd give my left arm for a all plane staged match where the numbers may be roughly equal....
  6. When Reto plays in staged :D

    Awww, I wish I'd made the list... maybe I can be in the 18 players for a town battle?
  7. H3 iron fist + grenadier.

    Sticky and H3. Place one H3, when they start to zoom away, toss sticky, GG tank.
  8. The end times are here!

    @Reto.RedBjarne , @Reto.Circinus, @Reto.Christiano, and the rest of the gang regularly race high end sports cars around the streets of downtown Copenhagen like they're playing Mario Cart. I saw it when I was on the Insider trip. It was crazy, right @Lycrist_Katkiller?
  9. New skirmish map.

    Wouldn't it get the overskilled bullies playing each other instead of stomping randos? I think you'd love it.
  10. What are the pros and cons of the Weasel

    For now the only pro is two boxes instead of one, I.E. ammo and health. Con, slower than Christmas. Corners like a battleship. The good news is, when the new terrain mechanics start, it should do well offroad. All that being said, it's awesome when you get to run somebody over with a weasel. One of the best love you methods in the game.
  11. New skirmish map.

    I could use another 500 gold.
  12. New skirmish map.

  13. Why H&G dont have Advertising in a game

    Cruising around town in your jeep, passing Berma Shave ads along the roadside?
  14. Reto Form letter

    When I think of the time I lost in that game... (especially before I developed my save constantly instinct)
  15. Reto Form letter

    God, can Mount & Blade II just come out already!?!!? Dear Reto, As a male faction player, I am tired of dealing with asymmetric balance. The big juicy boobies needs to be nerfed. The male side has nothing as good as this. It is way OP. The only way this would be fair is to buff the abdomenal muscles. Why do you always seem to favor the females? It's not fair. In fact the vagina is also totally ridiculously OP. There is no way to combat the vagina unless you buff our penis. If things don't change soon, this game is history. kind regards, Thirstyguy6000