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  1. What if you're a veteran that's still bad at the game like me? Can I use the toys?
  2. Become a Pilot Today!

    Well, I will say it won't get you out of random headshots. It seems every other time I fly I get headshot out by AA from across the map.
  3. Many GE clans in Staged today

    The deployment queue is the same for everyone, it's not the other faction's fault that so many German players want to deploy and not push their troops. I agree the warfund bonus needs to go away entirely, it has proven ineffective. Last I checked Germany won a couple of wars ago though, so, proof it's not impossible for them to win I'd think.
  4. High Quality H&G Beer Steins

    I am mystified by the complete lack of swag to buy. There are dedicated players that would buy and use H&G stuff if it was available. At least a T-shirt or something. I mean, it's money left on the table. @Reto.JM, get your people making money!
  5. looking for fun?

    It's not the number of battles won, it's winning the right battles that counts.
  6. 42 buff not enough

    No, it was not staged.
  7. Well, my play style is more of a yolo my way to the point so... yeah, I rarely put up a K/D like that. I am generally around a 1.5 or 2 KDR.... I'm not that concerned with my KD though, I'm all about taking one for the team. If I can take a bullet so a better player shooter can live, I'll do it 100% of the time.
  8. Teach me how to ground pound

    As much as I hate to fly against @Aust1n46, I have to say, he's damn good. I am a solidly decent pilot and I am thrilled when I put up half his score. It is not easy. I spend a couple of months hating my life and thinking I was a horrible person until I finally got to where I wasn't an embarrassment in the air. It's hard to get there, and it's a lot of grind to get your heavy planes. Don't be a hater guys.
  9. You went 23-6 with 15 armor kills and you are complaining you are underpowered vs infantry? Come on, get over it.
  10. 42 buff not enough

    I just watched somebody go 28-3 with the MG-42 in a forest skirmish, I think it's ok.
  11. b u d a p e s t

    The last year, year and a half or so I think. It's kinda like in the old days when Germany won almost every war and I thought it was literally impossible for US to win.
  12. I generally like this whole thing, but, there is one thing that limits the awesomeness level. With the abundance of ATs these days, it's very rare that the quantity of troops comes into play at the tactical level. Yes, it will make a difference strategically,(read: big picture RTS map) but, within the one battle, it's fairly rare that resources (especially infantry resources) get depleted.
  13. Time we throw reto a bone perhaps?

    Challenge accepted.
  14. Infantry Assualt

    Look internet tough guy, I gave fair honest feedback on a question YOU asked. I'm sorry it wasn't what you wanted to hear, but it WAS the truth. Also, yes, 2 hit kill semi auto is spectacular for ribbon grinding. If you want to go the extra mile, get infantry first and shoot at recon planes with it. It'll take you a long way quickly.
  15. Infantry Assualt

    Almost every Soldier on every side in every Army used only a rifle. British almost sole use of bolt action. Germans a LOT of bolt action. Russians pretty common use of bolt action.