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  1. WarDaemon

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    Nobody needs you to be a douchebag, yet here we are.
  2. WarDaemon

    CHANGELOG 1.16 - Aim, Fly and Fire

    This looks spectacular
  3. WarDaemon

    How's the USA whale population?

    I gave up on deploying a long time ago. If I'm not on at war end, there is no point in trying
  4. You still haven't specified which gun you speak of...
  5. WarDaemon

    I told you not to give AT rambos power

    When it takes 3 people to operate a tank then it can take 3 to kill it. Until that happens, having 1 vs 1 is more than fair.
  6. Which one is the laser gun? I want to use it!
  7. WarDaemon

    Refund on scopes after new scopes are released?

    Here is the thing... literally everything in this game has been changed/ buffed/ nerfed/ tweaked/ etc over the course of the life of the game. If I got a refund for everything that isn't as I bought it, I'd have a zillion credits and zero stuff. Embrace it, and enjoy the ride.
  8. WarDaemon


    @Reto.Hades Thanks bud. Take your time, and let's get it great the first go around. Appreciate all of your hard work, and I put my trust in that there is a lot more to come!
  9. WarDaemon


    @Reto.Hades, these are all cool and welcome changes in my opinion. The limited edition skins are a cool idea that is long overdue, (not the scheme I'd have picked, but it's cool), but... The thing on many pilots minds is, did the plane rebalance ninja happen in this patch, or is that still to come? God I miss flying and not being lasered down in .5 seconds...
  10. Or even worse than that, Faux News!
  11. Unfortunately it's not a new thing. People just plain suck.
  12. WarDaemon

    How to destroy US tank destroyer?

    No, I think the best way to face US tanks is to turn your tank around away from them, aim as high in the sky as possible, and shoot the clouds while ignoring what they do.
  13. WarDaemon

    Prototype test: Specialists only!

    I'd say to have a recon vehicle vs battle, but, GE would completely dominate that in my humble opinion. If you're driving a 222 or a Puma and lose to a Greyhound, you should feel pretty bad about yourself.
  14. WarDaemon

    Member Ship 24 Hour !

  15. WarDaemon

    Member Ship 24 Hour !

    Yup! You can make a fortune in 90 days, more than enough to pay for your next 90 days.