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  1. Xanotos

    What is the Forums turning into ?

    With the time forums got don't think it will turn into anything like that.
  2. Xanotos

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    Well at least they turned the pay to lose aspect of captured guns to pay to win or whatever you call it. They desperately need money (according to their public annual report) even if it means to destroy the ''immersion'' however ı wonder how long can they keep on going with banning people though.
  3. Xanotos

    New update not cool

    now? squad 2.0, armour 2.0, spawns 2.0, adamsconefire etc...
  4. Xanotos

    Captured FG42 (GE) Infantry

    Good logic but wasn't M1 Carbine a paratrooper only weapon also ? and you can fully mod it as infantry now. Reto logic moment
  5. Xanotos

    Captured Mods

    Blessed be reto, savior of GE faction.
  6. Xanotos

    immersion update???

    Lmao imagine adding a minor feature (F2) that was in the game years ago and naming it after the update, ı guess hades run out of his brilliant balance ideas to fill the change log.
  7. Xanotos


    Who says it is? The select fire carbines aren't assault rifles either The bayonet lugs were designed in 1944 alongside the bayonet but weren't issued until mid-1945, also the M1/M2 is not a real designation
  8. Xanotos


    The type 3 barrel band with bayonet lug still is practically a post-war feature. Production started during ww2 and they were shipped into depots for refitting alongside newer M1 Carbines but M1s with bayonet lugs were not issued to combat troops, much less to anyone in Europe. The only period picture is from May 1945 from Iwo Jima. Reto has a habit of adding never used/barely ww2/incredibly rare equipment
  9. Xanotos


    The bayonet lug, flash hider and other features indicate that it's a clear post-war model
  10. Xanotos

    RedBjarne & devstream memes

    dead meme
  11. ı mean ı always knew there was something fishy with reto statistics but after the comparison of bolt action rifles which are 99% same on all 3 factions, however k 98 was performing 30% better? With reto logic k98 is clearly op because statistics are facts?ı truly dont believe those statistics anymore. This clearly shows that guns should be balanced on their own statistics and not based on players, there is clearly way too many differences and play styles among players to get a healthy balance option. Considering the limited resources reto has left dont think they can achieve proper balance and has to rely on monthly player statistics to change each gun all the time upsetting some people every time and this doesn't seem sustainable. Gotta admit though this method fills the changlog every update if not there isnt much content to add to list.
  12. nahhh no way, how could this happen?? Just nerf k98 clearly op or ban ge vets that gets more than average k/d with it compared to other bolt actions
  13. @Reto.Hades while going around with changes please consider giving stg44 a 1 more damage this could be done with the barrel mod as it is quite useless or base damage, the reason for this is that stg44 is one of the only high tier weapons that cant even 3 hk heavy set silver while many other guns can 3hk heavyset gold. You mentioned that stg doesnt perform as good as stage in war i think this is one of the reasons because war is bit more competetive.
  14. Xanotos

    State of the game

    Nerf mg42 to 600 rpm stock pls reto!!! and make avs semi auto only, also give m1m2 stg44 accuracy/range thanks reto.
  15. Xanotos

    Something needs to be done

  16. Xanotos

    hng problem

    Very interesting, hope reto furher investigates this problem
  17. Xanotos

    Player numbers dwindling

    The link was deleted after like couple hours you posted, well hades said he would do all he could to hide those in a while back, probably in discord but not going to dig that up, im sure he wont deny it anyway
  18. Xanotos

    Player numbers dwindling

    At this point its not a choice to act or not they just cant with what left of their devs and money. Seen from their report, they are working on a new project and that basicly means they gave up on hng, ı dont expect any major change or content to come out of nowhere to ''save'' the game, some number tweaks here and there for ''balance'' wont do much for long.
  19. Xanotos

    Player numbers dwindling

    its not ''just summer'', people have been in their home locked up for sometime even then game lost players hard. Future doesnt look bright if you check trello too, and since red.bjarne left the company there is no one doing maps dont expect any coming even long term. but dont worry guys flamethrowers will save the game !
  20. Xanotos

    Any reason to start playing again?

    Tbh game still lost alot of players (lowest of all time) during corona so even then it wont help reto.
  21. Xanotos

    Another brilliant "Reto.Moto style" update.

    reto has so much money and manpower they can spare time on side projects like this wdym ?
  22. Maybe reversing the mechanic of bullets coming out of your eyes instead of gun barrel would reduce the ''random hip fire heashots'' to a point where it wont be as annoying as now, so there wont be a need to do an all around rebalance again ? Honestly ı feel like that is the most annoying thing about headshots.
  23. newbies still count as newbies even way after unlocking these first badges, that takes only 1 match to unlock and my main point was to remove the sense from them that the game is p2w, look at how many people call the game p2w on steam rewies with less then a hour gameplay...
  24. remember when head shot multiplier was changed to 5x and people hated it so much becasue you would get 1 shot headshotted from very far away even with pocket pistols that reto had to change it back to 4x multiplier ? So ı dont think this is a good change, people want less rng 1 shot headshots. If you want to help new players versus vets issue give non vet members 2nd badge slot, this would also remove the only significant p2w aspect of the game.