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  1. Xanotos

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    ofcourse us/su already fully exploited their share from previous events , dont give that chance to GE since they started to win couple wars.
  2. Xanotos

    C'mon reto FFS

    Lol git gud Btw all tankers deserve this
  3. U want the "it's because superior tactics and communications" excuse? Which is true till Ge wins the war daily just like us did for the last weeks
  4. When asked to reto.hades in a discord q/a he said it would require them to change whole mm system and that's why it was on hold
  5. Xanotos

    We just won the war in EU

    we cant really have 1942 event with current map , fall blau area barely exist
  6. Xanotos

    Production capped at 50%

    reto be like : fugg ,benisss kaksois piste dedede
  7. Xanotos

    M1/M2 the new OP m1919?

    This gun was always good just didnt had the range of 1919 so it wasnt the meta weapon if only we get a mg42 buff game would feel like 2015!
  8. hahahahahahahaahhaha
  9. Xanotos


    Reto be like: Players wouldn't understand the mechanic and the difference between running and holding breath.
  10. These suggestions would help financially unstable reto make lots of money but they just ignore and add useless stuff.
  11. their ribbon is full already so they dont notice after all su would nvr abuse a exploit !
  12. Thank you dat.duck for shattering my hopes for rts fixes, you are doing great pr, at least you are honest about reto not caring about veterans or their problem. Maybe war was working properly ,balanced and newbie friendly more would play it!