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  1. Last holdout of veterancoust survivors from reto
  2. Xanotos

    Quick join option

    U could do it like that before squad 2.0
  3. Prioritize skirmish battles and assult matches same , also prioritize matches people q on ı voted for 6 hour because it was the longost time , ı would vote even longer option if existed. As we seen from the no ar test frontline was moving even without ar , problem was prioritization of battles resulting in 48+ hour skirmishes and only way to resolve them should be actually playing them which people tried but they didnt pop because assult matches were high prioritiy also faction population imbalance. TLDR 6 hour should be good start to fix rts at least but problem is more complex.
  4. Xanotos

    Wehraboo diary, 1

    thats a insult to afonso lol
  5. Xanotos


    https://heroesandgenerals.com/2019/02/urgent-action-required-now/ follow the page
  6. /M 5757249624859500758 /M 5757249624859500758 same town bugged twice in a row with the obvious russian clan most likely ım wasting my time because this just a veteran issue for reto... rts nvr gonna be fixed.
  7. Good old german forum warrior spirit , nice!
  8. is trolling US cry babies new trend ?
  9. Xanotos

    It is time for a STG/AVS buff

    Now this is epic
  10. Xanotos

    Your gift for Chinese New Year!

    and now the obvious questions in everyones mind why didnt we get 7 day vet in ''regular'' new year ? (ıll take free vet anyday but just seems odd)
  11. Xanotos

    Reorganized National Governament of Germany

    no byzantium or ottoman goverment ?? 8/10
  12. Xanotos

    ROF mods for the PzB 39?

    You are right when u think logically but.. this is reto logic so it probably makes the animations faster
  13. Xanotos

    Good Bye Roman Empire Welcome Vichy France

    That mechanic might be reserved for Itallian faction
  14. Xanotos

    Good Bye Roman Empire Welcome Vichy France

    Cant belive reto actually listened this...