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  1. ı was memeing around with my pz1 as a protected car to put h3s on other tanks but it wasnt really efficent after light tank nerf so by by light tanks for me
  2. Xanotos

    SU 100 invisible modules

    even though picture is pretty self explanatory . basicly su 100 s gun brech module doesnt exist and your shots can go trough there @Reto.Hades
  3. Xanotos


    I dont why but I have a crush with this vehicle. Sdkfz 247
  4. I'm about at a point that I want aux back because at least I could spawn a para more than twice at a time. Really frustrating with these deploy timers
  5. Xanotos

    Translations for voice commands!

    This was another "bipod case" it looks like even though lots of positive feeeback
  6. Xanotos

    Assault team info

    This has been asked since early beta times I think so be patient its soon!
  7. Xanotos

    Already December, and no Dev Overview update

    The guys organizing this probably got fired as well
  8. Xanotos

    Updated Development Overview - October

    that would be great meme ,ı was thinking rolling the game just before soviets introduced then slowly implement them again
  9. Xanotos

    If Reto just worked like Facepunch studios...

    goyim knows too much oy vey
  10. Xanotos

    Petition to turn AR off again

    can we rename this to petition to turn off game at this point ?
  11. Xanotos


    can we learn the names that are leaving ?
  12. Xanotos

    Headshot only germans are back and much more

    evil german facistmus with superior german engineering jajajaja
  13. Xanotos

    First City Map "City-River"

    nice layout cant wait to play on this map!
  14. Xanotos

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    ı have no friends left to play because they all quit feelsbadman
  15. Xanotos

    Petition to turn AR off again

    Nerf auto resolve already