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  1. Xanotos

    M2A2 is OP

    https://imgur.com/a/0JlTfKC how to make credits with totally legit way 2k18 another one https://imgur.com/a/kJDDEqe this was a 30 min match my repair bill so ''high'' because ı had to spawn a hellcat and 3 m10 at the and because we ran out of m2a2 s (aganist GE meds)
  2. Xanotos

    New winning town mechanic

    its ok that u missed this u were taking break from the game at that time ı guess
  3. Xanotos


    bunu yazdığın saat sırasında hotfix yükleniyordu server lar kapatılmştı muhtemelen ona denk gelmişsindir
  4. Xanotos

    Oyunla İlgili Sorular

    para değil fakat wardfund ve fazla miktarda xp kazanıyorsunuz warfund da sadece daha fazla birlik almak ve onların ismini değiştirmekten başka birşeye yaramıyor
  5. Xanotos

    Bölüğün Muharebede Diyor Girmiyor

    yeni update in bug u dünkü hotfix ile düzeltmeye çalıştılar ama işe yaramadı şuanda prototype server ında yeni hotfix deniyorlar bu sorun hakkındda yarın evvelsi gün çıkar
  6. Xanotos

    Are Paratroopers dead?

    they also removed the ability to spawn on friendly vehicles even when u had para planes ,which sucks because para plane ai is stupid
  7. Xanotos

    M2A2 is too powerful

    same with all tanks which bs but its just extra annoying that a tier 3 med tank takes that much effgrt to kill a starter tank i belive tanks should get realistic reloading speeds with adjusted damage values thisa would also help with every 4 sec of HE click aganist inf
  8. Xanotos

    Results of NO Auto Resolve WAR

    not gonna deploy till Ar is off again and ı recommend other people to do it too
  9. Xanotos

    Remove this bad update

    lmao tanks shooting each other 10 times to kill muh realism yeah sure or having to shoot a light tank with 7 Panzerschreck to destryoy it (maybe) if ı wanted to play world of tanks or or war thunder ıwould play those games( which ı do so dont come to me with ohh u have to shoot this and that ı know where to shoot ım very familier with moduler damege system)
  10. Xanotos

    Bring back no autoresolve

  11. Xanotos

    Help crush a bug and win!

    It would be nice that the names would be announced like the first one to prevent confusion. Or is it naming and shaming also? Will kubelwagen also gets its front windscreen too now? Also bullet proof/armored glass for planes would be good (historically accurate values for protection would be nice but if possible protection for small caliber guns is ok too )
  12. Xanotos

    What Happened To Staged?

    light/med tank merge and recon/medium fighter merge was a mistake there is no way a new starter tanker fighting aganist top tier tanks People only asked for heavy and med fighter merge but reto for some reason think this was a good idea too..
  13. Xanotos

    Mongolian army tech tree

    bump for glorious mongol army
  14. Xanotos

    Bugged battle

    ı was in that match too so basicly what happend was we were attacking that map that lasted for like 70 min GE team won but the match bugged no one got battle results credits xp or warfunds At s was still stuck in the match too after the 5 min battle getting ready we qued again and closed them out in 6 min and both battles losses come up in one battle report , but not the xp and credits