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  1. RokkYgAz

    Клан за СССР "Red Scare"

    Using multiple german faction acounts to get battles started as soviets is not how the game shud be played red scare.
  2. RokkYgAz

    after finding battle game crashes

    It makes the game run on integrated card, it worked for me, but an old friend told me better solution. The better solution is to intall the old drivers: P.S. Thank you saibot01 for suggesting this and Przemek Rygalski for the link.
  3. Hello there fellow soldiers! While im sinking in memories of the times i could actualy play this game without facing any technical difficulties i present you 2 screenshots from the past. Is any one seen theese bugs before? Let me know!
  4. RokkYgAz

    after finding battle game crashes

    This is the reason why i quit playing this game months ago. Today i found out that uninstalling graphic driver, restarting system helps to fix the problem temporary, but it's no long term solution because i managed to launch 1 battle before graphic driver somehow kicked in. After that i intalled latest graphic driver and switched to integrated graphic card and it worked, but with terrible graphics. So, any one knows how to run the game with the main graphic card? P.S. I have active ticket in H&G support center and im still waitig for an answer from H&G devs.