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  1. doramass

    Germany > to US&RU

    What is RU?
  2. doramass

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    Opening stockpile for Axis is OK for infantry and recons, not for planes and paratroopers. Axis reached queue 0 for paras last war, meanwhile SU was unable to defend from their paratroopers, we had not any opportunity to force they to play all the battles around, Istanbul and warsaw, and to defend it properly, being blocked again and again just with infantry and air superiority. The idea is good, I think the same way, even for normal war, 2 fronts west and east and double stockpile for Axis at the start, but just 1,5 for planes and paratroopers not double. In any case I suppose all will be evaluated after the event. I lost 100K war funds, just defending with infantry and tanks, I could not use my paratroopers, It is just too expensive for 2 days of war and all poped, not normal to lose war funds. Anyway I think the idea is excellent, to maintain current situation for the War game, not just for an event, evaluating a bit the stockpiles and maintaining 6 h to auto. I prefer an OP Axis with big Stockpile than to see autos versus US. I will wait for stockpile evaluation before to redeploy, I do not want to be alone on the board and losing war funds and time, when I can not defend properly, remember that RTS need and equilibria with paratroopers to defend properly and to can win war funds, the opposite that most players think,, we need to waste war funds in war to win war funds and the battles making the war longer and to force Axis to lost their stockpile, and to play RTS more cautious than now.
  3. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    To deploy your army after the second day, you will need 1 week or close with this system, even me, to deploy as Axis 1/4 of you I will need 4 or 5 days, maybe more. Just now, I think axis need North Africa and Iberia, to can respawn a big army safe, an old idea wrote in forum long ago, and yes reserves able to be moved just for 4 or 5 generals are needed specially if activity appear and all pop at time. And we know it can happen.
  4. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    That is why I think it is better, I just deployed 30 ats as SU, instant deploy on foot, to burn it fast versus Axis, at same time I can deploy a motorized army to use as reserve or to hold a big area on SU secondary line sparsing all. The second option is my usual option, this system is better for SU faction, if I am not active, I will not block the faction and I can connect 1 time by day and move the ats to the secondary line to defend. Nobody will be able to completely block the resources in one faction. The problem is when a faction have enough resources on the board, then it is just better to not deploy nothing, if all is defended you do not need to deploy. For aggressive generals, that like to push and push at all cost, they will need to place all in the secondary line, sparse all and be rdy to concentrate all with activity to push in an area, For example a big push with 3 divisions, 30K infantry, playing with SU it will need 3 days to prepare it, easy to do connecting 1 time by day to move the ats to the secondary. Once all will be deployed it is practically imposible to burn all in the war, for US it will be longer and for Axis too. Because it has no sense if there is not activity and they need a safe area to deploy it, just now I think US have not a safe area to respawn and sparse. Looking at the map, I think US need England back to respawn, and Axis need North Africa and Iberia with Italy to have a safe area and to can deploy a big army to push with activity with this system, not blocking the faction.
  5. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Well, the new system to deploy is an opportunity to play 2 factions at time, for example just know I can play with Estrona versus US and as doramass versus Axis or US. I can deploy my US (carter) account and play at same time versus Axis and as doramas versus Axis too. In defense, deploying the 1 to 10 ats I own in Axis or US. and as SU moving just foot in defense or to destroy vehicles. So you can play fair 2 factions at time in different areas, that was your idea, that I finally find good, after being thinking on it 2 years, it give more activity in first person and the posibility to develop the 3 factions with differents accounts when we reach the top in one account. And being able to have more fun using different stuff in the war game, not needing to play stage. At the moment practically 100% is played these options are better now, even if activity dominate RTS, not the stuff on the board like before.
  6. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Exactly, for me is much better, my army is mature in SU faction, I can continue playing defense and deploy as a reserve is there is enough on the board, or to not deploy at all and give a hand with first person to develop new players armies, only if RTS is accelerate (good for game because it mean activity) the system will not be so good, but with low activity periods and big activity (2-3 h by day) it will be better for SU even a temptation for veterans to develop armies with SU. If I think as Axis, remember I have half division as Axis, I will be able to deploy all my motorized army in waves. This system is worse for US way to play RTS, the old US war machine is over, and if they continue deploying same way, waiting to respawn they can lose all.
  7. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Reto balanced the game, to can develop SU faction, with our help, just it. Now SU is able to play a normal RTS, with 6 h to autoresolve it is enough to can play versus US. Now I can deploy my level 3 foot infantry with SU, Remember you were playing as US and you never played autos, not like many others in US faction. The new deploy system will be better for players like you and me, but much better for me, it is the normal way to play RTS for me, I rarely concentrate ats sparsing all in a lot fronts, you know very well you are a small fish in US faction. Try to remember Ksmith words with the 1 month free deploy "I do not feel anymore like a whale" The knew deploy system is bad just in 1 case, with lot activity, but if it happen reto will increase stockpilles, obvious.
  8. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Typical US RTS abuse, it is finnish, and I hope you will see soon why,
  9. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    You will get gold blue pill badge for free or maybe do you prefer a red one?
  10. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    The idea is old, and it came late for SU, for me , kir, stonecoldrs, Valah, Asorikov and many others SU players. Now that SU have much more players, I never deploy the first day, last war I did not deployed at all, I joined just to play some first person and to capture US paras near Stockolm. The question to play RTS in this game is to adapt RTS to the situation, at the moment SU have assault teams and active player moving it, we can deploy our armies in reserve, and with this system, imagine all the players i wrote, we deploy the 5 or 10 day of war at same time, to be in reserve, we will not block the queues for active players. US way to deploy is totally different, and Axis too, I think this is better for SU and, not sure, for Axis, of course US will change the way to play RTS a bit.
  11. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Excellent idea the new deploy system, Really a balance for SU faction, we will not find cities with 10K infantry from US coming to Leningrad, remember guys, even Akir(The big one in SU side) is a small fish compared with these US and some Axis megalodons.
  12. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    We will talk tomorrow in the meeting, but if we add subfactions, it will be best to add France and Romania, the Tommies and Italy, Australia, China, all, play Iberia in the map and enlarge far east to Japan and EEUU, Totaler Krieg, with 10 hours for auto we can play all, and deploy a bit more, we will be able to play in all the continents. A sort of google earth apply to H&G. It could be the map. Jokes aside, we can not be so serious i the community. Maybe google could give a hand to reto, The project can be big, very big, meanwhile we wait for Mars and Jupiter moons.
  13. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Reto should add the Spanish Red Bulls for Soviet faction, a bit O.P.
  14. doramass

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    I am agree with first 1 and not sure, poor guys on my team listening me all the time crying "suca bleddd" The second one, I am glad to not need to deploy my army and waste my time moving assault teams, at the moment SU have enough to win on the board, so I can play first person and deploy some foot... finally after 4 years. the 3 I suppose it is obvious and they working hard on it. 4 one, If you want good ping go stage to play versus your neighbour . 5 I prefer the worst tanks on Soviet side, and to OP Axis and US tanks, a bit more. I will try to join reto guys if I find the time.
  15. doramass

    We just won the war in EU

    Well, with any scenario, without enough activity, Axis will lose. It can be balanced a bit increasing stockpiles, but not for paratroopers. At the moment battles pop 2 times faster for axis, Axis need more activity on RTS and it is bored to guard a big front versus SU and US, waiting for us to queue full clan versus Axis randoms.