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  1. Last offer

    we know that most of the veterans, we have dedicated a lot of time to the game, even lengthening the times, the important that the veterans of the three factions understand, the tendency of the game, especially with activity, I think it is important. Or do you think that it is really better to play autoresolves between US and SU?
  2. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    Uhmm? what do you think? is it may be the Hard disk? serious. Because it is true the ping is ok, and that PC and it is not my usual one, is not a lap top, it is a desktop and with I7 inside. If it is not the grphic card it is the HD or the ram memory
  3. The Unbalanced War

    That is Alfonse style, waiting to kill the newbies with svt or g43 not modded and he with his full clan and Johnson.
  4. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    Just with a wreck. I do not need more.Not Gaiuss poor styl, more like Lemoinetrapiste...
  5. The Unbalanced War

    I play practically 80% with randoms teams, only when i can i join RA or KGB or Waran, RS or ORB sometimes we have full clan, remember SU is underdog and we have 1 general versus 20. Thats is why when we are 2 generals we win. And of course if SU play full clan only zbv and some good Axis players can hold, and of course US clans. I did with my ats 1/20 playing as Axis versus US with 20 fps and a random team, but we won an important battle.
  6. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    You will be always TIO guys for the community. I will buy a new graphic card to reach 50fps, is enough to beat you all on first person with a wreck.
  7. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    All calculated and on purpose, that is why you are infamous and any faction want you, at the moment you joined TIO clan, you lost all support everywhere, it a surprise for me to see you mixed with DB, but seeing the insulter guy in too, seems it will be usual now. I had 10K paratroopers in reserve, SU have its army too.
  8. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    The reason is another one, as we all know, not to win battles so easy as you do on newbiees or randons teams, And on RTS i only say "Chapeau" to Houndz, all you do not move your ats, or run away at first moment. To "use" the others players ats. And lets not talk on alts question that mede you infamous. On first person im having problems, i played that encounter with 20 fps or less, cloud system, is cheaper but players need more resources on pcs.
  9. The Unbalanced War

    Add, GE guys pushing SU to lose their underpanths, to capture nothing...
  10. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    Practically all the sore losers playing US, i´m sorry for US good players, but now i think all is pointed to London. I suposse all SU and Axis is pushing London, sorry for US friends, DB lose more prestige now, they had the insulter guy inside and now TIO ... Anyway i respect US players, this bad clan is not wellcome on US neither i know it.
  11. The Unbalanced War

    Serious, for me it is a non respectable post versus our SU opponents. First thing you must learn to win: Respect your opponent Second: Respect your oponet a bit more if they have 800K in stockpile and you have 2K queue. I fear last war Axis won, to see the same, and this time it happened, now is late we lossing a lot ats around Zurich, war is being lost. Axis risked too much East and in the Center, a pain due to the acceleration not playing according with stockpile. So respect your opponent if you wanna a win a war.
  12. The Unbalanced War

    They joined the effective strategy side= no game meanwhile i respawm all the toys, at least Axis is pushing and creating game, SU tryed too, But US is always the same strategy, static defending and trying to cap fast Scandi, to can respawn their toys, then they go full auto mode and play a few battles. If ever SU or Axis beat they you know what you will find on forums. VGD did a good job, they did a mistake on RTS, but it happen to us all.
  13. The Unbalanced War

    Thanks to Aesir and 2 others players we won that battle i just went lucky there defending 1 point with ppsh41, you can be sure, anyway is a random screen shot, i play to win even if i finish at the bottom of the score. Other thing is to lose on pourpose a battle because it just better for RTS, but it can only be done with a clan not with randons. Around Paris a team lost 10K US infantry for Axis stockpile, to not patient a bit. Just now it will be very difficult to win this war for Axis, but numbers are still not so bad, lets see. My opponents are wellcome to destroy my ats, meanwhile i´m winning war funds and comand points and exp. P.D. Why did you call SU opponents "idiotic"? when in my opinion Axis did a big RTS mistake, i will not write more on thisi think everybody know wich is the position on RTS to can win as Axis, someone pushed Berlin withouth the resources to push Scandi.
  14. The Unbalanced War

    Did they defended with Paratroopers? was someone controlling RTS with resources? probably not, there are few generals on Axis able to do it, to control RTS and to waste paratroopers and of course they need a refill on war funds from reto to can play properly, so meanwhile Axis can not play properly just with cooperation, they need the big generals full force deployed and with millions war funds to waste. And first mistake they did is clear, to push Berlin without the resources to push Scandi and Rotterdam.
  15. The Unbalanced War

    Well mate, for me it will be always TIO guys. RTS is not tons of ats, is the ats needed at the good moment and the control in an area, and im sure they did not had a general controlling RTS with paratroopers meanwhile they played the battles or controlling mixed autos or battles poping or ending, If not be sure, the way US play or can, play will never beat Axis and neither SU. Only old US clans well supported by newbies( poping battles) and generals on RTS can win on Axis clans. Neither SU can win on Axis clans if they can play the battles they queue and not be forced to play the battles SU or US want, that is why it is not a question of queues on stockpiles, Axis players need a big underdog on war funds to own the resources to can play properly, all the toys. US push usually full force, with all the toys more the possibility to pick the battles and generals on RTS, similar with SU but with a big difference, SU have not the responsability US have with so many stuff on the board.