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  1. 42k gone, 22k left

    SU have time to back to their seconday, allow Axis cap half map, and back to London. It will be a long war for sure.
  2. 42k gone, 22k left

    10K paratroopers afk, or more, that is the question, with it Axis was able to defend all the fronts and to push.
  3. 42k gone, 22k left

    Fegaris sent some skirmishes south Italy, close to not important cities, and he saw te skirmish ARed, but on cities it was close to imposible to see an AR, being practically all SU faction on Italy and just a few Generals defending from US autos. True, we need a certain warranty. But with full SU faction on Italy, the progression was slow and some Axis veterans tried to defend with first person too, they held the East Rome front, even using paratroopers the RTS was not accelerated, it went faster in the morning with more activity on SU than by night. I posted in forum the idea. I was thinking that Rome will be empty, no way...
  4. SU´s Songs

  5. San Salvo

    The battle did not resolve after the SU Victory, we playing it again.
  6. Rome

    Axis need more production rate, 1,25 or 1,5 more than US and SU, to be able to push and to defend from autos, due to overpopulation. that guy wrote his opinion, I won yesterday all battles i played versus Axis, we played one close to 2 hours we had a pyrrhic victory, but being 8-10 veterans in same team is easier than to defend with arandom team with 2 or 3 Axis vets, Last battle we played was close to Belgrade then i saw 2 or 3 autos and no fun cities around Belgrade and Buda before to go offline. Just now it is imposible to push Italy, i saw 3 autos so it is bedtime...
  7. SU´s Songs
  8. Rome

    Not me, all SU faction push on Axis. But there is a problem we know so well unfortunately, Axis set up a nice defense East not overstacking and defending with few infantry, more or less close to Braila line and up to "Tour Eiffel" area all went played until 1-2 UTC, but later i began to see autos and worse deep defense, there are 2 or 3 hours when SU is underdog that first person fall even the weekend. At that moment active Axis players need paratroopers to slow down RTS, but paratroopers queue is collapsed. And the possibility to pick battles by half SU clans do the difference. Axis veterans are forced to camp on battles with random teams in the battles doing a good defense on first person but being unable to win the battles. If active Axis players do not setup their resources to maintain the deep defense SU find no fun battles being easy to cap and encircle, even without paratroopers. Axis need 1,25 to 2 times more Stockpile production than US and SU, to can replace the troops lost with autos and compensate the inactivity.
  9. Rome

  10. Rome

  11. Rome

  12. ETA of RTS Changes?

    you will build one fast, veterans are on secondary line on defense and playing first person on attack, you will rank your ats fast and back a lot war funds. At the moment Axis will play properly with stockpile you can back to Axis, we will push Rome all the wars to destroy that guy paras close to Rome, then he will not block the stockpile.