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  1. doramass

    Русская музыка What the Spanish division supported south west Leningrad, and the Finnish army north Leningrad, helping Nazi effort to starve the city.
  2. doramass

    Русская музыка

    Finland will never pay enough for Leningrad encirclement, neither Spain to send full division that stopped a counteroffensive to supply the city...
  3. Mate, there are cases, to be temporarily banned due to "false" reports. Probably not on purpose, Do you know VyCtoR? did you remember him? probably not... and 30 more neither... I think Hippeus has reason on this question, It does not matter, if MM is not changed and the possibility to queue battles. It seems that if the possibility to queue is removed war will not be the same, but with current situation I lost interest to deploy, If you feel safe now, do it and tell me if you are happy and secure not seeing a full clan kicking your ats. Think that this question came from US friends, when last time I deployed in England as Axis, they popped all the battles they wanted, meanwhile you run to Kiev with your ats, to lose the war, as usual... I see less and less interest playing war, when even Axis veterans are playing to lose it, on purpose escaping from US clans popping the battles versus axis "newbies". Not looking for the RTS position to win the war game versus US, is just a way to play to try win war funds or experience, it is not the way to win the war game. On the other hand we can see a big stockpile on Axis, but still 200 or 300 queue for paras, so there are still Axis players blocking Axis stockpile and the possibility to defend from autos, or to Hold England from the start. I can deploy as US too and build a big army there, with US effective strategy and safe respawn more autos I can only win, It is the another possibility, but this will not change the current global situation in the War game.
  4. Do you doubt it? Do you think I am going to waste my time reporting they? I try to back some fun from game, not to report all suspicious guys popping battles, and remember you can be banned for a false report. I can only see MM to play safe, all the guys queueing a battle are suspects, and US guys do it a lot. My idea is to back to deploy on 11 March, but may be it is just better to not deploy again as Hippeus wrote, someone can back to call us cheaters again, like so many times in the past in this forum. May be it is just better to wait for a MM fix, and patient meanwhile, and just deploy our newbies, really with this crap question that back again and again in all factions, I can not see any solution. The only thing I can write is that SU faction is calling for pure MM last 2 years, opposite to US guys that prefer to queue all the battles to use "effective" RTS...
  5. We are on a Strike, all is there, we are just playing our nebies accounts from reto gold gifts. We think some clan leaders went banned by error, meanwhile we see US clans able to pop any battle versus SU, it seem the use of MM is not a solution at the moment TOS can be broken is difficult to evaluate who do it. And it require a lot of time to investigate and to report the abuse. I think for SU it is just better to play with MM and not o queue any battle, but the question is that we can see US clans popping a battle they want, with no guaranties. Difficult question this one and old problem. If we add weapons problems on SU and less generals moving ats, the situation is unsustainable. Of course Axis and SU can win the war game, there are 2 or 3 position on RTS that make it posible, but the way MM work and the possibility to start even skirmishes each time an US clan want to pop it, make the situation very hard to support. Of course activity is the big medicine for this and autoresolve defense when there is not, but with the possibility to broke the TOS remain in the board, not easy to handle this situation, I am able to deploy 40K SU infantry, Akir and many Others SU generals can deploy close to 200K, we want a pay back in war funds to deploy more on the board just to refill all the fronts and to keep the defense, not taking care on US unfair alt abuse, or in US relax way to play their SU alternative accounts, that is all. And we do not like to see guys that queue hour the battles being banned with no reason, of course we are agree to perma ban unfair players, but we think it is not the case, and we see US alts playing our teams too a lot. On the other hand SU prefer to play versus Axis for historical reason, it is supposed to be allies with US, It will allow to play just versus Axis and to have more activity versus just axis, if we are able to play at same time US or SU accounts, covering all the time zone. May be a 1941-1942 map with Axis dominating practically the whole map, adding Stalingrad at the south, will be much better than now, with US in england and SU in Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad. So the figth versus US will be practically over, and TOS problems will end. Nobody need to unfair alt on Axis to pop a battle. At the moment reto did not handle it must be not so good the idea.
  6. We will back to deploy on 11 march, when the ban wave will end. Meanwhile enjoy fast war victories.
  7. RTS works fine, every action can be countered, even AR. The problem is in another place, we wrote it here: No sense to retalk on it. all is there.
  8. doramass

    Русская музыка

    Europa Baker
  9. doramass

    Stopping Deploying

    Mate, you like the main of your faction are big autoresolves, I know from first hand that you spent a lot of time on autoresolve operations, at the moment something pop and broke your bored RTS, your opponents are cheaters, If this abuse is on your opponents you have nothing to say, as usual on US side. The only possible explanation, by the big abuse of "US effective RTS" is that US faction have a preference in MM, and I am not agree with this last supposition,
  10. doramass

    Stopping Deploying

    I have too much "job" deploying, moving the ats and trying to play a battle time to time and be coordinated or to "study" new RTS situation, to make screenshot, place it in the context, and write a ticket to reto, and be sure I have screenshot. Last time I could trap a group of Axis unfair accounts was thanks to Kanga, he spent a lot of time to give me a hand. If I need to waste more time to hunt US unfair alts, I prefer to stop deploying. And I am not gonna a be the only one. Who is gonna a deploy on SU side, to lose their ats and later be called cheater if they try to defend it queueing to not be autoresolve. Others friends are beginning to think even worse than me, thinking that reto is giving a preference to US on MM. Facing all this by now, it is better just now to surf this ban wave and stop deploying. We can play first person with our newbies alternatives accounts in all factions and to use reto gold days etc and deploy 1 guard here and there, but not our big armies. No sense, This is not a new subject, We know, the reason is on our side.
  11. doramass

    Stopping Deploying

    Unfortunately for we all. We have reason on unfair-alt question, and it is not just this wave. Who is going to queue a battle? Please, remove the possibility for SU, MM for we all, We do not want to be crushed in the battlefield with O.P. weapons and later be called cheaters in forums. Serious with this, How many war funds did I lose versus US unfair alts? 100.000.000? Akir76 500.000.000? pay back to us all. Visby was my last battle queued in this game, I waited there with 14 other guys mainly from RS, we waited close 1 h and when the battle start we went unable to play it. This US guys want to continue their gang abuse, queueing, it is their problem, but I do not want to be called cheater by they. US the honourable players and never unfair alt account.