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  1. Retreat mechanics are still broken.

    Pathfinders, lost the power to find a line, now the skirmish have the line, even grey. Remember that it is best than old pathfinder mechanic, because it was even dangerous, and not only with paranuckes, i remember how USA encircled a lot of times their own army with their own paratroopers up to Scandinavia. On the other hand, it is best that mechanic, being able to retreat to a skirmish, if not parablocks could be real blocks. I saw you sending your foot guard to the previous city, and i knew it could be finnish trapped in the skirmish and later in the city.
  2. Retreat mechanics are still broken.

    No, i´m not talking on it, The troops did not went into city as you wrote. The troops can not withdraw to an another city as you wrote being attacked. Today i PM 2 players to retreat from a skirmish, most players do not retreat from a dangerous skirmish. This last screenshot you did and comment, i think it is fixed: "commando bug" is even worse. But the skirmish have the line now, even grey, that is why it is still possible to paranucke, difficult but posible.
  3. Retreat mechanics are still broken.

    Remember that skirmish have the line, after the old parunucke fix, i usualy do not send more than 300 infantry in a skirmish, and i´m rdy to retrat from it at any moment, for example i retreated from there, no one of my ats was in that skirmish that finnaly autoresolved and went in that city, and i created it with 300 infantry... Your screenshot do not show the previous skirmish. The troops did not went in that city, they went to the previous skirmish. It is false what you wrote in the screenshot, it did not happened that way.
  4. I even played Axis with free refills, war funds are just a part of the game, i suppose reto will back to SU the big nerf they did on SU´s weapons, ptrd, svt, ppsh41, pps43 and tanks. Meanwhile i will play Axis. The situation on SU was worse than i expected, seeing the data we have now in game, i was in favour to remove the war funds bonus, but not anymore, when i can read this data. And of course i will play less RTS and first person versus SU as posible... Anyway there are more reason to remove it, specially alts armies...
  5. You have reason, but problem is: Who will lose his time moving assault teams on SU faction? when we see SU lose 2/3 of the battles due to big nerf on SU weapons if we compares with US, and US have the superiority with "effective strategy". Maybe you? yes go and give a hand to SU...
  6. Main cities

    There is a bug to deploy, assault teams are spawning randomly , not in the city I order to.
  7. Autoresolve? what is it? ah ok, must be "effective Strategy" i understand...
  8. Well, i think you looking from one faction, not from all game, and questions of lines it depends, it is not true with the old maps A was important not anymore, but even with all maps there are areas for Axis full A line to Istanbul for example, and same for US. I stopped to play as SU, i can only say that SU have a big underdog on RTS even today.
  9. These comments are not fair at all, SU continue to be the underdog faction on RTS, remember first reto did the 25%, then the underdog bonus.
  10. Looking for bad players and trolls

    I think they will handle any "effective strategy" that is the idea, maybe not a bad one. If they enter battles close to autoresolve it will be good, and they are a good team.
  11. did you saw my 999 foot guards?

    If you take a look to the position around Berlin, you will see the pressure we did on it, It force all US army to move a lot stuff, they had heavy losses, and now they must take a hard decision... Now they are half sandwich there.
  12. did you saw my 999 foot guards?

    Well, depends, we captured a lot US stuff, all day. On the other hand if someone could support "the morning" push, Axis should be on Rotterdam and Hamburg. SU is coming too, as usual, we will be in a sandwich as usual, yes. But US expect from us to not attack their flank and they keep coming to Berlin. Nothing is bad if it has the proportion needed, Sometimes Axis need a big front, to sparse ats, we know 300 inf is ok to defend a city. Of course US army is respawning and they will push with their "effective strategy" in this case, it will be the same to be in a wedge, to queue the battles or not etc. just fun parablocks and autoresolve defense, can stop they, and i doubt it, because it require too much attention and resources. The main: at this moment i sent 5 times my army (if not more) to Axis stockpile. But yes, you have reason, SU will be soon on too, then i will decide to back to the wedge or to destroy all SU army too, if they aproach to Zurich front.
  13. My opinion: i think it is better to not remove the tool, info etc. that show % on underdog, even if war funds or credits are removed, it is a tool that compare activity by factions and give us an idea to send more or less skirmishes to give time to play ongoing battles for example.
  14. Looking for bad players and trolls

    Gaius is nothing compares to me, ask, sin, sin sinnerxxxx, i´m the the no-skill guy in this game, even "suca bled guy" wrote it a lot of time, or if not you can ask "bully guy" Lets be serious with this.