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  1. Ok, ok. Yes it is true, but now , all is linked to activity, and we won a war not long ago, thanks to a fast softcap we did north Berlin to koben, very fast with pàratroopers and infantry. And in anymoment you can find an unexpected hole at the oponent fron. And for example: on that softcap we employed more than 10K infantry in 15 min and close 1000 paratroopers. FPS is the big diference now, winning or lossing, the resources and stockpilles liked to activity on fps will made the diference. Remember when we were forced to play versus full Axis clans, with randoms teams, Axis reset the timer for autos they could lose and started the battles they wanted...Not all was nice...
  2. As we see just now SU won Istanbul, it seems the city is bugged, so the problem keep on,
  3. 70-80 ats are not enough, not now, even 300 can not be enough, all depends on activity, if battles are being played fast in 4 battles your ats can be close to 20%-40% morale and half supply, you will need to relieve it, that is why i never overstack (only defending from USA ARs i should do it) but not with activity. With activity i sparse my ats in a big area and i send to battle even just 1,if i see others sending, i only think "nice, less job for me" this way i keep winning war funds and C.P. The problem is when some players have few time to play and they send all at same time to battles,or looking for fronts with activity, they have not the patient. Just now it is better to sparse the ats doing fun a big area than to try to overstack a battle. And never overstack a skirmish, only in last 10 min if you need to win it by AR. With activity i lost 400 ats in less than 3 hours, playing only RTS, most of they fully suplied, with big losses, paratroopers are important to can relieve ats and to back to attack, really RTs is more active than ever, but its depends on first person activity. It is true that Baswaldo wrote, but without activity, when there is activity, the player that keep overstacking will do it 3-4 battles, then he can lose all if he continue to do it. Sometimes my ats are in 30 battles at time, 1 apc here, 1 moto there, cars etc if all is played practicaly at same time like i saw a lot of times, you will not have the time to relieve it, neither to move it, in this case you need to stay static, and move the ats sparsed at the back. And then all being played you will need to retreat ats from the battles to control the morale, lossing xp but winning war funds. Lately im not moving my ats around Moscow area, i´m waiting for fixes on cities and with RTS, i do not want to play versus USA, even with activity, and if i move all on Axis i will crush Axis mates, too fast. Winning or lossing Axis will lose all. The morale system require to be active when there is activity, to move fast the ats, Axis is lossing war funds not only due to autoresolves, but due to activity too, if i do an acceleration pushing with paratroopers and with 2 or 3 clans in an area, simply they will lose all in less than 40 min (i´m talking on a big area i saw Axis lossing more than 40 cities in that time in an explosive SU push all being played). But this can happen to USA or SU too. The morale system "force" to overstack the fronts when there is not activity, in that case is better to retreat the ats to a secondary line and wait there, or just sparse all around, for 10K-20K infantry it will take half hour. Normally USA whales are too lazy to do it, and when we broke the fronts you can see 5-10K in one secondary city, same with some Axis, but it is commomt with USA. And with SU too, i´m seeing cities overstacked on the secondary line, and not defense around.
  4. who had the idea?

    Ok, continue, lets see, but do not count on me to play USA versus SU or viceversa. If you began to work on that, i can only say, good luck and i sincerely hope, that it will work. I said the reasons why i think a strong position for Axis in the middle 1943-44 position will be better for the game, simply more activity, because SU and USA players will play both factions at time, and it can give less autos. But this is not maths. Go on with that work, gl.
  5. who had the idea?

    Not me anymore, i will not attack USA anymore, my idea is to play 90& attacking Axis, i will play USA side and SU side 90% and time to time 10% as Axis. That is why i suggest that 1943-44 start for Axis, and a pay back for Axis mates with all they need to "hold" that front, It is a question of justice for Axis mates to get a pay back for the war funds they lost with ARs, like it happened with SU and USA if you remember. The true reason of underdog bonus was to make ARs sustainable versus Axis.
  6. who had the idea?

    That is the idea, i´m not expecting to play with USA any battle as SU, just in stage, not in war, If Axis is able to hold that front, 1943-44 mix map, they will be able to play at time versus SU and USA, and support the ARs even lossing it. On the other hand i see you and Dexter going to personal too, so i stop here the suggestions. You take always as something personal, it is imposible to post nothing in forums neither. Respawm in Moscow and Leningrad guys, i do not care, you will win faster, tell me when will you be bored to autoresolve. And of course i defended first fron Axis autoresolves and later from USA, that is the worst mechanic in game as i posted 2 years ago, the fixes reto did with autoresolves are not working. Good job AUTOBUSAS. So i think it is the moment to make a pay back to Axis and refill their resources, but it seems im alone on this. see you guys, have fun autoresolving. USA-SU is just bored, only Axis can back some fun in the war game. Waiting for fixes i´ll be on Stage or off line. Gl, hf. P.D. all my respect for all the comunity that tryed a constructive post here, i think the idea is not so bad, it will force USA and SU to be allies, and to play both factions at time, because if USA lose SU lose...and the oposite of course, like it was at the History moment.
  7. who had the idea?

    SU-USA is just umplayable, as usually due to mix autos, only with activity it is ok. But If Axis is in the middle with the resources they need, the data on weapons they need etc. That non historic front will not exist.
  8. who had the idea?

    If it is needed to hold both fronts, all that will be needed for Axis to hold that fronts, underdogs, credits, gold, C.P. all they need...
  9. who had the idea?

    The question is to place the toys on the board, and give to the active Axis players the oportunity to do it, call it underdog back or as you want. If one faction need resources they must have it, at least 3/4 of their stockpille must be able to deploy. By now my ats will be camped on Moscow, no sense for me to push on USA and less on Axis with current set up.
  10. who had the idea?

    True, Axis is and was the true engine, thats is why reto need to place the toys on the board to play properly. I think if Axis start with a map close to 1943-44 position it will be fun, and it is not the first time write this. But resources must be on the board...
  11. who had the idea?

    Lets play the toys on the board properly, first, then we could play, so symple as that, and we are not in a hurry.
  12. who had the idea?

    USA mates are not happy with it neither, and the ping for me is not the real problem, neither lack of players in war, If we have a strong Axis in that position and time to play, we will find the way to play all this map properly in a long war backing some fun.
  13. who had the idea?

    Ping is not the problem guys, we play in all servers around the world, sometimes we have the good ping not another, but that is not the problem, for me there is a RTS problem linked to Axis, and the fix is not to change Belgrade for Berlin., I think it will be much better and fun if Axis can hold that big area, or just refill it, so the question is to place there the resources.
  14. who had the idea?

    I think we can agree this position or close for Axis to start, it is a mix 1941-1944, and do the changes for autoresolve timer, that can be done in a week. It can be important to give 15 minits to deploy and to hold the area before any encounter or battle, giving the resources Axis need on the board. The challenge for SU and USA is clear.
  15. who had the idea?

    We need fixes, and the first one easy to do, for Axis if not 1941-42 map, 4 or 5 cities Berlin-Prague-Zurich-Rome_Belgrade to respawm, and the the morale question if needed just for Axis, we need the Axis ats on the board and they must win war funds to refill it . And of course the question of autos, If 1 h is not enough then 2 or 3. Ping question is dificult, we all experienced it, but for me is a minor question if we have RTS resources, so Axis must back that resources, May be a 1941-42 position is too much, lets try another one with 5 cities for Axis, 2 for USA and 2 for SU for example.