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  1. doramass

    Русская музыка

    Paseo de Dios
  2. doramass

    Mistake with last hotfix?

    Next wars I will not deploy until the event will end. I could cap Stockholm from the start, I did not... we cap and hold Berlin for long enough ...
  3. doramass

    Victory on War 767

    But we got big lag back
  4. doramass

    Mistake with last hotfix?

    No idea, as usual, but so evident, to control RTS and first person at time you need tools, and players in battles.
  5. doramass

    Mistake with last hotfix?

    It is not for you, this post friend. As you know I respect you all, the respect seems to go just in 1 sense. When I wrote "too good to be nebiees" with RTS and first person, the s.. is not going on axis vets, But you can imagine why I wrote it, You know RTS and first person even better than me, If I play "aggressive strategy" I think only reto rainbow ( the RTS maker) knows what I mean, never used it on your ats by now. All SU is playing around Berlin Mainly, I think someone tried to give a hand (that do not need to zbv guys) and probably even from SU side using our own ats etc, controlling RTS in the battles around the both clans were playing. Sorry for my mistake mixing posts.
  6. doramass

    Official "cheats"

    With you OP weapons on US side, I suppose... I got my answer there is not official addons in game. Thanks for help.
  7. doramass

    Official "cheats"

    By these answers I have the, sensation that there is not officials addons. Suscojones ninjas, this one again... So anyone used unofficials, SU guys from RS are experienced players and know what they see, even with good and respectable players and friends Like Bruno and Sangre, that we respect. What I saw on RTS and control on first person battles, is not for a newbie. You will not troll us .
  8. doramass

    Mistake with last hotfix?

    I was playing Estrona as Axis, but SU clans call me back, to move ats, I prefered to stay as Estrona. But I think I did well, what I saw on Leningrad front is not nice. I must add, expect from me aggressive RTS on Axis, for first time in 2 years, not nice what I saw, cheaters will not troll us for free. Sorry for the good players and friends the bandbangwagoners.
  9. doramass

    Official "cheats"

    You were with that group, with your Axis alt account too, RS team play a lot versus OP USA, they saw what they called cheaters in TS, RS are experienced players, these "new names", are probably using cheats, or any kind of official addon in game, no idea. That what I ask? Bruno said that they were too much in game (good players), but later I saw too good control on first person mixed with RTS, too good for "new players" And remember it is hard to play first person meanwhile you move ats in whole SU front. So of course I am not concentrating only on RTS and First person, by coordinating too, and studiying oongoing battles, So I think I am ok to play first person and whole game, not like you, a band bang wagoner player like you Dexter, with 20 alt accounts. Even in foruim.
  10. doramass

    Official "cheats"

    We are seeing in game, too good to be true. RS guys encounter a full team, with new names, too good to be true. Probably guys that went banned playing together, Sangre and Bruno mixed with they, that why I ask. Normally half RS went banned just for queueing battles, now we can see how this experienced players (not Bruno or Sangre) are too good to be true. We seeing big control on RTS , to finnish the battles, to control blocks or to pop what ever they want, these "new players" are too good to be fair. I went forced to use aggressive RTS defense on they. It is all.
  11. doramass

    Official "cheats"

    I play the game like reto release it. Have reto team made an official addon to improve first person game play?