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  1. doramass

    4 days without being able to redeem a voucher.

    Free to play, yes, but it is showing us all that the overpopulated faction is getting more and more advantages, this is just another example. Soon we all will be “free to play” Axis, at the moment we will burn our assault teams as Axis. We will be all free to join the Soviets or US to finnish the war...
  2. Underpopulation is not the problem, just now US did on current 1005 war, a push destroying more than 100 000 Axis infantry in Marseille and Bourdeaux, being underpopulated, more than soviets. US guys call it "Effective Strategy"
  3. SU needs doubletowns East. You can not “fix players in a small area” because you are not able to coordinate the main soviet teams, it is not because there are too many towns. We will try to coordinate soviets teams in winter, not before. At the moment reto did not develop 2.0 it is not the underpopulated faction who have the problem, others tools should be employed, underdog bonus, more credits etc. It is the large abuse versus the underpopulated faction using exploits with MM that is creating the problem on soviet faction. The Axis and US faction are being largely abusing on soviets players, practically popping whatever they want. Why do soviets need double towns East? Reto team changed the speed on assault teams , so soviets can not defend properly the long lines East. ParabUSA or autobUSA faction is now free to counter with just a few active players with paratroopers any skirmish East, using their effective and abusive strategy, of course The Axis can try a bad copy of it using MM exploit, that US uses a lot too. This gives to soviets players just the winter option, to coordinate the resources and to counter this abusive set up, with more RTS activity. Because as parabUSA, soviets do not need to be overpopulated, just with 4 teams they can control all soviet map. Practically RS is able to do it, as parabUSA, controlling RTS with 10-20 Generals and coordination with 3 or 4 clans. But again, soviets players hit the overpopulated faction problems, even if soviets have 700 000 infantry to deploy we are forced to wait to respawn 100 assault teams, having all the resources in the stock pile, no sense. Soviets players can not pay reto bugs and overpopulated factions abuses. So we will wait for winter.
  4. doramass


    Winter is coming
  5. With all the pain we can find in this game. it is still the best WWII game in the net. You are making a step back proposal, like if you want kill the game. It is better to slow develop the game than a step back. My proposal: "with a fishing rod and time" -Place the Big East on the map, including China and Japan and all Rusia. Activate Spain and North Africa too. -If the number of players is not enough as usual, do not back to f... autos, just place Bots in war, (this last action will remove a lot exploits in game and will carry new ones probably as any change)
  6. doramass


    Wait for next winter, cold will accelerate servers and 5G too... Next servers generation will be nanometric, hipercon is comming, you will need a new pc too, probably. Best servers are in China, murrica lost the step.
  7. Of course, the problem is not with the ATS in the middle of the line. The problem is with the ATS attacking the city, these ATS will not be eble to retreat from the attack because the line is broken. Al3k It is very difficult if fair randoms play the ATS to win war funds but it is difficult to lose too. Only if there are exploits it is posible, but those are not newbiees or randoms. It is happening a lot in game, so it is better to sparse and to not defend an area when the player see it, or when you know it will happen when you see the players that exploit or are manipulated to exploit queueing the battles, these players are in all factions, and they team up to exploit or organize squads that are manipulated to. The main group is on Axis faction, but it happen in US and SU faction too. Much more in US than SU, some of these players move factions a lot manipulating RTS and war victories as they want. For they to play versus friends or to play another faction in same war and with same account is fair. They queue their opponents ATS in the same area they are attacking with their ATS. I sent a ticket to reto on this question and some of these players even posted in forum they do this exploit, because "their opponents invite they" to play the opponent faction. Even if these players play to win, they will accelerate RTS and they know it, this is the main reason to place Bots in war using some rules. This way this exploit will be finnished, nobody will try to pop when Bots will do it. Fair players can not do much with these issues, just to be cautious or sparse if they are off line as I wrote. Due to these questions and to inactivity in summer I am not deploying or deploying as Axis
  8. Hello guys There is just one bug in RTS, that can make assault teams to dissapear. I call it comando bug, it happen if a skirmish do not resolve properly and the assault teams are in the middle of the line, so the ATS can not back to the city at the back. Before to send your ATS to any battle you need to check the line. If not it is a risk. Any other action is made by your opponents, autoresolve, Pnuke etc. That is why it is better to not send more than 300 infantry to attack. It is very difficult in game to lose war funds, playing any faction, if you are cautious with your ATS, with the rules I posted. Even being encircled or wasting paratroopers, if the battle pop you should always be tide with war funds at the end of the war if you keep active on RTS. Only autoresolves,morale kill, fast encirclements, Pnuke or comando bug can destroy a lot war funds. Normaly if you are cautious you will not lose, maybe neither win but difficult to lose. Inactivity and concentration of ATS make you to lose war funds. I can not comment others questions that can you make to lose war funds because it is againts rules, but the result is the same I wrote.
  9. Can not see here any opinion from soviets main Generals, just US and Axis players. For me, just now this changes are not the main to do: Until next winter it is a no sense to deploy as soviet and bots should be placed in war to give to RTS more dynamism, if you want someone to deploy. The topic now, should be "Rules to place Bots in War" Because just now as usual in Jun there is not enough activity to deploy our armies, not even as Axis. The lack of activity carries very bad issues to RTS, issues helped by a very bad feature in MM . This changes in cities and respawns will not carry more activitty or a dynamic RTS
  10. doramass

    Any reason to start playing again?

    Hello Gaiuss Well, I know you are the master to find fun with H&G and probably with others activities and games. As you know we are all finnally linked on this pourpose. Lately talking with others veterans, it is being hard to find some fun in War Game, there is a feature in game, MM option that is totaly broking RTS and others old problems we know so well. More that to ask for a fix, or to change cities to respawn in war. or to add new weapons, to change weapons data and a long etc. (knebiees entertaiments in chats and forums...) For me there is only one way to find fun, not anymore with RTS (no way to find fun with it just now) just with first person in battles between experienced players or clans. Battles difficult to find. For RTS it can be a new formula that do not need much job, that will revive RTS and will give a good dynamic to the General part in game, it will even fix withouth any fix the old problems we know so well and the feature allowing your opponents to play your assault teams in same war too. I posted the idea in forum but seems some are not agree. Anyway the idea is from more 1 year old and reto developed it already they did not use it in War Game by now, just in stage.
  11. doramass

    Let's talk about PPSh-41

    The guys that should talk with you will escape the conversation. Last time I posted something on this I just beg to own a ppsh41 able to kill in the first 20m, ten times less its effective range. I play soviets maily due to this weapon, but reto did so many modifications on SU weapons that just 20 or 30 veterans from the faction start on foot, keep playing the soviet faction. Same with ptrd and all soviets weapons. with one of the modifications on papasha you could not even broke the windows panes in 30 m. With another modification they did, you could not even hit the window from 30 m all the shots going to the wall. Meanwhile you could find guys like "Dexter the pro" tea "banging" you. Long story, ask reto guys.
  12. doramass

    Final new capital city vote

    Faction vote? I play all factions. I think Soviets should deploy in England, totaly oposite to what "Dexter the pro" wrote in another post. This way Axis and US will experience the stress to try to guard the big lines in the East. I think US and Axis with the big amount of, lets call it "friends playing both factions at time" and with a larger activity than SU specially in summer, will "kil" each other faster than intended. Meanwhile SU can just place fun in all the map west, or just deploy the assaults teams to play and allow fast victories for Axis. I saw Axis guys a bit nervous lately with their army stalked. Just a hue.
  13. doramass

    Final new capital city vote

    I will finish soon my PhD in psychology for our students, so do not worry. But remember if you do not play RTS "enougth" better do not talk, and take time for friends and family.
  14. doramass

    SU using ALTS to pop battles

    So true, but this time I saw a little variant, not much but just a hue.
  15. doramass

    Final new capital city vote

    I prometo you, to make a big, big effort in my next life. No, it is the same investigation we doing from last 5 years on the psychological pourpose of war games. So do not worry it is not a new investigation line.