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  1. Which is more than some players do but they still play war sometimes. 😜
  2. Manron

    Dont you just love it

    short answer? organized groups scare the newbs away. and, according to reto, only new players bring money with them.
  3. you grinded all the way up to the camo badge and realized JUST NOW your bullets got tracers?
  4. RB said bots could be a lot smarter and deadly and that they are actively working on them. So, my guess is, we will see them in some more gamemodes in the not too far away future.
  5. Manron


    with 6-10 enemy planes in the air i usually just walk to the objectives to capture them. easy win.
  6. except that in first encounter the tryhards are clubbing bots and not actual new players like in staged.
  7. for three-ways the desired count is 12 per faction.
  8. there is no way to play SU without being drunk.
  9. Manron


    just bought camos for all my tanks and a few ones for soldiers. thanks for the sale!
  10. with 18 players on ONE team, yes, plenty.
  11. Manron

    Get rid of Underdog bonus

    We all got queues on everything. Even the SU got queues. Everything is equal for all three factions. We just fight harder because we are used to doing so, no easy mode weapons for the SU anywhere. And this finally pays of. The SU player base has seemingly gotten to a point where we can win wars by winning battles and not only by attrition. Or the competent GE faction players all went staged to welcome new arrivals, what do I know?! I personally don't need the underdog bonus. It is nice to have, but it was not the reason I switched to SU some years ago.
  12. thank you for stating the obvious.
  13. repair costs. field of view / situational awareness while scoped.
  14. Manron

    Get rid of Underdog bonus

    Agreed. Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. But imagine the outrage because "i cant play my tank/plane/recon car/battleship because of no ressources!!!1!one!1"
  15. Manron

    Superior Tools

    'very easy fixes... just need to find the locations... take screenshots and post them... '. I guess RB didnt look at the maps for quite a while. If we get picks for infantry, can we also get sand ladders for the vehicles, please?
  16. Manron

    <3 headshots <3

    it's not the sheer amount of headshots that leads to frustration, it is the way they are happening. getting hit in the head while moving by a BA or SA over a fair distance, i tip my hat and salute the guy. Getting hit in the head when literally bumping into an enemy hipfiring his mp40/thompson/pps, where the barrel of the gun is clearly pointing at your stomach or below, is on the other hand pure nonsense and should have no place in a game that wants to be taken serious. the spray & pray headshots where the enemy is at least holding his gun in the general direction of your head i dont mind that much, either. it's the impossible headshots, where the enemy does a 180, hits you running behind a wall, lands first bullet of a full auto or rams his barrel into your stomach that needs to be adressed.
  17. The SVT is deadly even in close combat, same as the other SA rifles. Just hipfire it. Takes a bit of practice, but one can easily overcome STGs with them if used correctly.
  18. the shortest path is not always the best one.
  19. And judging by the underdog bonus percentage the player distribution is becoming more even.
  20. Manron

    About tank

    tanks have changed quite a bit, you need to re-learn how to use them. right now they perform a little underwhelming vs other tanks. you dont see many tanks because the production has been halved across the board. there is a new 'capture ressources' mechanic in place, look at the popup you see after a battle, but when there are no tanks/vehicles in a battle there is nothing you could capture. see one of the numerous threads on this topic.
  21. Manron

    AT Movement preferences

    wirdex, you really need to start using punctation, i honestly cant figure out what you are trying to say. Edit: Thanks wirdex! I like your ideas and the ones in the OP. There really needs to be some automatic way to free up or use abandoned troops. I'm not quite sure about automatic movement looking at how units retreat from combat currently. If reto could come up with a working solution I'd be more than happy, but I'm in doubt that the points raised by rui_troia are in the bounds of possibility atm.
  22. Manron

    PTRD (and other weapon) ghost rounds

    reto is never rolling anything back, they just move forward into the unknown.
  23. I don't see the contradiction. It is possible to walk to the objective in both offense and defence. Or use civilian trucks. Sure it takes longer and is inconvenient, noone is denying that. But all the tactics presented to me here requiring a jeep also work very well on foot.
  24. So yolo'ing into the cap full of enemies is 'realy playing the game'? Then indeed i'm doing it wrong.
  25. No, because everyone else also needs 2 minutes and is there at the same time. As a vet you should know it's more important to get to the objective as a group, not how fast any individual can get there.