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  1. Geronimo553

    Tanks in Armor 2.0

    The cost is fine, it’s your choice to use the most expensive way of taking out tanks or more then one or two a match. My favorite way to annoy the enemy team is to hold a position with a panzer 1. It costs me nothing and atleast a thousand credits for them to kill me for hardly any exp.
  2. Geronimo553

    Tanks in Armor 2.0

    It’s about correct shot placement now. With that said a hellcat only had 2” thick armor so it was very thin. Anything 50 cal and up can beat two inches of steal.
  3. Another suggestion thread to be piled on with the other dozens of ignored suggestion threads to please the mighty “silent majority”.
  4. Geronimo553

    So what's up with War anyhow?

    All the solutions or fix’s for Reto to correct the RTS have been posted in the forums or made. Reto has been “working on” fixing the RTS since 2014. In short it’s not going to happen for one reason or another. That’s why long term players just give up and leave. just one of dozens of threads proving the broken mechanics in RTS and another thread proving all the old points of why RTS is broken in the first place.
  5. Geronimo553

    What happened to war bonds?

    But but my mini game of collecting gold from war bonds is gone. This feature has been a staple of the game since the beginning. We were suppose to get different types of war bonds monthly. Like the ones shown in the prototype server. But that never happened and now it’s just a system that sits empty and forgotten by development.
  6. Geronimo553

    So what's up with War anyhow?

    And people wonder why German vets play staged or quit playing all together...
  7. This thread really and the steam charts will sum up HnG for me now. The developement of HnG is just far far to slow and they go through to many detail checks. I played post scription all weekend and it has three factors which I have hammered here time and time again which people do love. One amazing authentic sounds that bring out warfare, weapons with high lethality via shot placement within the chest, and mg bipods. I hope HnG takes note because look how successful a game can be when the developers create a world with authenticity of WW2 in it.
  8. In my humble opinion all HnG needs to do is look at Post Scriptom and Hell Let Loose for inspiration. There is a reason they are vastly popular and of the improvements provided to Reto seem to featured in these games by default. PS nailed the sounds ingame, HnG should take note of how good sounds enhance gameplay.
  9. Geronimo553

    Hunting Hitler

    I would hope but there are many many evil Nazi's that they did not catch Mengele is one example.
  10. Geronimo553

    Hunting Hitler

    If anyone is curious about the series just watch the last episode of season three. If you're still sure Hitler died without a body or any evidence with all his options of escape then I'm afraid you don't understand probabilities. I loved the series and its been one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. Literally exposes History's errors and even might change history itself. Personally I believe Hitler made it out and lived a long life in South America. If it wasn't for the over throw of government in 1955 I bet the Nazi threat would be quite real today. Far to many of these evil people lived until old age and their was simply to much infrastructure created to deny with reasonable doubt of it's possibility.
  11. Geronimo553

    ME 410 is OP

    Yep, thats how the HnG forum logic tends to play out. lol
  12. OR to make it fair for EVERYONE. Just reduce recoil across the board for all firearms there for negating any "advantage" these scripts would provide.
  13. Geronimo553

    ME 410 is OP

    Hmm if the ME-410 is "OP" then how does the P-38 outperform it in every way?
  14. Hmm good and thoughtful information as always Edward. My only suggestion to Reto would be the use of additional types of War Bonds and cheaper gold offerings/sales. Currently war bonds have hardly ever been promoted with any variation and its been a long long time since gold has been on sale. **notices the recent gold sale**Nice work placing gold on sale, it should be done on a bi-monthly basis to encourage purchase.
  15. Geronimo553

    more proof that germans are right

    GE = Faction doing exactly what every other faction does in staged