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  1. So many veterans will remember the old "Scoped weapon" for infantry which came with the 8x Scope but with the inability to Upgrade it. This was removed when they gave infantry the ability to have as you know now the 1 hit kill scoped guns. In my opinion this was a bad turn because recon are less common and infantry snipers have taken the role. I understand most people will look at this and say, DONT ADD 8x!!!, But atleast give those who spent the 2400 gold their 8x back. Below is the Current cost of the K98 Below is What I was left with when they changed to as you know the boltys now. two of the same weapon Below is some confirmation of the "Old" scoped weapon. I would like to see the people who purchased these back in the day given a special "Gift" possibly given these weapons back.. old screenies
  2. Thanks heaps. already pre-purchased. I can't wait!
  3. connor1211

    Headshot only?

    ^ so true
  4. I will be talking about my war experiences and server availability in the New Zealand & Australia region. War isn't available in New Zealand & Australia without having 180+ ping. Which is a big let down and the whole underdog bonus and "warfunds" for the General side of the war and all that many people over here don't get the opportunity to experience. I could just toughen up and play war and I know me and everyone else over here will have to do that. I'd like to see something for us that we can be involved in. or get warfunds for playing staged because well I'm sitting on 7000 warfunds and have played 2000+ hours and it's just something I'd like to see implemented.
  5. connor1211

    Character and AT experience

    yeah, It'd be nice for a work over. hopefully soonish
  6. connor1211

    New Options for Flight Controls

    SOMEONE KNOW COSTS OF NEW PLANES THAT COMING? 3 TIER ^ From the Prototype: Medium Fighters are worth 116000 credits and 1450 gold. Heavy Fighters are worth 167000 credits and around 2000 gold.
  7. connor1211


    yeah, paying attention" it's easyer to come to the forums and get others ppls opinions lol
  8. connor1211

    New German Heavy Fighter 'Messerschmitt Me 410 B-2'

    mhmm can't wait!
  9. connor1211

    cant play beta today

    closed last night, to late sorry
  10. connor1211

    Cost Per Repiar Chart?

    cheers^ isn't that a lil old or
  11. connor1211

    next factions?

    yeah can't wait to pop those little brits helmets right off
  12. connor1211

    StG44 Nerfed

  13. connor1211

    Anti Tank Guns!

    seems legit
  14. connor1211

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Rammstein baby :D
  15. connor1211

    Best Weapon?

    Mg42 - 1200rpm, those anschusspatrone SS rounds and well a sight with tight grip gold is the best In my opinion of course