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  1. Yeah i know it is not urgently necessary. This idea just popped in my head so i wanted to share it. I just kinda like idea, because no other game has it, it is very similar to the real military, where one more experienced guy leading the greenhorns, its not that much work for reto to implement and could be a nice experience for the players. Of course you can also watch youtube videos, or read the forum, but that's nothing compared to have your own personal teacher, who speaks your language as well. About the benefits i wasnt sure, because if you give the captain some nice benefits, players will find a way to abuse the system, for example kicking new players from the squad, until they have their buddies in squad, which would bring a lot of frustration to new players and benefit rude behavior at the same time.
  2. As many players said before, H&G is missing some proper Introduction for new players. The basic game mechanics are pretty easy to understand, but there is a lot more to know. Many times you see players in GE/US/SU chat or the forum asking about weapon mods, or which weapon they should buy, or how to manage their Assault Teams. And also how many times you say something in ingamechat, but the new players won't listen. However in those rare occasions, when the new players do listen to the veteran player, you get some really nice feedback at the end of the match and everybody is happy. So i came up with a cool solution, that could be a nice experience for new players and veterans alike. The Trainings Squad. Old players with a solider at rank 17 can open a Squad as Captain and the Squad will be filled with players who are looking for a Trainings Squad, based on their language settings. It's basically just a normal Squad with a Captain as Leader and random players as Squadmembers. After joining the Squad the players can have a chat and ask Questions to the Captain. The Captain can choose to enter a Battle to explain ingame mechanics better and to lead his Recruits through the game. Same Squadmechanics we have right now, the only difference i would like to see is another color for the Squadleader, to make him more visible for new players and also increase his status. After the Recruits leave the Squad they can rate the Captain, a Captain who receives many bad Ratings will be looked into and if he's just trolling people he will lose the option to become Captain. The new players benefits will be the shared knowledge plus extra Soliderexperience and Credits due to the Squadsystem, you might even give a little extra bonus on that as well. The Captain should get no benefits, or just very little, to prevent abusing. Might change that, if the demand of players is much higher than the amount of Captains. But im pretty sure there are a lot of old players who would like to help new players, who are really looking for help. I could already name a bunch of them, due to their chat and forum activity. Overall this could be a really nice solution, which no other game has, as far as i know. Would be also a nice experience for new players to learn into the game and also get to meet some players to become friends, like the other Recruits in their Squad who share the same experience with them.
  3. meshti

    Armor plates

    RETO PLEASE DON'T!!! That's the most stupid idea you had in a while. I totally disagree with this decision for the following reasons. -Armor plates are completely unrealistic in WW2 -this will mess up the whole equipment point system, which is fine as it is at the moment. -I don't think this will help new players that much, vets will still kill em easy. I will still kill those poor fellas, even if I need 5 shots with my scoped BA to kill a player, who is running across an open field with his ppd. -this is not competition capable For example: loadouts will be mp+armor+medpack, you attack a point, kill first enemy, he hit you twice, you heal, but have no more armor, now next enemy with same setup already has an advantage. I like the idea of nerfing heavy set, since this badge is just mandatory and OP as love. Also like helping new players to challange veterans. But this is the wrong approach! The frustration of new players comes more from the fact they can't do anything against those scoped OHKs, then from dying in 1 shot. Thats why many new players decide to go tanker or recon themselfs for revenge. To help them is much easier, just give em a frekkin car for 15k (not 50). Also change all scopes for infantry to x2.2, only recons should have access to the other ones. Now to heavy set, my solution would be to divide the badge into three. One against small caliber, pistols, MPs, Stg, carbines. One against high caliber, avs, LMGs, SA, BA. And one against explosives. If RB still insists add those stupid plates, but make em 4 eq points.
  4. i don't know what your problem is... we only do what we are used to - kicking murican butts and winnig the war :lol:
  5. OMG the guys who spawm tanks and planes into every match against moto guards are losing warfunds... totally broken game! i really feel for you poor muricans, who the hell gave the soviets anti tank weapons in scandinavia??! i remember the good old times where you steamrolled with your tanks against soviets with svt and grenades there.
  6. you guys wanna know why soviets lose in staged matches... - most of them have tier0 gear svt+grenades, fighting against germans with tier2 gear mg42,mp40, ect. - 95% of soviet players don't have a motobike,or APC, you can't attack without vehicles. - most soviets don't have anti tank weapons, or don't use them cuz they are too expensive - mostly soviets don't have SU-85, IS-2, paratroopers - soviets mostly have new players fighting vs veterans on german side, cuz they don't find any war matches - most soviet players don't even know how to switch his AT, or how important it is to keep both lines open in assault missions - soviets without heavyset on foot vs scoped kar an army of new players with shirty gear, no heavy set, no vehicles, no anti tank weapons, no tanks or other special weapons against an army of veterans with high end gear and gold badges. who do you think will win? those are the only reasons why soviets are getting raped in staged matches and in war. not becuz germans have magical super weapons. today i played staged matches with soviets and we were winning quite alot of them, becuz i saw many soviets with smg,mg, paratroopers. in my opinion RETO should give all soviet characters a bonus on exp, ribbons and warfunds, also should reduce the costs of their gear. that would help them mutch more then nerfing the mp40 for example.
  7. staged battles are meant to be fair, that means every team should have the same ressources. that is the case in the beginning... but if the attacker loses one line, he will lose all the ressources there. it's hard enough to attack only on one line anyways, so my suggestion would be to move the ressources from the closed line over to the open line.
  8. here are the problems: - GE has too many players - SU has too few players - US and SU have too few ATs - SU getting wrecked in every staged match - most SU players have low level gear - GE always starts battles with 2 players more here are my solutions: - give a 50% ribbon and exp boost for SU characters in staged battles > will help them to get better gear faster > will attaract more new players to start at SU side > players from other factions will be more likely to join staged as SU and make a new solider there, those more experienced players will help SU alot to win more staged battles - give SU players 50% exp and WF bonus in war matches > will help them to get more ATs > may attract players from other factions to play war on SU - give US players 25% exp and WF bonus in war matches > will help them to get more ATs - lower the prices for SU gear > can gear up faster conclusion: this won't solve all problems right away, but it may solve some of them for example the +2 players at start for GE and the winrate for soviets in staged matches. this will have a positive effect to the SU populationrate, with new players and maybe some experienced players who will switch factions. in the long run this will help SU to become a decently geared faction, with more players dedicated to war missions. also will help SU and US to grow a bigger AT size.
  9. this looks like some kind of joke to me, in Silenen axis had like 20 ATs of all kinds available, [attachment=2]joke1.jpg[/attachment] look what the game took for the defense [attachment=1]joke2.jpg[/attachment] and for the counterattack... [attachment=0]joke3.jpg[/attachment]
  10. first of all i want to emphazise how mutch i enjoy this game, im playing for quite a while now and i really love the whole setup. i mean the combination between a stragtgic and 3d shooter game is awesome and reto managed to implement that feature very well. but, in my opinion there are many things that have to be fixed in order to make the game less frustrating and more balanced. i watched all the devstreams, so im trying to come up with some new things i would like to discuss, also want to give my opinion to some of the oftenly discussed facts people ask. since there are many things on my list im going to classify them into 3 main issues. 1.BALANCE BETWEEN FACTIONS, what shall be done to make the allies win more wars. - faction change: players can write a ticket to support to join the allies, you pick some of them and switch all their characters and ATs to allies. they will have all the ribbons and experience, their gear will be removed and they get all the credits/gold back from them, so they can buy new allied gear. maybe you only have to do that once in order to balance out the number of ATs and players on each faction. - let the allies take Oslo at the beginning of the war, either by shortening the distance to Oslo or by switching the capital from Edinburgh to Aberdeen. that will balance the number of initial capitals from 9/6 to 8/7 and will also increase the frontline, giving the opportunity to push eastern europe from scandinavia. 2.TANKS, overpowered allied tanks, warfund system ect. ok here is how i see the power of all tanks, according to frontal 1v1 battle light tanks: pz1allies better medium tanks: pz3allies better tank destroyers: hetzerallies better heavy tanks: tiger1balanced(ok with only tiger2 axis is superior) so the allied tanks dominate in 3 of 4 classes, note: heavys are barely seen in campain missions fighting against other heavys. also allied tanks are overall faster then german tanks, makes them better for flanking and against infantry, while the german tanks are smaller, pretty useless when you get marked in 2 sec and with auto zeroing, maybe better for hiding behind rocks, no bonus against infantry. in order to balance this out i recommend following changes: - introduce new unit Light Tank Destroyers = 38t Hetzer vs M24 Chaffee (maybe balance them out a bit, i haven't seen them in direct fights so far) - introduce the pz5 Panther, i know many players missing this tank in the game, would be equivalent to the E8 sherman - introduce a new heavy tank for allies(i dont know which tho since there are none) but i think the allies should have 2 heavys too, so they can unlock something with heavy tanks. that would lead to a new list: light tanks: pz1balanced medium tanks: pz3pretty balanced light tank destroyers: hetzer=m24 ->balanced medium tank destroyers: hellcat=stug ->balanced heavy tanks: tiger1balanced note that allied tanks are still faster, while axis tanks are smaller. - another big issue with tanks are their costs in warfunds, i mean the whole system is just broken leading to tanks will only cost you warfunds, the better they are the more they will cost you. leading to battles where generals just farm heavy tanks to make lots of warfunds, ok you lose the battle but you gain tons of warfunds. for example you lose a whole AT of motorised infantry(including all jeeps)but as long as you kill 1 heavy tank its worth it. ok in order to fix that you should reduce the resupply costs of all tank units, i suggest LT=15k,LTD=17.5k,MTD=20k,MT=25k,HT=50k also planes should be cheaper like 8=17.5k,16=35k - tank destroyers, as the name says they are made for killing tanks, not infantry. you should somehow reduce the HE ammo to either a smaller radius or only 10 rounds. in order to make them less effective against infantry. also the LTD should take 1 slot the MTD 2 slots - weaken the anti tank weapons, 2 rockets for a med tank come on... a solider who just bought his bazooka can kill your tiger tank, you've spend month to unlock... i would suggest more rockets for each med and heavy tanks like: MT=4rockets,3haftladung,4st grenades HT=6rockets,4haftladung,5st grenades,2 mines so you have to either take more ammo with you, use dynamite fan combatbadge, or teamplay in order to kill a med or heavy tank. - tanks vs bike,fence, etc. i often get blocked by a bike with my tank... 40t vs 10kg, im pretty sure you wont even realise you hit a bike in your tank. also a wooden fence, 40t steal vs 20kg wood... same! please make tanks just instantly destroy bikes, fences and cars(at least the medium and heavys) - 9tanks/0 tankdrivers after one battle left??? axis generals know that issue quite good, you first think they all stick their head out and get shot, but its a different problem. i dont know why you put that, but why you can't spawn 3 light tanks in a mission? forcing your tankdrivers to spawn as passanger on a pz1 = 1 weak infantryman. please fix that! either reduce tanks to 2 slot teams or just let every tankdriver spawn a tank. 3.OVERALL GAMEPLAY, many differnt things, listed by importance. - confirm your ATs at the start of each war, right now you have removed the free deploy, but this will lead to only cheap units in the campain, because overall you will just lose warfunds with your expensive ATs. i think that is the wrong approch to prevent the spamming of "free" units. i mean the main issue is you can basicly deploy for example 1 fighter AT when they get out of planes, you buy a new AT fighters and so on, in the next war you will have 10 fighter ATs you can deploy for free. my solution is, when you join a new war, you have to confirm your ATs, meaning you choose the ATs you can field with your characters(depending on how many slots you have etc)then you confirm that army, you will get those for free, every new AT will cost you the resupply. - ATs that lost all soliders go back to HQ, not stay on the map, to prevent getting blocked by 20 jeeps for example - campain missions requires a rank 10 character in the class you want to play, many players get frustrated when there are new player(rank3) joining into important battles, i mean no one starts as pro in this game, you need to get some experience, to become "useful" in a battle, i doubt everyone that got rank3 has understood how this game works, especially tankdrivers/pilots. that will also make new players more exciting about the real war, they will give their best when they can join a campain match. right now new players wont even realise when they are in a trainingsmatch or a campain match. -exp/points for killing player while you capture, less experience for capturing overall, only few points for caping grey flags. give a bonus to good players that capture points, killing lots of enemys defending it, but give less points for players taking undefended flags. -aircrafts, please fix those HE ammo for planes, the dogfights are more fun(and will bring you WF) when you have to destroy the enemy plane, not just simply kill the pilot with few HE rounds near the cockpit. in my opinon there should be 3 kinds of ammo for planes, vs planes, vs tanks, vs infantry. please make the HE ammo useless against fighter and para planes(you shoot the pilot so easy with HE aswell) -anti air, maybe give the mechanised recon vehicles something decent against planes, to make those some kind of anti air. -ingame inventory, makes you switch your weapons/tanks ingame while you dead. cant buy new weapons/tanks -show weather on strategic map -mines, only infantry should be able to carry mines, the time to place a mine should be increased, cant place mines under water. -equipment slots, recons should have 8 slots(the scoped rifles will take 5 slots with no ammo) that would make the recons a decent infantry, right now they always need inf support. makes them better alone in skirmish matches. pilots should have only 2 eq slots, can only take a pistol or wrench(should be implemented for pilots as well). that could stop the pilots becoming paratroopers^^ -APCs cant get unlocked by your teammates, you gain few exp for everyone who spawns there. and you should also get exp for killing APCs and recon APCs, recon can spawn in their APC. -m1 carbine should take 6 eq slots, allied paras can have m1 + st grenades? kinda unfair! -quad as ground support weapon, right now its used as pretty effective anti infantry and light armor weapon. should fire only in the air like the flak. -friendly fire should be on for every weapon. -team deathmatch missions, for all players that just want to kill people. setup like a trainingsmission. when you hold more objectives then the enemy they will lose tickets, your spawn points cant be captured and wont get locked. for example on the airfield map A1,A2+D1,D2 vs B1,B2+C1,C2. that could be fun!! -sounds need some fixing!!! movement of soliders, jeeps, motobikes. please change the weapon sounds some are just horrible, for exmaple the mp34 sounds like a fisherprize gun, the 88mm cannon should sound more dangerous^^ etc etc -few bugs, the "oneshot granat" is simply a soundbug, where you dont hear the first shot. on the airfield map there is a board in D2 which is invisible at some angles, players like to hide behind there, you shoot them but dont hit... on the factory map there is a stone next to O2 that will sometimes flip your tank upside down when you spawn on it. Ok thats it, feel free to discuss that now