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  1. The maps in themselves are not particularily time-consuming, it is the asset creation that takes basically forever. The russian-themed maps can't excactly re-use the french assets, like the current maps.
  2. No. To calculate the damage of your weapon to heavy set gold users you take your guns damage and multiply it by 0.85(because hsg makes the soldier using it take 85% of full damage). I.e., if your weapon does 40 base damage, it will do 34dmg to a hsg user(40*0.85=34). The same way a 57 base dmg gun will do 48.45 damage to a hsg user. EDIT: i used heavy set gold as an example, to calculate the damage of heavy set bronze and silver replace 0.85 with 0.95(bronze) and 0.8(silver).
  3. Most definitely not, but with "inf" i referred to motorized inf. I think a someone without tanks fighting someone with tanks should at the very least stand a chance, but still being at a disadvantage.
  4. Which only works when both teams have tanks. Tank camping is normally close to no problem when both teams have tanks and tankers, but the second it is inf vs tanks things get all kinds of screwed up.
  5. Not unless a confirm purchase button gets added. Misbuys happen, and there is no reason they should not refund 100% if the weapon in question never has been used and the purchase is newer than 2hrs.
  6. make already existing trucks drag them, and they'd have to be deployed properly before shooting. ...and max 2 of them deployed simultaneously per faction, to give them fighters a darn chance.
  7. Map got ditched. The files for the map do still exist, but (like all alpha/early beta maps) consist of outdated files, utilizing an older method of creating maps. Hence editing them is a lot nore advanced than the newer maps. Anyway, larger city maps are definitely a yay for me.
  8. I actually tried, but the forum refused to embed it for whatever reason.
  9. Hipfire is too random you say? (Gif was a pre-nerf 1028rpm M2)
  10. What about removing the reticle? I think this would improve a lot if paired with a removal of adams conefire.
  11. Well if they have 1 stream before each update, and the next stream is not until after summer, it better be a HUGE update adding bipods, 20 new maps, new rts and fixing what's currently wrong.
  12. yeah, imagine if someone would use it to promote their game
  13. Combating tryhardism is quite easy; just kill the tryharders with a shovel and theyll ragequit.
  14. actually true. Just reviewed some old footage of mine i had laying around from 26th june 2016. The map was so much more balanced out than all of the current ones, with only having minor flaws(X1 not necessarily one of them). When i did not facepalm over my reaction time/aim, it was quite fun to see it again... #bringbackoldmountaintown
  15. I most definitely would not call it perfect, but it was good and at very least a lot better than the current joke.