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  1. Well it was an extreme scenario, i think i'll perhaps add some deaths to the killer and kills to the capper. While you're onto something, the point was to show there are more things than just kdr which matter.
  2. Even more newbie questions? 0. You mean warfunds? You can use them to buy&maintain assault teams (rank12+). 1. How you grind cash to get a pilot? (A: xp is linked to earnings, so capping is the way to go.) Or if a pilot will get you a good income? A: this really depends on the game and the player. A good pilot will rack up thousands of xp in a good match, and thereby earn a lot. A newer(read: worse) pilot will normally not earn as much. 2. Play whatever you enjoy the most. No real difference here. 3. No. Xp is. 4. The kdr of the player? No way other than asking atm 5. Credited to the account, no matter which faction. 6. This really depends on the clan you want to get into. For most clans, even the higher-skilled ones, it is enough that your current performance in-game is enough. Kdr is one of the things you should care the least about in this game; a 5/5 player with 10 captures has probably been more useful than a camper with 50/0 and no caps.
  3. Strictly speaking, i actually think you're right about them not knowing what a defibrillator is, though its concept got invented 1930, and first used on a human in 1947.
  4. If tanks were to receive this, I'd like to see a similar system introduced for other small(er) vehicles. For example, when first buying a jeep it would just be a plain jeep with nothing, and one could put on different arms like the current M1919 or a .50 cal. If you don't mind not having a weapon on it, you could buy a hood which hides you and your comrades (note: does not stop bullets). Kuebel would ultimately be the same, but with the choice between MG42s and MG34s, and choosing a top-mounted(current) or a side-mounted MG. Ofc could also mount a hood. Perhaps the kuebel could be the only vehicle with the possibility to mount MG and hood, as i do not see the side-mounted MG and hood interfere with each other. The Gaz... Idk, I'm sure some ivans at some point welded a DP/Maxim to a gaz. At the very least it had a hood.
  5. 1. No. Testserver is restricted to trusted mods etc. 2. Idk. Get reto to trust you. 3. Well, i guess it would not hurt asking a dev/mod, though i doubt access will be granted. 4. Vehicle codes via console, prehaps via ingame resources too. This will get sorted out if you get access. 5. ^ 6. ^^ 7. Film quickly. Afaik equipment owned by a living soldier won't despawn.
  6. Never said he didn't, did i? All i said was that Reto had, and possibly still have, a policy where they give free codes to streamers. I did not know whether this still existed or not because i had not been active on twitch the last year, combined with the fact that reto were very hesitant with gives players free stuff after the launch. Apparently this policy still works, so this discussion is over.
  7. Afaik because i have not been particularly active on twitch the last 1/2 year, and reto seemed to have given up on giving away free stuff after august 2016.
  8. What @JJ_G4M3R said+ Reto do afaik give vouchers to streamers to give away, most larger streamers have giveaways from time to time. Reto also give away gold during the developer streams.
  9. They should be able to enjoy all parts of the game, though after r6. Perhaps it would be possible to add a squadleadertutorial, though that's another thing. Keep in mind that most of my initial post was aimed directly at your differentiation between war&staged matches; both can be a proper pain in the butt without a proper squadleader.
  10. I do not think more players would work with the current maps, though i can imagine with some next-gen huge maps. Was a bug some patches back which allowed manymany players in a single game, i think there were some 60vs60 matches. Was quite hopeless, if i'm not too far off the deploy queue only allowed 36 players on the battlefield simultaneously.
  11. Well, i had the automatically formed MM squads in mind. Totally forgot about the premades - ofc they should get to play with each other.
  12. Problem is that the same system is utilized in war matches too, yesterday a lvl 4 was my leader in war. Twice. Both matches i'm sure we could have won if he'd had some auxseats. Imo nobody below r6 should be squadleader ever, not in staged, not in war. What's ok with them being sl's in staged? they don't use peoples resources? Everyone should be allowed to have fun in both modes, and playing staged is also nofun if i have a r2 sl while we get our asses whipped by tanks because we don't have any tankers. I think that the low-rank people will also have more fun with a proper squadleader, as they'll get more rewards in addition to orders.
  13. Only scope. You will have to unlock ammo/triggers/barrels/internals yourself. No oneshot.
  14. You'll survive without AT weaponry in staged, though in war it is close to a must to have at least one soldier with AT weapons. I run medkits on nearly all soldiers because it is awesome to have when asaulting cps, i dare say that the medkits have won some games already.
  15. If you buy a new recon soldier, you will get the bolt-action rifle of your faction (M1903 US, Mosin-Nagant SU, Kar98k GE) together with a low-power scope.