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  1. I'd guess Fog of War, releases around february 23rd
  2. Probably not many forests inside copenhagen. They might have seen one through the top floor window once, though. This also partially explains another map problem. You know how the maps lack different heights? Let me remind you that denmarks highest point is 170m over sealevel.
  3. I'd suggest that something is terribly wrong if your computer can't render green Just make grass in general shorter and move viewmodel a notch up, and we'll do just fine.
  4. Quality isn't free:) I've always had the feeling that the stg is exceptionally expensive, even with few mods. I use it with trigger and light bolt only, yes no ammo(basically how i run all my autos), and repair prices are way higher than other weapons running similar builds. Even while stock it's easy to get up in the 1-2k repcosts in a game, while i easily can have full rounds with a stock Johnson and pay 1-200 for the gun, at most. Yes 1-200, with a weapon that is better in most regards.
  5. I think i can answer for them though. "We are a small tea..."
  6. Tanker all the way. The problem with recons atm is that the main reason to buy them are the recon vehicles, which are very late unlocks on the rather hopeless Chaffeur ribbon. Yes the can have 8x scopes and can oneshot heavy set silver, but it is not enough really to compensate for the hefty pricetag and lacking flexibility. As long as you make it past the starter tanks, tanking is proper fun from time to time. Just remember that tanks should never rush and generally never be inside capzones.
  7. Because they enjoy the RTS maybe? Just that you do not like the rts part of HnG doed not mean nobody does. For quite e while i was like you, but as i progressed further i started enjoying the rts more and more. Commanding ATs is fun, and only gets better the more cps you have. Beeing able to start your own battles is fun and rewarding, and makes you feel "important". Having a general additionally gives you a lot of freedom in the rts, making you independent of other people's resources to win matches.
  8. Nah. then it would make them free again.
  9. You can report people via thr ingame report tool, or by submitting a ticket to support. Remember to include the mission ID in the ticket.
  10. Any rank 12+ sokdier gets a lot of xp from commanding assault teams. The reason generals need xp, is, like garrit said, that they get more command points for every new rank they aquire, enabling them to command more assault teams. The maximum is reached at rank 22, with 10 command points+what he gets from the war victory ribbon (3), thus meaning the absolute maximum is 13 command points on a single soldier.
  11. (in HTML) 5xx should be serverside issues, 4xx are client problems. Like @Candywrapper said, send a support ticket here; Reto are the only ones able to resolve this issue atm.
  12. ^You'll need to do both.
  13. Known for not getting back to topic
  14. +full morale is 100