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  1. Read the changelog again. If not; you still get paid your rank salary, xp credit earnings come on top of that.
  2. Exactly what i feared... Reto, you tried. You tried. Keep in mind that you get xp for killing the tankers too, so the actual kill reward on tanks is even less. Now taking out a tank with H3s costs twice as much as you get... and the other at nades are even more exoensive. Not that this is a bad thing though Literally a quote from some Reto on credit earnings: "We want to focus less on salary, and reward the player more for what he actually does in the game."
  3. I just see this part.
  4. Probably because it was expected to be meant in a racistic matter, i.e. hinting associations/support for isis. Every part of the war had committed war crimes, that's a fact and the swastika is probably mainly banned due to western associations. Your best bet is to send reto a support ticket here. Matter of time before this thread gets shut down anyway.
  5. Well, as far as I'm concerned there is no way of reassurring that they are completed. then again they are rather easy, no problem to do them multiple times each match.
  6. Best thing is that the chat servers still work after action crashes This was pretty terrible the launch weekend too. you got thrown out of every 2nd match
  7. @Africandave What is the definition of a clan? are there any minimums or can i just go ahead and create a clan page for "the axerfanists" which does not have any members? No, the axerfanists do not actually excist.
  8. ...then he would not be able to log in again.
  9. The scope will probably be the better choice, as you already have a ohk weapon. NOTE: Ss ammo and scout will not ohk(one hit kill). The german equivalent to Bertie Clay ammo will get you above 100 damage. Should be something smk hart .
  10. As the pershing has rather weak armor, wurfmines and rpgs have more than enough potential to get it killed. It's true that it is a problem across all factions, tried to point that out.
  11. I would like to play this way, but every time i spawn a tank there are those germans spawncamping with their H3/wurfmine hiding on a bush. I love(d) heavy tanking, but for the last few patches i've been struggling to earn anything above 30k a match. Now with today's income "rework" i barely think it ever will be possible again. Actually a problem lately, there are too many teams that consist of more AT rambos than tankers... What is the point of spending 1000cr on spawning a Pershing if there are no tanks around? More often than not i seem to switch over to infantry if queuing as a tanker, mainly because there are no enemy tanks or because we already have too many. Then we have the tankers that switch over to at inf because they can't seem to kill you... unglorious basteds they are.
  12. ... That basically means that gm have thousands more troops deployed, right? The MG42 is NOT the reason gm is losing wars. Actually, gm is winning more battles thanthe other factions atm...
  13. Nope. Salary us still rank dependent. Made 2300cr on a r16 soldier, full encounter, 314 score and 15/1. If anything, it seems like a de-grade, then again i have not tried an assault yet.
  14. It is. Reto chose the completely wrong way of nerfing the MG42 and M1M2. Instead of just making it a worse gun by nerfing RoF, accuracy and/or damage, they got nerfed by increasing sway and recoil, removing all kinds of fun from both guns and rendering them useless.