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  1. To answer the 2nd part; I guess you want to do it to get some attention from some well-known forum warriors, devs. I know @Jacky95(?) made a taglist of forum "celebs", but idk if that is really necessary as most active forum warriors will read posts that at least seem somewhat interesting. The developers are seriously no need to tag, basically every post gets read from them, including suggestions in the answer section.
  2. Have i understood correctly that we can't play 'till release, may 30th?
  3. rip, I've witnessed that too. It just happened in my T70, and this was the first it it triggered me AND i bothered to write a topic.
  4. Okay, happened again. Me, driving T70: I leave the tank somewhere safe in the shadows, while i run off with my binoculars to see if i can spot any tanks over a crest. I see an enemy tank, and start sprinting back to my T70. When i cross the crest, i clearly see that it sits there, enjoying a nice nap. Then, when i'm 5 meters(~15ft) from the hull, everything suddenly disappears. Nine and a half loving metric tonnes of steel just vanished into nothing. Explain me the logic here.
  5. Apparently 1.07 has launched, so logging in would answer it
  6. (Offtopic) 1.07 has launched?
  7. I'd say the tokarev is better, even though the korovin shoots 47rpm faster. After testing the pocket pistols on the testserver, i can tell you that they are for emergency situations only. They become a joke to use at over 5m. The damage was surprisingly good, quite similar to the tokarev. As i earlier mentioned, the korovin shoots faster. But that's it. Tokarev can be used at longer ranges, damage dropoff is acceptable and it is more controllable in general. This makes the Tokarev more reliable and flexible, making it superior to the korovin, imo. That being said, you pay a price too. The small pistols cost 25k(keep in mind that this is due to change) while the Tokarev is 80k.
  8. Because needed another ww2 shooter, don't we? Vietnam is an era from wich there are not many games, i think it is great with something different. Helicopters and M16 make for a great change compared to the average thompson vs MG42 fights found in practically every ww2 game. It's open beta now, isnt it? Anyway got play some games on sunday, and i keep getting impressed how well gameplay and gameflow is compared to... other titles.
  9. Well; if it works i do not see the problem about this. After all, it fixes the issue, right? See what you meant now. That being said, the assets may be shared, but there are most certainly some map specific files.
  10. What you hold/carry does not have any effect running speed.
  11. If using steam, go ahead and verify integrity of game files. This is the best&easiest option. If you are using browser, you'd have to reinstall the game. Corrupt is a term within computers often used to describe files/folders that are bugged/do not work properly.
  12. Still don't understand why you don't work at Reto yet. What about some windows, preferably colored glass, on the buttress walkway? Theyd be placed so high one could not shoot down into the capzone, but they'd definitely add ti the look.
  13. least compared to the E8. Normally the second shot sets things on fire, i'd guess the Panther and E8 are pretty equal in terms of damage.
  14. ...and a quicker reload.
  15. The salary(pay rate) increases with the ranks, and is awarded to you after each battle. If take base in a salary of 15 000, that means that you, as a player, will receive 15 000 credits for each hour of playtime(only time in battle is counted). If you're in a battle for half an hour, you'll get 7 500 credits. In addition to the salary you receive a certain amount of credits based on the amount of xp earned in battle.