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  1. The BAR 1919 is loved up

    what they nerfed the BAR? the M1918?
  2. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    where is the mill
  3. [4UM GAME] Am i known on the forums?

    Known for wanting french faction.
  4. Intelligence Bulletin #1

    B-but they added en entire rolled-over halftrack! It is plentyful to cover the entire spawn from the hill /s
  5. The missing gunshot sounds

    The missing sound is one thing, but this clip also kind of shows why i'd say we need muzzle flash. Looked through the clip a few times now and the only visual hint i see from him is a single tracer. Note to reto; Smoke is not the same as muzzle flash.
  6. A question for the veterans

    I use it with a trigger only. Dirt cheap while performance is more than adequate. The STG could of course be better with more/other mods, but the trigger is really the only mod that does not break the bank to repair while significantly increasing performance.
  7. Ways to Fix Mountain Town Assault (images and notes included)

    Afaik, you're the only dedicated level designer, right? Would it not be more effective in terms of production and game progression in general to hire another level designer instead of (even more) full time community managers? While I'm sure the hire of reto.varish makes your russian interactions a lot easier and so on, but isnt this (strictly speaking) misprioritizement?
  8. Premium stuff

    Well, seeing how reto distance themselves from p2w/ real-cash only things(not able to skip grinds etc, everything incl vet available for creds, this is something that used to be gold-only) i honestly do not see this happen in the close future. Anyway, nobody stops you from spending €50 worth of gold on whatever you want in-game.
  9. What did @Reto.Desji mean by this?

    Off topic subforum. Off topic. While i agree that the devs have better things to do than (this) minor things, I'd say we are allowed to post nitpicking like this in the offtopicsubforum. I have to say, i'm genuinely surprised reto even bother actively reading this subforum.
  10. What did @Reto.Desji mean by this?

    It is long and made of steel. Obviously train tracks. /s Also i'm starting to wonder how the hell those boxes got up there, seems like they are wider than the staircase?
  11. When i finally get into a cp, i do quite well most of the time. I just seem to have problems getting that far...
  12. At first we had the weekly streams, most of them are full of content. Then, Q3 2016 they started having problems filling them. (game released around here, reto in ecstasy because more than 20 000 players are online simultaneous) Q1 2017, every 3rd devstream would maybe contain something interesting Q2 2017, Reto start to realize the devstream issues Now; struggling to fill the monthly devstreams, and what seems like desperate attempts at patching together the dev/end user relationship.
  13. We asked for new spawns, got maps 2.0. We asked for a character limit, got squad 2.0. We ask for reworked tank gameplay, and we will get armour 2.0... While they add what we ask for, what gets added seldom solves the issue and more often than not makes it worse. Quite comparable to asking your parents for an iPhone and getting an Android device. After all you get a new phone, but you'll hate it.
  14. I do not really see how basically removing a recons secondary will stop the treehuggers. While completely removing hipfire is a bit... Just removing the hipfire-reticle would be enough, perhaps together with a hipfire-accuracy nerf.
  15. Veteran member

    I see that i'm a "member - Veterans" forum member, apparently. Is this 'classification' post-based or is it based on an accounts joining date?