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  1. This is just plain legit bias

    There's a big difference between theory and reality. In theory, an M1 Garand has a range out to near a kilometer. In reality the effective range was about 450 meters. The same applies here, you can change that tension, and get that 900 RPM, but how quickly will the spring wear out, how much more likely is the gun to jam. All questions which are raised.
  2. It is fine, and I make it a point to remain as neutral as possible in posts. Even when its something I don't disagree with.
  3. That's your choice, and I can't change your mind. However, some advice. If Reto see's this thread in the current state it is in, with it nearing the point of derailing and getting the OP (you) to respond to them like this, chances are they will either scrub this thread, ignore it, or close it. You still have my support on getting the FG-42 moved to infantry, since, as far as I'm concerned by 1944/45 the German Paratroopers were basically elite foot infantry. They'd stopped doing parachute jumps (to my knowledge) well before the D-day landings, and most of the time were transported via ground to the front. I've had to play against the MG-42 back when it was nearing the end of its rule as the main weapon of GE clans. (2014) If I can't figure out how to play around the FG-42 then I guess I'll either get better or stop playing. I'm just tired of the constant back and forth I've seen on these forums back since I joined with people not working together and instead trying to undermine one another in any way possible. I'm tired of seeing parts of the game seem to stagnate. I'm kinda getting tired of supporting the game so much, but I do it anyway. Guess it's the optimist in me.
  4. Isara, I understand the frustration, but you're also attacking the few US players who have given you support. I get it, I've been in this position (Albeit not with this game) and I know the frustration. Also, as for the attacks on Devils Brigade. I'd like to clear a few things up. I've been a member of DB since 2014. In all of that time, I've only known of one Reto member being in the clan, as of around a year ago (possibly less) He resigned from his position in the clan, taking a much lower position just so he could have the permissions needed to play with us. He resigned due to having more work to for Reto, he does not have a lot of communication with the development guys, and from what I can gather I've got a good hunch he doesn't even live close enough to go into Reto.Moto's offices every day, and does his work out of the office. Another point, I was heavily active during the time before the Johnson was added, and I played regularly alongside our Reto member. In both Teamspeak, and on our own website, there is no kind of meeting where we hold some kind of puppet control over Reto.Moto. We aren't constantly telling him to add this, buff this, or nerf this, in fact it was and still is a clan rule that we DO NOT pester him with such things when he's online with us as, even if we did, he can't really do much to relay it to or influence the programmers. I've seen people get warned and even muted when they've tried to pester him about official Reto business when he plays with us. Devils Brigade is not the Illuminati of Heroes&Generals, we're just a bunch of people looking to play the game.
  5. Anti Tank Infantry

    Except the Third Person is no different from the Third person you get when in a jeep or truck. In fact, tankers are a better target in third person because your head is up out the hatch and an easy target. Only Pilots get a truly protected third person view
  6. True, and as I've said, I'm used to Hellcats and E8's. Even with the E8's armor I don't rely on it. I prefer flanking actions instead of head to head.
  7. As the title says, considering purchasing what many tankers treat like the plague for a primary tanker. Any advice to prepare myself?
  8. So, if I change my title to "NERF PANTHER MG42 SOVIET UNION US OP BULLSHART" then I'll have the attention of both the forum. Wonderful
  9. United States: US Army Staff Car, Model 1942 (Civilian Buick Century (1936-1942)) Use: Potential introductory vehicle that new infantry characters are given to help with the grind to the Jeep Dodge WC-13 1/2 Ton 4x4 Use: Tier 3 US All-Terrain vehicle, potential to tow anti-tank gun M3. M20 Armored Utility Car/ Scout Car Use: Tier One US Scout Car M2 Halftrack Car: Use: Shorter variant of the M3 Halftrack, comparable to Sd.Kfz. 250-3 Cushman Model 53 Airborne Infantry Scooter: Use: Tier 1 Motorcycle Germany: Opel Kadett K38 Use: Potential introductory vehicle that new infantry characters are given to help with the grind to the Kubelwagen Horch 901 Use: Tier 3 GE All-Terrain vehicle. Krupp Protze Kfz. 70 Use: Tier 3 GE All-Terrain vehicle, potential to tow anti-tank gun Pak 37. Sd. Kfz. 251 Halftrack Use: Longer than the Sd. Kfz. 250-3, comparable to US M3 Halftrack. Sd. Kfz. 221 Use: Tier 1 Scout Car USSR: GAZ M1 EMKA Staff Car: Use: Tier 1 Terrain Vehicle Gaz 64 Use: Tier 2 Soviet All Terrain Vehicle (Unknown if DSHK is mounted in back of truck or behind truck. Also undermined if it actually mounted a DSHK or this is a one off.) Ural M72 Motorcycle: Use: Soviet Motorcycle This is all I have for now, will add more from suggestions or from my own findings.
  10. That is true, but Reto seems in no hurry to change RNG conefire
  11. Fine by me. I'd thought that that first picture you'd posted was a German staff car, but my mistake. I would've chosen something more like the terrain vehicles we have now, but most options are heavier versions. For example, the US Jeep is a 1/4 ton truck, before that the US had a 1/2 ton truck that while it was used in WWII would most likely be able to carry more than the Jeeps. (IE having two supply crates.)
  12. AVS vs SVT Equipment Points

    Oh, the 'Muh duble loadout' groups? Well, we could have a system for that, easy enough. If you wanna take two primary weapons and the ammo required, a good reduction in speed.