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  1. Kilroy115

    Stationary Anti Air

    @BelgwynI can, but not tonight. I'm packing up to move into my dorm tomorrow. My appologies
  2. I think you mean the E2, AKA the Jumbo. The E9 variants of the Shermans still used the 75 mm M3 guns of the standard versions.
  3. Kilroy115

    Mines are disgusting

    Oh, most certainly. Eh, even if they were dirt cheap I'd say mines wouldn't be worth it if they didn't kill in one in game.
  4. Kilroy115

    gemany permits swastics

    They'd have to submit it to the board in Germany to see if it would be allowed. They're gonna start reviewing games on a case by case basis, as they do films. This is interesting though as it opens up a lot more options for video games. In my opinion, I still think video games will be on a tight leash for NSDAP depictions, but it's still an opening.
  5. Kilroy115

    Mines are disgusting

    Why have a regular claymore when you can have this? On a more serious note. I wonder if there's an argument to be made about if mines in the game should wound or kill. Of course, wounding would be more interesting if it reduced movement speed, but from what I've heard it sounds like mines are generally more likely to wound and maim than they are to kill a person. Even the bouncing betty didn't go off at chest height, and instead typically went off at the perfect height to catch a man in the nuts.
  6. Kilroy115

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage - ROUND 2

    Alright then, thanks for pointing that out.
  7. Kilroy115

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage - ROUND 2

    Well, it wouldn't necissarily disable the turret. A lot of the tanks at this time still had the ability for their crews to hand crank the turrets around. Slow as all getout, but better than nothing. A lot of crews would use this when in a defensive position, laying in ambush, or when low on fuel. Any time where it wasn't practical to have the engine run.
  8. Kilroy115

    New Tier 3 Medium Tank ?

    Well, someone called me on it. I know it isn't balanced, and I know the Panther is better in most ways to the E8 and certainly to the T-34-85, and I wouldn't mind improvements to either thank, to at least give them something that's comparable to the Panther or maybe better although I still stand by my earlier post that if new tanks get involved then that'd be for the USSR. The US just really does not have another medium option, especially with the Jumbo already taking up the T1 Heavy category. To me, this leaves a handful of options for balance in some way: A: Add T-44 and buff the E8 or something for the US. B: Buff up the T-34-85 and E8 in ways to make them competitive and asymmetrical to the Panther. After we see how the new armor mechanic affects tank combat. C: Make the Panther more expensive or make the T-34-85 and E8 cheaper to deploy. D: Make it all Red V. Blue balance wise and then it comes down to player skill. I will say that I am not a troll. I admit the Panther is better, but I just do not particularly want it changed. Albeit for personal reasons, NOT because I think it's balanced. When the Panther first got added people talked so much smack and a lot of tankers got way cockier in it so it just brought a little happy feeling to me whenever I scorched them or (once in a blue moon) shut down the enemy's tanks. It felt good to go up against something better and still come out the victor. Admittedly, this has made me cocky as well. Between that and me studying way too much about WWII Era armor I just went ahead and accepted that the Panther was and kinda should be the king of the hill. Sorry if I offended anyone, I've legitimately just been stating my view.
  9. Kilroy115

    New Tier 3 Medium Tank ?

    Maybe so, yet I don't have a problem killing them. So, to me, they aren't all that better/harder to deal with/whatever you want to call it. As for frontal armor. My motto is that you don't have to deal with frontal armor if you don't engage the front of the enemy armor. Of course, this isn't always feasible, but in a lot of cases, it is possible to outflank or get a shot at the side armor of the enemy. Either when he turns his turret or his tank, or when you get your tank to his side. I don't see the point in being so up in arms about frontal armor when the victor in an engagment is normally whoever starts the engagement first, henceforth having the advantage. Even if I was in the Panther (My best German tank is the Panzer III, which is actually kinda fun to drive) I'd still want to have every advantage over the enemy and be the one deciding when and how an engagement happens.
  10. I'm just gonna say this, even though it's likely already been said. (Thread's 22 pages long, what HASN'T been said?) The first step to adding some atmosphere for me would be to add a bit more decoration to building interiors. Stuff that could be used as cover like tables, chairs, large dressers. The second step would be more debris/destruction. Especially in the urban areas in game. Open up the buildings a bit more with a few holes blasted in them. Get some piles of rubble and debris laying around in the streets. Stuff that adds more dynamic to the battlefield and that fits.
  11. Kilroy115

    Anti-Tank Guns and Artillery

    I agree with you on that in a way, although I still think anti-tank guns could play a role in this game. The SPATG's would be a more viable option. Might make a post on that too. However, I think these guns could be used in a defensive role still, and if not that, the models would make for some nice decoration on the maps.
  12. Kilroy115

    New Tier 3 Medium Tank ?

    I mean, to me the Chaffee is alright enough. I never bothered with it, and just go with the Stuart instead. As for flying, I could care less. Flyboys can buzz off. Also, to me, it depends on the discrepancy of how much better something is compared to its counterparts. To me, the Panther isn't that extremely better than the E8 or Hellcat, my primary tanks.
  13. Kilroy115

    New Tier 3 Medium Tank ?

    Agreed. It's like I said in an earlier post. A lot of people think they're arguing for asymmetrical balance. In a way, they are. In reality though, most people are arguing for their Sherman/T-34 to be a Panther, or for their ME-410/PE-3 to be a P-38, or their P-40/BF-109 to be a Yak. So on, and so on. At least, that's how I view it. To me, what people really want is for Red V. Blue. They want their SMG to have the same stats as the other guys but with a different skin. Or their tank, or plane or so on. This isn't a bad thing. Red V. Blue balance might not be as interesting, but, at it's base, it's fair. No one can say that X better than Y because then X is Y with a different coat of paint and all it comes down to is the capability of the person with X vs the capability of the person with Y.
  14. Kilroy115

    New Tier 3 Medium Tank ?

    I'll join in on the momentary circle jerk here. For me, the Panther doesn't matter. Is it a bit harder to deal with? Yeah. But I have yet to meet a Panther and its commander that I haven't yet melted with my E8. Not saying I don't get killed or shot up myself, just that I have yet to have met one that has so flat out absolutely gotten the better of me that I can't do anything with them.
  15. Kilroy115

    New Tier 3 Medium Tank ?

    1: Faster on road, exceptionally. But even the fastest of tanks slowed down quite a bit when going off road if anything just to maintain some semblance of gun stability or to keep from beating their crews to death as they bounced along. Even the Hellcat had to go slow in offroad conditions. 2: True, the armor, especially at the hull, would have been thicker. Yet, with Reto's balancing and the upcoming armor update. I don't think armor thickness is going to play as much of a role as it once did. 3: Roughly five inches lower, but I once again see the point. I won't deny the tank is a definite improvement over the T-34-85, but I'm also considering the Reto-Balance that tends to happen to items and that IMHO the top tier mediums are in a good position currently. I don't think any new tanks NEED (T-28 excluded, it's garbage) to be added in the medium category. Want, sure, but the main bases are covered. However, I will say that some tweaks could be useful. Kinda like how, if my memory serves, the Panther was cheaper than the E8 to buy in game. I mean, if you can convince Reto to do it, I won't complain. I'm typically sitting in US tracks after all.