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  1. Subass39

    C47 Skytrain Interior fix

    also the light that tells you when to jump would be a nice feature
  2. Subass39


    it would be a fun way to troll USA players, i can already see it now... US player"OMG WHO GAVE THEM A M10 UGH GG NOOBS" besides, think of the panther wearing a M10 as a "war trophy" all we have for tank customization are paint and camo, why not body kits? Sherman can have sandbags/tracks outside the tank, panther can have M10 body kit, T-34 can have wooden logs (just an example)
  3. The old mountain town is pretty fun, nice and open with no immense amount of forest and thick brush to ruin your fun now that i think about it, they should just release back all the old maps and add them as "extra maps" more variety!
  4. if it helps, just remember that these guys use OP-Chaffees and Johnson M16s if anything, these guys deserve it
  5. yes, but we are talking about plane low air speed, not guns soo....
  6. Subass39

    T-70 Penetration

    Reto is too busy enjoying their Chaffee to add those/fix lights properly
  7. Subass39

    US Nerds like my Pics

  8. Subass39

    deeper Recon role

    would also be a nice addition to have that ability for recon planes
  9. i think the P40 warhawk was a slightly heavier plane compared to its counterparts, it also had a weaker engine as well Note: Im not a aeronautical engineer
  10. Subass39

    WW2 Tanks and Vehicles - chart

    so many tanks, i just hope Reto doesn't notice USA has that calliope
  11. Subass39

    Do you like my drawing?

    Vincent Van Gogh incarnate
  12. Subass39

    Please fix the PPSh-41

    same applies to your PPS and AVS gunners
  13. Subass39

    The most advanced weaponry in the world

    California would ban that immediately
  14. Subass39

    Artillery Support

    They said they won't be adding it because its considered "not fun" and i agree with them, i would hate to be spammed with artillery on EVERY cap zone i enter