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  1. Not everyone had a chance to learn English properly.
  2. I actually like the idea of adding T35 into the game.
  3. Funny how much people can hate someone on this forum..
  4. +1 this will make it a lot easier for new players to have new roles.
  5. The most sad thing is that they are not even playing and testing their own game. You know balance, nerfs...
  6. I hate when these days everyone makes movies and documents only about US winning against GER. Lets not forget the about the US anthem.. these days 12- thinks that Germans were 100% bad and US 100% good..
  7. Sadly reto will not do it.
  8. +1 maybe changing the zf4 scope with the 3 side x and the 84 US scope with the normal x scope.
  9. I can already hear those 12 year olds with their potato microphones screaming all** ak*** and c*ka bly*t.
  10. What about adding some uniforms and caps for tankers or pilots? Like the luftwaffe jacket.. Edit: maybe special luftlande, gebirgsjaegers uniforms.
  11. PTRD rounds were probably made near reactor 4.
  12. I haz a question too: What is the status of custom uniforms or helmet camos?
  13. You mean something like this? I want this ghillie...
  14. Is there anyway to spam retos on their devstream with this topic? They seem like they totally "forget about it..