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  1. Jackrusell

    Carbine rework?

    5.56x45mm bullet is a smaller caliber than 7.62x39mm yet it does inflict more damage to flesh than 7.62x39mm. The diameter of bullet is not indeed what defines damage and power of the round like finnish gamemaster said. His statement is completely true.
  2. yes i love side raping people with a shovel in Khutor map at C point
  3. Jackrusell

    Merge Staged to war

    Then you will have people complain about ticket balance. The bonus should be highered on all three sides to atleast 50% + the underdog bonus so more people would find it attractive and fixing the War issues atm.
  4. Jackrusell

    To RETO: Staged Maps

    bigger chance finding that M4A1 Colt than the PTRD or German para in war not gonna lie.
  5. Jackrusell

    Killcam pointless

    Killcam is not pointless. It says big "f*ck you to the soldiers" that camp the whole match on one spot. Thats the concept in real life. After each shot you should change your spot. Staying on the same spot after killing the enemy atleast 2 times and expecting the same shirt to happen next time is basically a definition of insanity.
  6. Jackrusell

    American domination in war

    The problem that i noticed on forum about this is that there are german players that join the war just to have the german chat avaible and communicate there and not actually being active in war. Ill be honest, I do this sometimes for US too but I know that in US chat they talk every time about invading particular towns etc.. In Staged War where I grind for the best spot on SMG usage i noticed that the US has smaller chance to win atleast in encounter where i as Major mostly meet players of rank 10- against team of Germans or USSR where are atleast 4 rank 12+ players.
  7. As the title says my suggestion is to give the soldiers accurate magazine/clip pouches depending on what weapon they use. For example if the soldier uses the Gewehr 43/M1 garand/ tokarea SVT-40 he should have the magazine/clip pouches that basic soldier model does have atm in-game. If he uses MP-40/ Thompson/ PPS he should have SMG pouches like the German tank crewman does have in-game. And for this part if he uses MG34/MG42/M1919/Degtyarev 28/BAR 1918 1A1 he should have a belt, ammunition box or some kind of heavy magazine strip on him. Same goes with other weapons such as the Bazooka, PTRD etc...
  8. Anti-personnel laser guided boomerang shovels!
  9. sadly the chance today to find someone in skirmish or encounter that plays with melee or pistols only is too low.
  10. yes. My SHOVEL MAN! soldier will have bigger competition and less people will be afraid of shovels.
  11. BOOM! Now reto will get richer than majority of companies in just a week. Though there would be problem that players would most likely use more shovels and knives.
  12. Jackrusell

    Binoculars rework

    yeah like the savior kill etc. Also could be a bonus for helping a teammate destroy a tank or vehicles in general.
  13. Jackrusell

    Binoculars rework

    They should also have an ability to mark the players with the binoculars and get some reasonable xp with it.