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  1. Kocayine has been unbanned!

    lets celebrate it with shooting in sky!
  2. as the title says. We need it. Its annoying to play with the scroll wheel 3 as example. When i try to zoom in to scope mode with tank the tank crewman goes on outside mode and then gets out of nowhere shot. There is even more examples of bad key combinations like this....
  3. Mobile AA guns ideas

    I actually more like would like to see the M15 in another class by which i mean: sdkfz 8 3.7cm Flak 36 for Germans, ZIS-43 for Soviets, and the M15. Of course all of them with maximum cover as possible and light tank penetration ability.
  4. What about dicker max and emil as premium vehicles. I know these were prototypes but they were succesfully used in combat.
  5. General issues

    i dont mean it in bad way of course i dont want to be mean.
  6. General issues

    learn about that tank before you will say anything... It was used in bigger numbers from 1944 against Tank tigers especially
  7. update tiger I

    give it like 200 years and then they might..
  8. I would like to see even armor additions to some vehicles such as the Russian anti-panzerfaust cover, US vehicle sandbags and the German anti-magnet armor with sideskirts. +1 Other than that one of the earlier Panzer III tanks could be as light tank role even though they are really medium tanks against stuarts and T26s
  9. uniforms

    well it was the best suggestion topic out there and is even now.
  10. could be bit more simpler but its a nice idea. +1 And i would say that normal paratroopers with planes should be at day 2-4 since they were a big role at world war 2.
  11. LVT(A)-4 (American Amphibious Light Tank)

    What did you said about hetzer? its cute tank.
  12. Legend of H&G

    add custom uniforms please.
  13. rifle bipod

    I remember a one picture from reto-moto with the soldier behind sandbags with the mg42 with bipod but yeah that was like year back. Same with the custom uniforms they said that they are working on them but still nothing..
  14. *Reads* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Actually these 5-3 rounds saved most of the USSR players in the 1v1 situations.
  15. I am even meaning those who are rank 2 squad leaders with rank 7-9.