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  1. LVT(A)-4 (American Amphibious Light Tank)

    What did you said about hetzer? its cute tank.
  2. Legend of H&G

    add custom uniforms please.
  3. rifle bipod

    I remember a one picture from reto-moto with the soldier behind sandbags with the mg42 with bipod but yeah that was like year back. Same with the custom uniforms they said that they are working on them but still nothing..
  4. *Reads* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Actually these 5-3 rounds saved most of the USSR players in the 1v1 situations.
  5. I am even meaning those who are rank 2 squad leaders with rank 7-9.
  6. Dont forget that they dont even mark the points for their squad and xp.
  7. Game is Slow Paced

    Well no! Atleast 26vs26 and give higher payment for defending and attacking objectives.
  8. Suggestion: Cancel your Dev Stream

    "Where are you reto.gargamel?"
  9. Update 1.06 bots!

    Nice. We will have terminators in ze game. I would like to see one steal my stuart.
  10. Suppressed ww2 weapons

    m1/a1 Carabine,STG44,MP41,MP40,M3a1 grease gun,Luger (dont know about the russian weapons)... all these weapons had suppressor but this will not fit into the game right now... maybe in late future.
  11. New Soldier Models / Customization

    @GermanSoldier did already a topic for this. But yeah.. the whole forum wants this thing.
  12. Armor 1.5?

    About US: I dont think that stuart should be changed.this tank is just like 38t. About USSR: You should look more into t26 Anyway +1
  13. Let guys swap factions

    USSR is always winning beaause they are spamming conscripts to the battlefield..
  14. The Medic career.

    +1 but... red cross on white background got banned in games. Dont know why.