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  1. RZ2000

    Whats the point of SU

    $$$$$$$$$$ for RETO
  2. RZ2000


    Dude. The day has come. I guess all those "Puma PLZ" posts were worth it?
  3. RZ2000

    Everyone thank Reto!

    I mean, you had one gun that could 3HK HSG stock while the other needed crazy amounts of mods to do the same...
  4. RZ2000

    Everyone thank Reto!

    It still 3hk HSSG stock?
  5. Oh right, when the MG-42 gets nerfed, US fanboys thought that was fine and that it was a good change. But as soon as their favorite toy gets nerfed, its apparently a "bad move" and they want a refund Oh the irony...
  6. RZ2000

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    Jokes on you, I got no money in the first place cries
  7. RZ2000


    The vehicle spaz glitch is strange, hope it gets patched soon
  8. RZ2000

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    If we were betting money, my bet is on "no"
  9. RZ2000

    Could it be AMD ?

    What's your FPS like, and at what settings?
  10. IKR Actually it kinda does since RETO makes an artificial supply and they want to profit from demand
  11. RZ2000

    1.15 War Update ...

    Mixing both AMD and NVIDIA graphics?
  12. RZ2000

    Could it be AMD ?

    You run iGPU or do you have a dedicated graphics card?
  13. RZ2000

    AVS is one of best weapons in game

    Add damage ammo and a scope for a nasty mid ranged build
  14. RZ2000

    Stg nerf

    The only guys who say it’s OP are salty that they got beat by a long range MP-40