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  1. We are the Roman Empire in the 5th Century A.D

  2. why the PTRD has trigger mods?

    there is a ancien legend about increasing reload speed of ptrd by trigger mods. the roots of this legend come from the beginning of earth. When dinosaurs was walked on the streets and asked reto-moto to to add PTRD
  3. my favourite ww2 factions is Soviet union, Japan and Britain and i wanna try exotic hardmode like Italy or France. I will join Japan as soon as they appear in game
  4. thompson Mods?

    i meant thompson is really great i prefer my econom version of tommie over top accuracy version PPS
  5. thompson Mods?

    tmopson is the best gun eva !
  6. [Small Arms] Information Database

    yep i am russian. you can ask me translate something and all book only about it
  7. [Small Arms] Information Database

    this manual totally about repairing cleaning and other boring crap nothing about rate of fire
  8. Greetings from Cologne - 4 x free vouchers for all!

    RedBjarne is Santa confirmed
  9. New Tier Rifle Suggestions

    why did everyone said that fedorov had 400 ROF? because of call of duty zombies? his rof is 600 rpm Tula weapon museum said that I do not insist that game version must have 600rpm but 450-650 with different mods will be not overkill and close to all sources Tula museum internet source: (carefull russian language) screenshot from it p.s. and i see that english wiki said that 400rpm but i also see that russian wiki say 600rpm personally i trust russian wiki because i trust Tula museum p.p.s. Winchester Model 1895 looks sexy
  10. Soviet Paratrooper specific weapon!

    anyway soviet paras don't have LMG like their concurrents
  11. Little animation bug

    when my teammate was hitting me with shovel i saw this satanic nonsense
  12. The new planes in 1.08

    meh i will continue to play recon planes anyway because of i have too low fps for faster planes
  13. AT rifles for GER and US

    i am really glad that ptrd, mg42 and m2 nerfed hope devs not add any op guns like AT rifles and 2000rpm sticks
  14. RPG-43 grenade vs tanks?

    2-3. little boi like pz1 need 2 tigers need 3 you can use also perks for damage then only 2 granades needed