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  1. CrustAttack

    Why do you play?

    I like graphics, level design, faction balance, economics, optimization and big squads that let me gather all my friends and no its not true lol i play it only drunk as fuccc couse this game is like ex gf: you will return to her only if you are drunk as pirate
  2. CrustAttack

    CrustAttack Vids

    Old vid. Edited after few months.
  3. CrustAttack

    Mongolian army tech tree

    Japs will be finest addition I never saw in any online shooters halkin-gol theme battles. About mongols army. Its literally soviet army copy but with old guns, ww1 trophys, old planes and old armored trucks
  4. CrustAttack

    Mongolian army tech tree

    Still waiting for new factions
  5. С 14 года играю, не было на тренировке даже. Ты с чем то путаешь Тут десантники настолько дрищи что кроме автоматика ничего не могут использовать
  6. Проблема в том что ее нет в этой игре. 🙁
  7. CrustAttack

    Hades Hyped Me

    So nice things came to the game when more then half dev staff is gone?
  8. CrustAttack

    Finland: Tech tree

    meh but i will glad to see literally any new faction
  9. CrustAttack

    CrustAttack Vids

    First challenge
  10. CrustAttack

    Ya Boy Stavros is back!

    no more vids?
  11. CrustAttack

    So new ppsh be like

    ну ты статист конечно, но так и есть, ппш сосет у мп40