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  1. Gobblesx

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    Can we actually get updated stats on all the tanks and penetration values and armour values, since the wiki is outdated since armor 2.0. I have resorted to checking real life stats but I don't know if that's accurate to this game.
  2. Gobblesx

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    It's the jagdpanther that is the OP one, it is as fast or faster than the jackson with more armor than a tiger 1 plus can pivot on the spot unlike SU.
  3. Gobblesx

    Press E to pay respect ...

    Is the development trello going to be scrapped then? Or is someone else going to do that instead?
  4. Gobblesx


    I want to be able to make as many people jump ship as possible before Christmas holiday, I will do my hardest to save them money from the clutches of reto's hands.
  5. If more people are in war then it makes more sense to increase production of AT's or just remove the queues completely and have a penalty for if your assault team gets completed wiped out(killed) if it gets too cancerous. They could make a grinding mode potentially against bots or players but don't get credits but just to grind badges for those with high gear to experience practicing with your non-main faction. players should be encouraged to play 1 faction at a time so war actually means something as no one cares but if people want to switch faction then they will work for it. No? unless you are trying to use a character from war tier in a staged tier match because he would already have good loot to seal club all the people trying to try to get a gun for him. Most people play war and have no idea what it is, they see extra XP and go for it this is why having a staged tier and war tier would be good for those plebs, plus if they are in war tier because of their gear then can be reported for farming and turn off empty lines(if the line has no resources then no XP or circinus said they can just turn off empty lines completely.) Because of this new tier system if people are doing that then there should be a vote kick system if they are just farming and being a twat. I recommend adding the 'grinding mode' I just suggested for people like them who want to grind badges so they can do it against players doing the same or trying to play their other factions to decide if they want to play that faction next war for example, or bots too but without getting any credits from doing it.
  6. So currently it is very bad for new players as when you reach 10,000xp on your account you get put into games with high tier weapons and tanks. Also it makes games like war suck because all the newbs play it when they don't even have a good weapon yet. I propose that there should be 2 tier groups, seeing how this game is so small to have more tiers in my opinion. Staged Tier(Practice) War Tier(This should be the main chunk of the game, it is one of the best concepts ive ever seen in a game, having FPS and RTS impact each other in real time is amazing.) Weapons and Vehicles( for specialist classes ) should have a tier group on them, so as soon as someone has got a gun like a Thompson or Johnson or STG or MG34 for example, they should be placed into 'War tier' to play war games only on that specific character. Staged should only be there for people who are trying to grind to a weapon or vehicle like Sherman Easy Eight or Panther, or until heavy fighter planes. Then they should be placed into war, this will make them experience how the war and RTS actually works as that is the main concept of this game(having rts and fps impact each other in real time!). This tier system should be character based and not account based, this will let players purchase a new character and grind it with all the people in staged tier as you have similar equipment, it will make this game how it was initially imagined to be and how it was back in the day. But if you have a new character in staged tier, your character(s) that have already got good enough gear to be in war tier shouldn't be allowed to be selected in staged tier because of balance. At the moment the tier system is terrible because as soon as you get 10,000xp you can play War and ruin the game flow for veterans, from people who don't understand what War is and only click on it because of extra XP play on empty lines. It will also help the new user experience because they won't get high tier weapons or mods(like 2hk rifle and 1hk bolt action) and vehicles killing them easily. You see many veterans yelling at new users because they don't understand the game and losing the game because of it. Please tell me what you think of my concept of how game tiers should be, personally I think this is a great idea so veterans don't need to worry about new players ruining the war game-flow and new players not getting seal-clubbed by people with high tier gear. Plus when one of your characters gets put into 'War Tier' they should be given a popup and maybe a video in every language showing them the concept of war mode and how it works, it can be a quite small explanation but videos speaks a thousand words. Many community members have already done this like Kotton and some others so just ask the community if that's too much effort, it will show new players why veterans get mad when they start wasting resources without realising.
  7. Gobblesx

    When updated Dev Overview ?

    Reto McFly got sacked and he was the guy who updated the development overview.
  8. Gobblesx

    Assault team info

    Because 18 reto guys have been sent home this christmas with only a reto t-shirt to say thanks! aka they got fired and they are too busy wiping their butt crack
  9. Gobblesx

    WHY is the loving game lagging only vs Germans

    My head caves in everytime I see his wonderful posts. It’s also kinda funny that millans last post was locking this same thread.
  10. Gobblesx

    Germany has a lot of broken weapons that needs nerfing

    Im here today to have my weekly dose of trigger finger brain damage!
  11. Gobblesx

    Guide to fixing dis game

    This guy is baiting us, theres no way he can be this stupid.
  12. Gobblesx

    US player using ppsh

    If you were playing before soviets were introduced you’d know that you could buy ppsh and dp28 as GE or US god damnit maple leaf you beat me @Jmj191
  13. The Johnson is really not a great gun, The m1919 is a much better gun. I would much prefer having the carbines being useful because atm the only guns worth using is the garand, m1919, tommy and johnson. M1 and the M2 carbine is at such a disadvantage even compared to other smg's, because it cant even OHK headshot HSG users with bullets, even the tommy(with bullets) can do that in CQC so the carbine is worse than the tommy in CQC and worse than the m1919 at range. The johnson can do both but the side recoil just makes it such a worse weapon than the m1919. and having only 20 bullets with such a long reload it also uses up fast reload so you can't do anything about the side recoil by using any other badge(having more recoil going sideways is worse than up recoil imo).
  14. Gobblesx


    ive been waiting months for the soldier sale because I missed it, please you've buggered me over with this black friday sale :DDDDDDDD
  15. Gobblesx


    Who got sacked?