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  1. Gobblesx

    So I heard the panzer 3 has buffed HE shells now

    Panzer 3 and T28, SU-76 have better HE shells than any of the heavy tanks including IS-2
  2. Gobblesx

    Tanker Badge

    You're reading the description wrong. It means your tank engine starts up faster when you get into a tank.
  3. Gobblesx

    Antichit will go out for a walk

    you being bad doesn't mean people cheat.
  4. Gobblesx

    Hurray for Japanese localization!

    Just block asian servers then
  5. Gobblesx

    Assault Team upgrade path.

    Never ever go with foot infantry unless you're already a whale and need some foot assault teams to spawn when the vehicle stockpile is empty.
  6. Gobblesx

    Faction Resource - Queues

    I'd rather uninstall than build up the same army on another faction. Takes way too long and pumping more money into this game is like giving it to a homeless person.
  7. Gobblesx

    Faction Resource - Queues

    The stockpiles are completely loved but reto are oblivious to issues in their own game so they just leave it, yet all they need to do is change some values. Why bother spending money on the RTS if you cant deploy the stuff you bought because the war ends before you can get them out, unless you're playing the dead soviet faction.
  8. you get to use the "overpowered" US weapons now so have fun!
  9. reto cant grasp the concept of a team deathmatch game mode it seems.
  10. Gobblesx

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    Stop clowning yourself day in, day out. He just made 1 comment replying to your accusation of you saying he's using macros when you went on a huge crybaby rant on his youtube video. You're constantly ranting not him lol.
  11. It's already been lost since they introduced them in the first place it's just now you don't have to use a captured stg on every faction you can use other captured ones that arent viable stock.
  12. Gobblesx

    Cheater in H&G

    You didn't even make it into the top 13 on that scoreboard and you call someone a cheater lol
  13. Tanks aren't really OP but because every map has so many chokepoints it becomes so easy for tanks to rack up infantry kills. If you're in the open or in a forest with lots of places for infantry to hide behind trees with anything worse than a heavy tank you will be easily destroyed before it can even turn around since you could just hop to the next tree depending on the infantry AT build(2 bazookas with FRG and IFG). Light tanks can be destroyed in 2 shots (same for hellcat, su76 and hetzer) depending on the launcher and badges which is the same damage as a heavy tank vs a light tank. I would go as far as saying tanks vs infantry are in a nice spot right now from a player who plays infantry and tanker all the time in war. (well except from tiger 2)
  14. Gobblesx

    Which one is better, M2 Carbine or AVS-36???

    M2 if it's modded otherwise I'd get AVS and wait till the next update where it's getting reverted back to what it was before the nerf or close enough.
  15. Replace Chaffee with this then 😂