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  1. This is something that needs to happen, it will give people more variables to juggle with when creating a build. Because some people don't know if a spring is more expensive than a bolt for example. Or the correct price values.
  2. Gobblesx

    Heroes and Generals: 5 Years ago

    Exactly what I was thinking, it looks so much better and I wasn't even playing back then so I can't say its nostalgia.
  3. Gobblesx


    This is something you need to sort with support, the forums are not for this stuff. Unless you want us to tell you how to use your credit card.
  4. Gobblesx

    war battles/ deployment of assault teams

    Everyone has just gone over to US because RTS is so broken, just winning war after war might persuade Reto to do something atleast and turn off AR, the entire community would rather have no AR than AR whilst you do RTS 2.0 (changes).
  5. Gobblesx

    "Cannot Switch..." while logging in

    It also pops up with this even though the war hasn't ended.
  6. Gobblesx

    Feedback Krepost vs 1.12

    Clearly, people aren't happy with the current state of the war with AR otherwise people would be deploying, I recommend turning it off or run another 'test' that lasts how long it takes to do the changes to RTS. We have gone through like 10 wars in less than a week, I've lost track but now it is bugging my game out with errors, saying I am already in a war when I log in.
  7. I love the new recoil animations, it makes the carbine much better and closer to what it was before the huge nerf.
  8. Gobblesx

    Buying 2 of the same item

    You get access to the test server?
  9. Gobblesx

    Buying 2 of the same item

    What about your insane FOV on your Armor2.0 review?
  10. Gobblesx

    Servers down?

    I've been raging you have to relog tons of times. It took me 50 minutes to connect to the war the first time.
  11. When you love up your core gameplay *cough infantry* you know you got a shirty update on your hands. For people saying it is a good update are just people playing tanks which are fun atm but come on the main class is loved, I did a better job at being infantry in an m2a2 capping points because all the infantry was being HE'd. Please just make infantry be able to at least do something against these metal boxes or just hard limit the number of tanks you can have like all other WW2 games like Red Orchestra is a great example. And for the love of god making tanks OP against AT's and making them faster than OFFROAD JEEPS makes no sense, offroad tires seem to do love all OFFROAD . Please answer the poll if you think it's trash or just me overexaggerating.
  12. Gobblesx

    #TurnOffAR - komment for YES

    This game is currently unplayable in its current state, FPS is cancer for infantry and RTS is broken from people not deploying because AR is on(which is a good thing). But I would play staged but never as infantry right now.
  13. Gobblesx

    FIX for the RTS

    no one wants to play with AR.