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  1. Hunting Hitler

    This is true, aside from the hunting hitler series Yes, I agree Scenario B is more likely, however I believe he went to Argentina. It is entirely possible he went to Spain though.
  2. That's why I said can, not will. No, not really lol. Take the TT-33 or Walter for example. They are far more accurate. The M1 is a semi auto PPD. It also gives you autism. The US would also like you to have the M1 Carbine. That would make their job much easier.
  3. Sounds good, until you realize the accuracy and lack of damage makes the weapon a pain in the as.s against anyone. Little damage? The weapon literally can take twice as many rounds to kill someone. Um, the M1 Carbine is not more accurate than pistols lol. Highest ROF is needed when it takes 4+ rounds to kill someone and the accuracy is horrid. Same as above You say this like it's a good thing. That's basically standard for every pistol, except the ridiculously weak ones. Use it like a pistol? It cost twice as many equipment points to use.
  4. Not exactly. The M1917, Luge, and Walther are for more effective. They have significantly higher damage. These weapons are used for emergencies, which is basically a get in and out as soon as possible situation. Having the ability to 2-3hk the person rather than 4hk+ the person is much better. The M1 and M1A1 Carbines are worse than basically any pistol. The only redeeming factor is the magazine, which doesnt do much. This is like comparing the PPD to the MP34 and M3. It has the worst stats but a bigger mag.
  5. Some buffs talks - briefly

    M1 Carbine- 3hk to HSG, 15 rd mag, better accuracy STG- 3hk to HSG, lower ROF mods, accuracy mods PPD/PPSh- decrease sway, slightly increase accuracy PPS- same damage as MP40 PTRD- fix accuracy -Remove conefire entirely
  6. Reto MatchMaker - Needs fix.

    Ah yes, I think that's fair. I've had matches where there are 3 pilots vs 5 infantry. Basically just a waste of time.
  7. Reto MatchMaker - Needs fix.

    Infantry should be 12 per team minimum imo. Anything less and special classes start to take over, thus making objectives harder to play. This leads to resource wasting and boring gameplay, which means a crappy experience for FPS and RTS players.
  8. Reto MatchMaker - Needs fix.

    Matchmaker is cancer and ruins the entire gaming experience.
  9. Hunting Hitler

    I wouldn't even call that a double. It looks nothing like Hitler at all.
  10. Because not everyone likes using the M2 and Johnson.
  11. The M1 Carbine used to be almost halfway decent. When they introduced the M2 Carbine they absolutely destroyed it to the point it's worse than SMGs. The accuracy is awful, the range has been nerfed, the damage is weaker than some pistols (even at long range). I have a thread about fixing the M1 Carbine family. Unfortunately the community as a whole supported my suggested changes for 3 years straight but nothing was done.
  12. No New Interesting Threads

    Even if it isn't racism the accusation = punishment. Like I've said before, I can make a 20 page thread about Asians eating dogs and mock French and Italians, but god forbid I make a non racist thread about Ethiopia (which was actually intended to mock Italy).
  13. Stage Warriors - The cure?

    Just like a Red vs Blue styled type game? I wouldn't mind this for staged. Keep war as it is and let the staged matches be a big mashup. Could be fun.