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  1. PTRD has to go!

    hahahahahahahaha I cant believe people are still crying about this gun thinking it will change anything lol
  2. German Stg44 too OP

    the stg is op and the johnson needs a buff
  3. Slight buff for STG44

    My opinion is just as irrelevant as every one else's here. I have made countless threads where I went into heavy detail on how we could rework the AVS, STG, and M2 Carbine. The threads gained support from people on each side, and 3 years later not a single change. Nothing suggested on the forum has been done to balance weapons. These discussions are 150% irrelevant and useless.
  4. Slight buff for STG44

    That was aimed more so at the guy calling people morons
  5. H&G IRL Thread

    Bro, your name is amazing lol
  6. Slight buff for STG44

    Oh yay toxicity over a gun in a video game, let me join in! If you cant get a 10/1 KD with the STG like me then you're a noob with a negative IQ that needs to literally stop playing this game.
  7. M1/M2 Carbine (aka. Koreabine)

    After 3 years of people sharing the fact that there were first hand accounts of these weapons being used during WWII in Europe that people would stop calling it a "koreabine."
  8. Legitimately Let Down

    I just dont see how it's really going to do any good. If they want to limit certain weapons they could try a RO approach where there is a certain amount of slots available for certain weapons, however the amount of infantry per lobby is so minuscule i dont see a reason to do this. Well over 75% of the matches I have played have had under 5 infantry so it doesnt really change much. If they had 16 infantry or so per team it would make sense, but infantry is a minority.
  9. Legitimately Let Down

    Token system is just not necessary. While the game is dying the devs are busy trying to add more confusion and fluff. A token system will do nothing but maybe drive some more people away. The more confusing they make the game the harder it will be to get new players and keep who is still here. They really need to focus on the problems that have been brought up since 2012...
  10. Legitimately Let Down

    That will probably just make the game even more broken. The last spawn update just made walking to objectives a pain in the as.s This has been brought up for well over a year and a half, probably close to 2 years. The chance of it breaking far more than it fixes is just too high. Every egg is in this basket at this point. If this fails, what is left of the community will probably take off. I see this as being the next squad 2.0, everyone thinks it will fix all our problems but actually changes very little except add more confusion.
  11. Brosky's Cooking How To Thread

    This is one of my more difficult tutorials
  12. H&G IRL Thread

    shhhhhhh *cough* farmers only *cough*
  13. Big Weapon Changes Thread

    Probably getting close to 2-3 years now. They havent acted on many constructive balance threads at all.
  14. Legitimately Let Down

    If you want to polish out some areas, great. I am all for that. However, when your game has had almost no new content, and zero of any use, in the last 12 months, there is a problem.
  15. Big Weapon Changes Thread

    If only constructive threads had an impact on the development of the game...