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  1. This is just plain legit bias

    The US isn't OP.
  2. This is just plain legit bias

    Germany is OP, therefor this makes sense.
  3. Hunting Hitler

    Again with the close minded trolls trying to derail a thread because they disagree...
  4. Flat Earth

  5. Soviets are OP

    Okay, the PPSh has some magical downside that nobody can explain because it doesnt exist. Moving on...
  6. unbalanced matchmaking

    Wont be fixed. Reto doesn't want to fix it. Unfortunately my P40 will never be used again and I will never have a chance to use SU and GE heavies in a balanced match. Would be nice, but one can only dream.
  7. US AA disorienting.

    Don't buff AA guns. Become a pilot and enjoy life.
  8. Bayonets

    We need the Japanese. That way everyone can have a bayonet or katana.
  9. Soviets are OP

    Hard to talk about stuff that doesn't exist.
  10. Hunting Hitler

    1. I don't post "tinfoil hat" theories 2. If you want me to explain it then don't dismiss my perspective before you hear it
  11. M712 Schnellfeuer

    Oh god. Did you just compare an automatic pistol to a carbine? loooool Sure add it, have fun balancing it though. I'll be bombing you guys from my Yak and P38 anyway.
  12. Soviets are OP

    TTK doesnt really matter though
  13. Soviets are OP

  14. Soviets are OP

    1. This wont end as long as other factions are OP 2. This isn't bait I'm gonna need some time to write this one up.
  15. Soviets are OP

    you are bias. soviets and german are very op and us is not. reto should make them not op anymore.