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  1. I don't see it as a big problem though. Machineguns are a pain to control when standing, so that's a difference in capability from any other weapon. Either reduce speed slightly or leave it as is, it's not really hurting the game that much imo.
  2. I think making the sprint slower would be a better option than removing the sprinting ability completely. That's more realistic and would be better from a gameplay perspective. Reduce the speed by maybe 20ish percent and call it good. Honestly though, it doesnt seem to be that big of an issue.
  3. BroskyBro

    Grease gun is shirt now.

    Is it actually a step away? Compared to the rest of the game suppressors are very tame.
  4. BroskyBro

    Grease gun is shirt now.

    This dont even make sense. Silencers were a thing, large scale battles between Soviets and US on a regular basis were not. This game is very much arcadey, silencers would not make it any more or less realistic. This game is far past the point where that would be relevant, not that that's a bad thing.
  5. BroskyBro

    Assault weapon?

    Nah, in fact they use overpriced rifles. Colt and FN are high quality, dont get me wrong, but BCM, DD, LWRC, etc. all make better products for around the same price or cheaper. You're correct in them keeping rifles for far too long though. Even in training I was using M4s from 2003, defecates was trash
  6. bro i have tried since 2015 to get this done, it's not happening
  7. BroskyBro

    Make tanks feel heavier.

    And it has reflected reality in what ways? You can ride a bike up to a tank and blow it up. You can shoot someone 3 times before they one shot you with a rifle that shoots the same bullet. You can run around with a machinegun with hundreds of rounds and shoulder fire like it's nothing. The game will never be realistic, it's just not that type of game, regardless of what the devs say. It's been like this for years. Do i like the idea of realism? Hell yeah. Do i expect reto to do anything in favor of realism? not in the slightest
  8. BroskyBro

    Make tanks feel heavier.

    I dont know who told you this, but that's definitely not true. The game started fairly realistic, however this game isn't even remotely close to realism.
  9. GarandThumb, a former SERE and current TACP in the USAF talks a little about the M1928 Thompson. Would be a cool addition, and possibly even mentioned some possible ways to balance if it were added?
  10. BroskyBro

    Assault weapon?

    Cloning a military rifle would be a downgrade from a normal civilian rifle (and no, that isn't sarcasm).
  11. BroskyBro

    Stock Maxim-Tokarev needs some love

    bro learn to aim that's because it's overpowered
  12. BroskyBro

    Assault weapon?

    Yeeeeah, "assault weapon" is a strictly political term used mostly by American politicians to describe any weapon that they don't understand.
  13. as long as i have more health than everyone else and can corner camp i'll be good
  14. bro this would ruin my heavyset
  15. BroskyBro

    Paratroopers need more slots

    I just explained why they dont need 8. I dont care about recon because we arent talking about recons. Learn to play my guy. I have 15 fps and clean house with a para using an unmodified carbine. Learn to use the para class or dont answer. Then stop being useless or stop being para. You dont seem to understand what a paras role in this game is. It's literally to do just that. You're a distraction so your forces can advance. If you're useless then stop being useless, pretty easy fix.