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  1. BroskyBro

    please buff the warhawk

    Speaking for anyone too lazy to waste time getting good with the P40 and uses the Yak instead
  2. BroskyBro

    please buff the warhawk

    Yeah, anyone who has experience in dogfighting knows not to use the P40.
  3. BroskyBro


    People still angry about something that we were directly told would be fixed with Squad 2.0.... if anyone is still wondering why the games population keeps falling, now you know
  4. BroskyBro

    New Guns for soviet faction

    Yes Nobody is suggesting we remove them, at least I dont think anyone is.
  5. BroskyBro

    Some of my favourite guns In game

    The M1918 is by far my favorite infantry weapon. Solid 3hk to HSG, controllable rate of fire, deadly accurate, good ammo pool, it's really good for playing defense.
  6. That right there is why I love the pilot class. Basically just screw your team for free money, the true american way.
  7. One pilot can hold off a para plane with ease, there is absolutely no reason for 11 pilots on one team
  8. BroskyBro

    Forums in a nutshell

    Forums in a nutshell: Person 1 from X faction makes constructive post that would benefit the game as a whole Person 2 from Y faction argues that it's a dumb idea and the person 1 is a closet bias because he isn't committed to the same faction Person 1 asks how it's bias Person 2-50 proceed to argue about off topic gun balancing and how bias everyone is
  9. hahahahahahhaha I can't believe this shet is still going on. I made complaints about this in years ago and absolutely nothing has been done 4 years later? The sad part is that Reto told me, directly on the public forum, this issue would be fixed after Squad 2..0 was implemented. This ruins the game for both teams. One side has no defense/offense and the other team can't leave buildings, use paras or use vehicles. This was one of the biggest reasons I took such a long break. It's hard to enjoy these games, and unfortunately they happen far too often.
  10. BroskyBro

    Why I Choose America

    Don't lump America with the west. We beat the west, we own the west because we are the best. We are freedom and strength.
  11. BroskyBro

    Nerfs and buffs

    Play the faction that you think is OP, easy.
  12. I miss using the PPD before they severely nerfed it. For a year or so the PPD was my favorite gun in the game, I owned the PPSh and PPS but I just never got comfortable using it. The PPD witha heavy spring and CQC ammo was oddly enough a very effective build, even in war matches. It's unfortunate that Reto can't stand having halfway decent guns without breaking them. Everything has to have significant draw backs.
  13. tanks are still op
  14. BroskyBro

    Why I Choose America

    the facts are too strong
  15. BroskyBro

    avt-40 as automatic 2hko

    Once it's modified for 3hk it's a beast, like a BAR but with a higher ROF but -5 rounds.