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  1. B52 Cockpit Restored

    Sorry for the late response. Just moved from Hawaii to Virginia. That is the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor.
  2. If the real world was like Reto’s forum…

    If the developers did not directly go against the long time players that have put in a ton of time with the intention of helping the game, this might change. If they didnt flat out lie to the playerbase that would also help quite a bit. As stated above, people are fed up with being directly lied to and ignored. I agree with this. However, constructive conversation goes absolutely nowhere at all. Threads go unnoticed or ignored unless they are threads filled with arguing. How? Make constructive threads so they can be ignored? This is the reason i dont post constructive shirt anymore. Ask anyone on the forum. I was popping constructive threads out left and right and barely anything was responded to. Nothing constructive ever gets added. The only way that shirt gets added is by people crying about it. The Panther and STG are great examples. +1 Explains why the playerbase has been consistently dropping. The charts do not lie. I am all for being nice to people and civil conversation. I don't engage in arguments on the forum because this community is already divided enough. Constructive and civil discussion goes nowhere, so there is no reason to really be active here anymore.
  3. Flat Earth

    Excuse me? Trolling and being a theorist are very different.
  4. If the real world was like Reto’s forum…

    If the real world was like H&G: The overall population of the world would drop dramatically.
  5. II Polish Corps

    Dude.... this is over a year old lol
  6. B52 Cockpit Restored

    @Plushy_Rushi Unfortunately the lighting is quite bad on the inside, but here is what I got. Wish I had taken pictures of the interior while we were working on it.

    I'm glad I made the decision to switch games. Even COD WWII makes H&G look bad.
  8. B52 Cockpit Restored

    I dont but I may be able to get a few today. This may be my last day at the museum so I'll probably try to get as many pictures as possible after I'm done working.

    Pershings everywhere Chaffees everywhere Vietnam era camo M2 Carbines, with scopes too! Plenty of scoped M1 Garands US vs Russians Excessive amount of vegetation
  10. Constantly nerfing already shirt weapons really makes me not want to come back
  11. B52 Cockpit Restored

    Over the last few months at the museum we worked on a B52 cockpit. Hard to tell from the pictures, but it was in very rough condition as there were holes, dents, and chipped paint all over. Here is what it looked like: And here is an example of what it would look like on the plane:
  12. Exact Weapon Stats

    For some unknown reason the devs responded to an off topic comment rather than what is important. This is part of the reason I'm falling away from this game. You make a constructive thread and the devs would rather comment on something nobody cares about.
  13. Female Soldiers

    Woman are nonsense? That's actually really sexist and problematic.
  14. The M1 and M2 are very different weapons. Nagant pistol or rifle? The M1 compared to the Nagant pistol at 30m is probably about equal.
  15. Nerf the T-34's

    Me? A troll? Um, no. I use facts to back my opinions you cis white male.