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  1. [RTS] Honestly Reto?

    While you are doing this, could you also look into the moral system? It seems like some units just auto morale out even tho thay had 90+ moral and after the battle have 0.
  2. Ok that's enough

    War victory ribbon farm
  3. M1/M2 - Shocking Bad!

    if its 75m+ then sure... its a beast otherwise.. all you "need" is the trigger and the scope and its a monster
  4. Last offer

  5. FG 42 for infantry or remove Johnson from para

    so thats why the Johnson has the same stats for paras even tho paras didnt even have it??? makes sense...
  6. [RTS] Honestly Reto?

    When was the last RTS updates?
  7. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    It could have been from a pocket. you lose all your troops in a single battle and thats that..
  8. Last offer

    OR, Just hear me out now…. You just play the game like its ment to be played GE vs SU vs US....
  9. Best US weapon, modified or not.

    Thats what i say about the johnson

    Good to see. lol stop the WF Welfare..
  11. Roads not working.

    Road from Dalem Flugplatz to Thionville dosnt seem to work. Road from Thionville to Metz dosnt seem to work.
  12. US Army AT Boycott?

    welcome to the WF drain that we have experienced while you were on WF Welfare....
  13. Warfunds

    Have you tried NOT sending them to random battles???? Thats what i learned, never send ATs to random battles, only send them in an where your clan is fighting.
  14. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    Thats because Reto dosnt ban someone immediatly but rather goes on a ban wagon when thay have X amount of players to ban (i know its restarted but RETO logic)
  15. New Role for Recons

    with 8x scope that would just fuel the already bad spawn camping shirt we have now..