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  1. Nonstopalot

    Mg42 vehicle damage

    I would like you to try it, did you play the mg42 when it was buff or recently?
  2. Nonstopalot

    Mg42 vehicle damage

    I have 40h with mg42 and 12h with 1919 so I DO know how much sway it has, and its not even compareable.
  3. Nonstopalot

    Mg42 vehicle damage

    da fukk are you kidding? the 1919 dosent sway that much, it hardly sways at all.
  4. Nonstopalot

    Mg42 vehicle damage

    it is balanced to the 1919, and the mg42 is one of) the worst mgs in the game(if not the worst).
  5. Nonstopalot

    SU needs new AT weapon....

    Just like all the other AT weponds so stop Crying.
  6. Nonstopalot

    Mg42 vehicle damage

    and me mg36 aint a tier 2 by far ether, still whats yoiur Point=?!
  7. Nonstopalot

    how to run from antitank rambos?

    dont be in the same spot for long, use zoom and boom tactics and keep moving
  8. Nonstopalot

    Ribbon Booster Cost Inflation

    Think its been 21k sense for ever.
  9. Nonstopalot

    Vesoul Just Got Stolen; No Rewards

    did the match end or did you get thrown out because of no resorses?
  10. Nonstopalot

    Why do these badges work in the Johnson?

    I´d use tight grip
  11. Nonstopalot

    New tank meta 1.12

    that your in the wrong side of the forum
  12. Nonstopalot

    American Tanker bought wrench cant use

    It can be used by your tanker, there was a problem of equipping/unequipping stuff a Little while ago, relog and try again. also wanna Point out that if your tank stands in an angle you might not be able to repair it (i dont know why, but reto knows about that prblem)
  13. no, the game assigns you a random ticket in one of the ATs in the battle. you cant pick it yourself.
  14. Nonstopalot

    Victory ribbon

    if it wins and you dont play war battles i Think you gain a tiny amount yes. this is false. If you play warbattles and have ATs (assult teams) assignd to your character and you send them out to battles in the generals map and thay fight the battle you get more exp on it. yes. true you CAN buy it with credits/gold but its extremly expensive. I Think i answerd the rest of your post, if your still wondering just ask away.
  15. Nonstopalot

    Mg42 vehicle damage

    ok whats your Point? its still not the worst lmg and its not the best. and "almost" dose not equal "copy paste"